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LaCrosse 4X Alpha Snake Boot Review

It's time to check out the LaCrosse 4x Alpha Snake Boot, folks! If you are hunting or hiking through mud, or swampy, wet conditions that also happen to have an abundance of venomous snakes, you understand how crucial a thoroughly waterproof, snake proof boot can be. The LaCrosse 4X Alpha Snake Boots are extremely effective at protecting you from bites while keeping your feet dry in extreme mud and water conditions. With a comfortable build, durable rubber throughout, and shock-absorbing outsole, these are a unique pair of snake boots worth considering.

Profile view of the LaCrosse 4x Alpha snake boot for extremely muddy and wet conditions, full heavy-duty rubber boot construction

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LaCrosse is one of the most trusted and longstanding brands in the boot world, making hunting and work boots since 1897. The company is trusted for the quality and durability of their products, and the 4X Alpha Snake Boot is no exception. The construction is top-notch, and it is one of the only all rubber snake boots you will find available. This makes it perfect for really muddy, mucky, and wet conditions.

Fast Facts About This Offering

  • Active fit so you can move in the boots more like an athletic shoe
  • Rubber gusset to accommodate diffrence calf sizes and make it easier to get the boots on and off
  • Flexible snake guard providing 16-inches of snake bite protection
  • 4X Burly outsole to take on the most difficult terrain
  • Angled lugs on the sole to shed mud
  • 90-degree heel to make climbing easy for those hunting in tree-stands

Performance and Use

These boots, like all snake boots we covered, offers a 360 degree snake guard upper to keep your legs and feet safe from snake bites. The snake guard on the 4X Alpha extends 16-inches from the ground. Like all LaCrosse boots, LaCross designs the 4X Alpha's with cushioning and durability in mind. The full rubber and neoprene construction also means the waterproofing on these boots is absolutely solid. Most waterproof boots eventually start to leak, and need waterproofing spray or other maintenance to keep them really watertight. Not so with the 4X Alpha Snake Boots. These guys are absolutely, positively 100% waterproof in our experience.

The full rubber construction of the 4X Alpha is its most notable feature. This has a big impact on its performance. These boots are constructed by hand with natural high-quality rubber laid over an insulating layer of neoprene. This makes the 4X Alpha more flexible, more durable and more comfortable than almost any other full rubber boot or wader you might have tried out in the past. At a little over 5lbs for the pair, these also won't weigh you down too much.

Finally, LaCrosse has built these rubber boots with durability in mind. Putting extra layers of rubber on the toe guard and instep where the boots needs to flex the most and meet with the most stress while hiking. These are the spots that boots, and waterproof usually fail on a boot. By adding multiple extra layers of rubber at these key locations, the 4X Alpha will definitely last longer than comparable boots, and, as we've already noted, the waterproofing is absolute.

Cushioning and Comfort

These are a pull-on, pull-off style of boot, but they have a really durable and easy-to-use rubber buckle on the calf to help get them on and off, and to adjust the fit for any calf size. Also, inside the boot, there is a contoured section around the ankle that helps hold your heel in place inside the boot. This prevents your foot from sliding around which leads to chafing and blisters if there is a less snug fit or if your ankle and heel slid around in the boot while you are walking.

Although the heavy-duty rubber outsole is extremely rugged, LaCrosse managed to make it flexible and shock-absorbing enough to keep the boot really comfortable. One of the problems you always run into with a thick and rugged outsole is that it becomes so stiff that it starts to wear on your feet and legs after a while. This really wasn't an issue with the 4X Alpha. It was comfortable after the first wear or two and stayed comfortable through miles of tough hiking.

Although the buckle at the calf is supposed to help make them easier to get on and off, it is still a pain. Part of the design of the shoe is that they fit snuggly around the heel and ankle. That snug fits means that they are hard to get on and off. We think the comfort and waterproof protection is worth it.

Value and Cost

The 4X Alpha Snake Boot from LaCrosse is priced similarly to other LaCrosse models (the Venom and the Adder) and is a really good value for the quality that you are getting. If you really need something waterproof, then the 4X Alpha is an extremely good value since the waterproofing is second to none and is designed to last for years. You won't need to invest in waterproofing sprays or new boots to keep your feet dry.

LaCrosse 4X Alpha Snake Boot: The Pros

  • Waterproof. Full rubber and neoprene construction mean these boots don't just claim to be waterproof, they actually are. Guaranteed to keep your feet dry through almost any conditions.
  • Active Fit. Fits more like an athletic shoe than a boot, making scrambling and hiking over rough terrain easier, safer, and more comfortable.
  • Rubber Buckle. A high-quality rubber buckle at the calf allows for an adjustable fit and makes the boots somewhat easier to get on and off.
  • Snake Guard. A full 360-degree and 16-inch snake guard protects against any snake bites.
  • Heavy-duty outsole. Thick rubber outsole with angled lugs to keep mud build-up to a minimum. It also has a 90-degree heel to make climbing a ladder easier and safer if you are hunting in a tree-stand.

LaCrosse 4X Alpha Snake Boot: The Cons

  • Hard to get on and off. Despite the buckle at the calf, these are still difficult to get on and off. Of course, that's true of many snake boot options.
  • Doesn't breathe. Made entirely of neoprene and rubber, these boots are not going to breathe at all. This is the price of a truly waterproof design.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

On website after website, the 4X Alpha Snake Boot from LaCrosse gets top marks for comfort and waterproof durability. Our website is no exception, so if these features are your priority, then the 4X Alpha is an excellent choice.

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