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Ultimate Guide to Getting the Best Wrestling Shoes In 2024

​It doesn’t matter if you’re a high school junior varsity or an Olympic wrestler: Having the best wrestling shoes is a must. They give you a grip advantage, they protect you from permanent damage, and they provide comfort when wrestling. We’ve updated our total guide for 2023 to assist you in finding the perfect, most effective wrestling shoes for your unique needs.

Stock image of someone's feet standing on the edge of a wrestling mat, tightening one of their wrestling shoes.

Why Are Wrestling Shoes Important?

It’s time to be honest, here. This isn’t a high-visibility market. Most people, when they think about wrestling, don’t think about the shoes aspect of it. Wrestling shoes provide an underrated tactical advantage, though. They can easily be the most important piece of gear a wrestler owns, which is why having the best possible wrestling shoes is vital to success in the sport.

Wrestling shoes are made to assist the feet and ankles by providing further stabilization and support. This, in turn, keeps your feet from slipping on the slick, sweaty mat. Additionally, wrestling shoes feature support higher up the ankle area than other shoes. This keeps the ankles from rolling or spraining with quick, jerky movements.

The amount of traction typically required through the course of a high-octane wrestling match can be surprisingly astronomical. Quality wrestling shoes work against the mat to provide and promote stability to the wrestler from all directions.

What Type of Wrestling Shoes Do I Need?

Wrestling shoes come in a multitude of types and styles, built for everyone from beginners to professional wrestlers. Having a good quality pair of wrestling shoes assists the wrestler in meeting their maximum physical potential, as well as experiencing increased performance.

Wrestling shoes come in all sizes for professionals to beginners. Also, they have a ton of different types, styles, and colors for wrestlers to choose from.

Our suggested options come from extensive research and development. We conducted testing of our own. Also, we aggregated reviews from several high-value sources across the Internet. You’ll notice that the nine top selections all come from Adidas, ASICS, and Nike. This is no coincidence. These brands make the highest quality wrestling shoes available.

Below are our ratings for the best wrestling shoes currently on the market.

ShoeGuide’s Best Wrestling Shoes Top Picks – UPDATED 2023


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Best Wrestling Shoes Overall – Adidas Men’s Mat Wizard 4

Product photo of Adidas Men’s Mat Wizard 4 wrestling shoe, all deep blue with mesh siding.

Available at:


Traction, flexibility, and comfort—all in one shoe! The Adidas Mat Wizard 4 has everything you need in a wrestling shoe to keep your feet planted and comfortably stable during a match.

The Mat Wizard 4 uses die-cut EVA midsole cushioning for increased comfort and traction, as it molds the foam to the shape of the rubber sole. In addition, the shoes are made with a mesh body to allow your feet to breathe. The last thing you want is sweaty feet slipping around in your shoes.

Another great advantage of the Mat Wizards is their fit—a little tighter than gym shoes but “sock-like” in how they mold to your feet. Some wearers may find the toe box a little stiff, so wrestlers with wide feet may want to try these out in-store first before committing to buy.

The rubber outsole has amazing grip and is molded to the fabric base layer for increased flexibility. You’re guaranteed to find success in these wrestling shoes!


  • Die-cut EVA midsole provides attack stance assistance
  • Rubber outsole overlays create amazing grip
  • Base layer provides superb flexibility
  • Breathable mesh body construction
  • Supportive TPU stipes for sock-like fit


  • Sole may separate from upper at the toe over time

What People Are Saying

One reviewer said they bought the shoes for their son and reported back, “They have good traction and the fit is snug, as expected. There were other shoes we considered but these were the best choice, the quality is great and they look good, too!”

Someone else said, “I prefer these over the ASICS split-soles, they let me get all my weight on my toes.”

Best Wrestling Shoe Overall Runner Up – Asics Unisex Snapdown 2

Product photo of Asics Unisex Snapdown 2 wrestling shoe, black with wavy gray lining around sole.

Available at:


The Asics Unisex Snapdown 2 wrestling shoes were too good not to include on our list of the best wrestling shoes. It provides some of the best grip, comfort, and support of all the shoes on our list.

To begin with, the high-top upper provides a snug fit that supports the ankle, preventing injuries during a match and training. The mesh and synthetic leather material are breathable and reduce sweat buildup, which can not only affect foot stability but also cause fungal infections and foot odor.

Another feature we loved was the Integrated Lace Garage, an inner pocket for tucking away laces and preventing tripping or slipping on them during a match.


  • Breathable mesh and synthetic leather upper
  • High-top upper offers great ankle support
  • Integrated Lace Garage lets wearers tuck laces inside
  • Form-fitting construction eliminates risk of accidental removal


  • Runs small, buyers may need to size up a half-size to a full-size
  • Sold in men’s sizes despite “unisex” label

What People Are Saying

A satisfied reviewer commented, “These shoes are really durable and great for the price!”

Another buyer said that Asics “filled a need in the market.” They added that although they needed to size up, the shoes “worked perfectly the first time I wore them.”

Best Wrestling Shoes for Durability – ​Asics Men’s Aggressor 5

Product photo of Asics Men's Aggressor 5 wrestlling shoe, blue with neon mint green Asics logo on the side.

Available at:


The ASICS Aggressor 5 is the most stylish of the wrestling shoes we are reviewing on our list. These shoes are stylish enough that you would want to wear them on or off the mat. Although we often suggest not to wander around in wrestling shoes, for the good of your feet. 

These shoes feature a suede and updated Ecsaine upper, a breathable mesh tongue, and a rubber sole that is non-split, so they sacrifice a little bit of flexibility for aesthetics. However, the asymmetrical Duosole sole design makes up for this slightly.

These shoes have pockets in the sides that exist for tucking the laces in. This is a tactical and convenient feature that we refer to towards the end of this guide as an “integrated lace garage.”

The stitching, as it is suede, is thick and durable, as expected with most ASICS products. However, one of the downsides of the suede is that it does not particularly breathe well. 

These shoes are on the lighter side, weighing in at 1 pound, perfect for agility work.


  • Suede and Ecsaine upper and breathable mesh tongue
  • Non-split rubber sole and asymmetrical Duosole
  • Inside pockets for securely tucking in laces
  • Thick and durable stitching
  • Weight is 1 pound, good for agility work
  • Stylish appearance


  • Suede doesn’t breath as well as other materials

What People Are Saying

One reviewer, who sized down to an 8 and was able to stretch the shoes out to fit, stated, “Despite having a bunion on my foot, these were the best shoes for me by far.”

Another satisfied shopper wrote that the grip was “insane,” although they wished more colorways were available.

Best Women’s Wrestling Shoes – Asics Women’s Matblazer

Product photo of Asics Women’s Matblazer wrestling shoe, white with pastel blue laces and lining around sole. White mesh with solid silver Asics logo on the side.

Available at:


These lightweight and supportive shoes are an excellent option for women. The Asics Matblazer is made exclusively for women’s feet, wider at the ball of the foot and narrower at the mid-foot and heel. It features a lightweight yet supportive construction that’s perfect not only for wrestling but also Krav Maga.

The Matblazer is made with a semi-transparent breathable mesh that creates airflow through the shoe, preventing sweat buildup that can cause fungal infections as well as affect your stability on the mat.

Another great feature is the shoe’s circular outsole pattern and rubber sole that’s designed for exceptional grip and support.


  • Specially designed to fit women’s feet
  • Lightweight
  • Semi-transparent mesh construction increases airflow
  • Circular outsole pattern and rubber sole provide exceptional grip
  • Asymmetrical lacing system provides tighter fit at mid-foot


  • Can run small, best to size up

What People Are Saying

One person, who bought the shoes for his daughter, wrote that potential buyers should “be careful to pay attention to the sizing before buying, especially for kids shoes. Other than that, she loves the grip of the soles and the color!”

A woman who bought the shoes for her Krav Maga glasses said they were “very comfortable and snug,” and she “loved the ankle support.”

​Best Mat Grip and Traction – Nike Inflict 3

Product photo of Nike Inflict 3 wrestling shoe, black with small gold Nike swoosh on the side.

Available at:


It’s impossible to provide a list of the highest quality, best wrestling shoes without including a couple of shoes from Nike. From our research, we decided that the Nike Inflict 3 was the best of the offerings from Nike. 

However, a couple of other Nike shoes show up a bit further down the list, and you shouldn’t discount those if they meet your specific needs. This recent version of the shoe looks impressive and is in the upper-middle range for pricing compared to alternatives on this list.

The shoes are a tad under a pound and a half in weight for the pair and come with all the features you’d expect from a proper wrestling shoe.


  • Compression fit boot-style systems inside
  • Integrated lace garage
  • Split-sole design with enhanced grip and flexibility
  • Synthetic upper with a mesh ankle area
  • Brand new outsole design, built to provide immense flexibility
  • Traction zones made specifically with the active, agile wrestler in mind


  • sizing runs a bit small compared to the standard size-down approach

What People Are Saying

One reviewer wrote, “These are great wrestling shoes, very flexible. My son just loves them!”

Someone else commented that the shoes were “comfortable with decent grip,” and also “great for lifting.”

Best Youth Wrestling Shoes – ​Adidas HVC

Product photo of Adidas HVC wrestling shoe, black with white mesh cutout on side, red tongue and laces, and red Adidas logo on side.

Available at:


The Adidas HVC is a wrestling shoe providing an incredibly “old-school” experience for the wrestler, channeling the original Combat Speed from the 1970s. They look vintage, come in a variety of colors, and truly allow a die-hard wrestler to channel their inner Dan Gable as they enter the mat. 

Adidas designed these shoes to assist the wrestler in quick, agile movements. This allows the wrestler to gain an advantage early in the match.

These shoes are some of the best for having a variety of kids’ sizes on our Ultimate Guide to Choosing Quality Wrestling Shoes. They also have solid soles, working to support those suffering from flat-footedness and fallen arches. 

The HVC is also notorious for being a double-duty shoe, working for those needing a good-gripping, lightweight shoe for martial artists. The build quality is lacking, but you get what you pay for with wrestling shoes.



  • Lacking in build quality

What People Are Saying

At least two reviewers called the shoes “very comfortable,” with one in particular stating, “I bought these for my son at the start of the year and he loves them!”

Most Versatile Wrestling Shoes – Adidas Combat Speed V

Product photo of Adidas Combat Speed V wrestling shoe, black with white Adidas logo on the side.

Available at:


The Adidas Combat Speed 5 is a step up from Combat Speed 4. It obtained some of the highest ratings in our Ultimate Guide to Choosing Quality Wrestling Shoes for good reason. This shoe is old-school in styling, looking like the standard vintage Adidas trainers. It comes in three common color options, and when combined with the low entry price point, makes this the perfect shoe for high school or college athletes on a budget and with strict color requirements.

Upgrades from the Combat Speed 4 include a stronger grip, a more modern appearance, and enhanced durability of materials.

They are unisole wrestling shoes. The Combat Speed 5 helps wrestlers in fast movements on the mat, with superior tightness around the ankle to provide ample support. The soles are thicker, which is helpful for wrestlers with fallen arches or flat feet. Like their predecessor, these shoes are incredibly lightweight (at 1.2 pounds for a pair). 

Compared to alternatives on our list, they feel extremely light on your feet, even considering the leather and mesh upper with Velcro ankle strap closure. If there was a shoe to consider the best combination of low price and high quality, this would be it.


  • Tight fit around ankle provides increased support
  • Thick soles for wrestlers with fallen arches or flat feet
  • Lightweight at 1.2 pounds total
  • Leather and mesh upper offers moisture-wicking breathability
  • Velcro ankle strap closure fits securely
  • Affordable price
  • Vintage Adidas sneaker look


  • Narrow fit may not work for wrestlers with wide feet

What People Are Saying

One reviewer who boxed said the shoes lasted him for months without any wear or tear. He went on, “The sole is pretty thin and light, like with all combat shoes, so I’d only suggest them to wear when you’re training. They’ll wear down quickly if you wear them to and from the gym, as I know some people tend to do.”

Another reviewer succinctly stated, “These are my son’s new favorite shoe, they look great!”

Most Breathable Upper – Adidas Mat Hog 2.0

Product photo of Adidas Mat Hog 2.0 wrestling shoe, all gray with black toe and laces, and small Adidas logo on the heel.

Available at:


The Adidas Mat Hog 2.0 is a solid step up from their widely popular 1.0 version. This shoe provides seven eyelets from which to choose for lacing purposes. This gives the wrestler a wide variety of possible options for lacing, allowing them to select the level of snugness against the foot and ankle. The big draw for this is allowing for plenty of customization choices. With this feature, users with larger feet can obtain more room, while those wrestlers looking for more support can cinch them tighter.

The upper of these shoes features a combination of synthetic material and open mesh, providing the wrestler with improved breathability and better performance, while also actively wicking moisture.

The shoes have a specialized liner that works to wick away moisture, which is good as these shoes are not mesh. The sole is extremely slippery, though, which is a noted downside in some reviews. The sole, which is non-split, comes with a Cael Sanderson signature on the heel. These shoes are in the mid-range for weight, coming in at a solid pound and a half.


  • Seven eyelets for lacing system offer options for level of snugness in fit
  • Combination of a synthetic and open mesh upper for breathability
  • Specialized liner for moisture-wicking
  • Weigh 1.5 pounds total
  • Non-split sole with Cael Sanderson signature on heel


  • Slippery sole

What People Are Saying

A parent wrote in their review, “My son is 13 and these are his favorites after all the other shoes we tried.” They added that the traction was good and laces “stay put.” Another plus was that their son was loyal to brands and liked that the Adidas “had a cool enough look for him to wear.”

Another reviewer mentioned that they loved the look of the shoes, however, “I have to wear socks with them because the shoes rub my ankles.”

​Best of the Rest – Nike Speed Sweep VII

Product photo of ​Best of the Rest - Nike Speed Sweep VII wrestling shoe, black with silver strap on upper and silver Nike swoosh logo on the side.

Available at:


The Nike Speed Sweep VII is a very high-quality wrestling shoe in the mid-range of both price and features. Their traction is surprisingly high, and with an EVA sockliner adding responsive cushioning, the comfort level is one of the best we tried out. Nike updated these shoes from their predecessor to provide increased fit and comfort for the wrestler. 

It comes in four color combinations and weighs about a pound and a half for the pair.

The design is unisole, and the upper features breathable mesh. There is an advantageous asymmetrical lacing design as well, and an integrated lace garage to keep wrestlers from tripping over their hanging laces or scratching their opponent. 

Overall, this is a solid wrestling shoe with a great mid-range across the board, making it a wonderful addition to our list of the best quality wrestling shoes.


  • Weigh 1.5 pounds total
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • EVA sockliner provides responsive cushioning
  • Asymmetrical lacing design for customized fit
  • Inner pocket for tucking in laces, to prevent tripping
  • Mid-range price makes them more affordable
  • Split suede upper provides structured support


  • Ankle support may not be as firm as some wearers would like

What People Are Saying

One parent called them the “shoes of a champion” and said they would “absolutely recommend these shoes and will be buying them again for my son next year!”

Best Nike Wrestling Shoes on a Budget – Nike Fury

Product photo of Nike Fury wrestling shoe, all white with mesh cutouts and gold Nike swoosh logo on the heel.

Available at:


While we’ve said before that you get what you pay for with wrestling shoes, the Nike Fury shoes do the job needed pretty well.

In addition to a mesh construction, the synthetic leather and fabric upper offer superior breathability, preventing sweaty feet. The outsole traction provides excellent grip on the mat. Nike states that the quality has been “tested by top collegiate wrestlers.”

Although the tongue has been noted by some wearers to be a bit stiff, the tradeoff is excellent lockdown and a secure lacing system to prevent slip-offs during a match.


  • Breathable synthetic leather and fabric upper
  • Excellent traction from rubber outsole
  • Secure lacing system that hides laces
  • Meets tournament competition regulations


  • People with wide feet may need to size up
  • Limited colorway options available

What People Are Saying

While one reviewer praised the shoes, saying that her son “just loves them,” another buyer whose son had wide feet said, “We should have sized up to make room for his feet.”

Best Wrestling Shoes on a Budget – Asics Matflex 6

Product photo of Asics Matflex 6 wrestling shoe, all black with silver Asics logo on side and white overlapping triangles on back heel.

Available at:


The Matflex 6 is a wonderful option from Asics. Its thinner sole really allows the wrestler to feel the mat under their feet. This provides improved grip, while simultaneously offering superior traction.

The shoe is a little on the heavier side, at 1.7 pounds. There is not ample padding in the sole of the shoe (which is split-sole). For this reason, if you tend to run into issues with flat-footedness (check out our article on The Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet), you might run into potential issues with the lack of thick padding compared to other wrestling shoes on our list.


  • Weight is 1.7 pounds total
  • Thinner sole allows wearers better mat feel
  • Superior grip improves traction


  • Potential for blisters on the ball of the foot with extended use
  • Tend to run small, buyers should size up

What People Are Saying

One woman wrote that her husband, a pro-MMA fighter, would sweat through other shoes but not these. “My husband trains hard and needs shoes that won’t fall apart in 5 months. These fit the bill!”

On the subject of the size, someone else said that the shoes “fit snug even without socks, I really recommend sizing up a full size, especially if you have wide feet. But they look great on the mat!”

What Types of Wrestling Shoes Are Available?

There are many different types of wrestling shoes available for wrestlers to choose from. The list above is just scratching the surface of some of the best bang-for-your-buck options. But aren’t these basically standard gym shoes? How are they different? Let’s dive into that. We also have more information on general shoe anatomy.

Wrestling shoes have been developed and designed to mimic the natural body better than alternative footwear options. They are flexible and lightweight, and were made to feel like the user is barefoot. As wrestlers contort around one another, and frequently are up close and personal, it is important that the toes and toenails are protected.

As we discussed above, wrestling shoes are a touch higher quality and a completely different style than normal running shoes. Wrestling shoes almost always go above the ankle. This high-top design style was designed to stabilize and protect the ankle, preventing it from rolling or spraining when contorting through the course of a wrestling round or practice sparring. These kinds of injuries are very common when wrestlers lock their lower legs in a variety of wrestling moves.

Sole Materials

Many wrestling shoes have soles comprised of rubber. These rubberized materials provide superior traction to alternatives. If you have ever found yourself in gym class, you are likely aware of how slippery wrestling mats can become. This becomes an even bigger problem when the mat was recently cleaned, or covered in sweat. Having shoes on that can prevent slippage on these types of materials is very important.

Not all wrestling shoes (but some of them, including several on our list) have soles that are studded. These studded soles provide further traction when compared to standard rubberized soles. These slip deterrent features are standard across all varieties and types of wrestling shoes, not just our selections by ASICS and Adidas.

Typically, wrestling shoes are cut into two different categories: split sole and non-split sole. Let’s check out some of the features of each of these two.


Split-sole wrestling shoes have been made of a sole that has been cut in half. The sole appears like a standard rubber sole on the bottom of a typical shoe. The only difference is that the rubberized sole section has been cut into a front and a back piece.

The advantage to this is that, if you are holding the shoe in your hands, you would be able to bend the shoe in half. This is because the rubber parts of the sole do not extend fully across the bottom of the shoe, leaving split sole options as the closest wrestling shoe to the feeling of being barefoot.

The main reason to select a split-sole wrestling shoe is the level of extreme flexibility they offer. Additionally, these shoes allow the wrestler to be very light and quick on their feet, providing faster responses to movement, which gives wrestlers an advantage over their non-split sole opponents. For this reason, many professional and Olympic wrestlers choose split-sole shoes to meet their needs.

Single Sole or Unisole

Non-split sole shoes are the complete of what was outlined above with the split sole wrestling shoes. These shoe types have a single piece of rubberized sole that extends the length of the underside of the piece of footwear. These are also sometimes referred to as “unisole” shoes.

Non-split sole wrestling shoes, while not as forgiving in the flexibility department, are still quite lightweight, and provide solid movement and flexibility for the wrestler.

One of the main reasons wrestlers choose non-split sole shoes over the split sole alternatives is pure longevity. These shoes tend to be far more durable, and will almost always last longer than the split sole version of the same shoes.

If you find yourself wrestling with a tighter budget and are unable to replace your wrestling shoes every few months, non-split-sole shoes would be the proper selection to purchase. Again, while lacking slightly in the flexibility department when compared to the alternative, they are quite strong and sturdy.

Both split-sole and non-split-sole shoes have their own pros and cons. It’s crucial to try on both and see how they make you feel, and how you can move in each of them.

A Cheat Sheet for Choosing the Right Wrestling Shoes

Maroon and white high top wrestling shoes on a blue background.

​You might be thinking to yourself, this information is all wonderful, but how do I go about selecting the perfect pair to fit my unique needs? To aid in this, let’s go for a deeper dive into how one starts narrowing their wrestling shoe selections down.

How To Choose the Best Shoes for You

Everybody’s needs are different when it comes to selecting the ideal wrestling shoe. The most important factor that plays in should be comfort. Try the shoes on. Wear them. Use them. Practice in them. Move around in them. 

Do they feel like part of your body? Wonderful, keep them and let those wrestling shoes propel you forward into the winner’s circle.

If you aren’t looking for the long term, a massive investment in wrestling shoes might not make much sense. However, if you are looking for a scholarship, or to compete at a professional level, your budget should be as high as possible, as one slip-up on the mat can easily mean the difference between a win or a loss.

Finding the perfect wrestling shoe is not something to make hasty decisions on. It’s a commitment, and the ability to pick the right shoe correlated directly to your results on the mat. You will be able to feel the shoe gripping differently on your foot, and sticking better to the mat. You will know how to tell if it is helpful or deterring.

If the Shoe Fits, Wear It!

The fit of a wrestling shoe is one of the most important things that should be measured and taken into consideration when weighing shoe options. The fit of a wrestling shoe is completely different than the fit of a running shoe or a casual shoe would be. A wrestling shoe is made to fit snug and tight throughout the entire foot.

If the shoe feels like a glove, then you’re cooking with gas. If you can place your fingers between your shoe and ankle, chances are you are going to need to select a smaller size. The size fitting will likely be different than what you expect with normal shoes. This is something to keep in mind and check out reviews when making a purchase decision. In many cases, the standard choice is to purchase a shoe that is about one-half to one size smaller than your running shoe size.

Having a wrestling shoe that feels loose when moving in sharp, jerky motions on the mat can easily cause a loss in a match. A wrestler’s balance and stability will be greatly impeded, and their rhythm will end up being thrown off. The wrestler’s ankles will not be provided with proper support. While this might seem uncomfortably tight at first, the shoe will stretch over time, and with extended use.

We are not going to dive too deeply into this. However, if you are a heavyweight wrestler, the tightness of the shoe does not matter as much as lighter to medium-weight wrestling classes. Heavier wrestlers factor speed and agility less into their routines and tactics.

Wrestling Shoes Should Provide Ankle Support

Once you have located a shoe that you believe is a wonderful fit for you, you are going to want to look for proper support for your ankles. Wrestling shoes are some of the only types of shoes that provide this type of support for the user.

The force placed onto a wrestler’s ankles when sparring is incredible. Having a pair of high-top wrestling shoes to support the sheer force of the weight and pressure on one’s ankles when switching directions is a true godsend.

A portion of the overall support provided by wrestling shoes comes from the lacing styles. A wrestler’s laces should be tied tightly around the ankles, and have little to no gap in between. In fact, there are some wrestling shoes that take things a step further, providing an additional strap that goes across the front of the ankle, providing an additional layer of ankle support for the wrestler.

Material Matters

The next important item you should consider is the type of material used in the manufacture of the wrestling shoe. There are many different material types. However, the most important thing to look out for is whether the material is lightweight enough to not impede agility and quick movements. The lighter the shoe material, the faster the wrestler’s foot speed will be.

Typically, these shoes feature fabric such as mesh, leather, nylon, or suede. The materials that you choose will usually allow breathability for the escape of moisture, preventing sweat from remaining inside the shoe.

The shoe cost typically indicates the type and quality of material. Higher quality and higher priced shoes often feature leather or suede. Mid-range options will likely be a type of vented mesh material. Lower quality, affordable entry-level wrestling shoes are almost all a blend of nylon and vented mesh.

  • The higher-end options that are made of suede and leather do not allow for much moisture to escape. However, they are extremely durable, very supportive, and remain comfortable use after use.
  • The mid-range options are usually the most resistant to moisture and provide the strongest wicking.
  • The lower-priced options are a great choice if you are younger and your feet are still growing. Also, for beginners, this can provide a good start in the world of wrestling. These options are far less expensive and are wonderful starter shoes. If you find that your wrestling skills are improving, it is likely time to step up your wrestling shoe game to correlate. Please note that none of the shoes in our list above fall into this category.

Aesthetics of Wrestling Shoes

Shoe aesthetics are a less vital feature of solid wrestling shoes. However, they should still be taken into consideration when selecting a great wrestling shoe. If you are playing as part of a team, note that your team might have some guidelines to follow regarding what kinds of shoes they permit. If design constraints are unnecessary, color standardization might matter when purchasing a wrestling shoe.

But fear not. Wrestling shoes come in many styles and colors. There is a wide variety of branding and models for these shoes as well. Additionally, these shoes are more versatile and can be used for things like boxing, MMA fighting, and strength and powerlifting. We don’t suggest trying to go for a run on gravel with them, though!

Having a good-looking wrestling shoe provides proper encouragement to wear the shoes outside of standard wrestling settings as well, increasing overall utility.

Additional Features to Consider

While there are less crucial considerations than what is listed above, there are some additional features that you should consider when researching and purchasing a pair of wrestling shoes.

Strength of the Stitching

Stitch strength of a shoe simply means the durability at which the fabric or material holds together. This is more vital with wrestling shoes than with, say, casual or running shoes, especially considering the amount of dynamic movement that takes place while sparring.

If a wrestling shoe has poorly constructed stitching, the shoe could fall apart quickly and require replacement in as short as one wrestling season.

Asymmetrical Lacing

Some shoe designers purposefully don’t line their eyelets at the front of the shoe. This is a design feature that allows the wrestler to tie the laces on their shoes a bit tighter than lined-up laces. This provides further stability for the ankles when pivoting.

Integrated Lace Garage

This feature takes the aglets of your shoelaces (the plastic part at the end) and hides them inside the shoes. This is more of a safety feature, and is something to look for, as these aglets could easily scratch or scrape your opponent if not properly secured.

Another benefit of this integrated lace garage is that it keeps your laces tied, preventing tripping during a match.

Wrapping Things Up

Stock photo of two people wrestling on a gym floor.

At this point, you should know about the features to consider for quality wrestling shoes, things to look out for, and some wonderful suggestions we have gleaned from an intense amount of research and testing. Now, it’s time to pull the trigger and find a pair!

By following the above concepts, features, and reviews, you can easily find a great pair of wrestling shoes that meets your specific needs. However, when doing so, it is important to take the time to try the shoes on and feel them out. This isn’t something you should balk at being picky about.

If you are interested in reading other in-depth guides for other shoe types, and eventually overhauling your wardrobe with the perfect shoes for each situation, we encourage you to check out the rest of our website Shoe Guide today. Happy shopping!

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