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Hello and welcome to ShoeGuide.org. Here at Shoe Guide, we firmly believe that materialism is on its way out.

We're just like you; we don't want to spend our hard earned paycheck on a pair of shoes that are going to fall apart within a few months.

Our mission is to provide you with up to date, relevant content to help you make an informed decision when you're thinking about purchasing a new pair of shoes. Below you'll find some recent updates and some of our latest posts.

We're also looking to expand our Shoe Encyclopedia. Right now we have our well-received Shoe Anatomy diagram, shoe fitting tips, and size charts. We'd really like to add articles covering all of the major shoe brands (current and historical) as well as all of the various styles of shoes throughout history. Get in touch if you're interested in contributing to that effort!

Nike Running Shoes in Mid Air

Recent Updates at ShoeGuide - Bamboo Clothes and Bedding to the Rescue!

BestBambooGuide.com Thanks for checking out our latest updates. At ShoeGuide we're always committed to finding new and innovative products, and ways to make your feet happier!

We'd been hearing about bamboo socks and underwear for a while, and decided we should look into this whole bamboo thing. The promise was: moisture-wicking, anti-odor, quick-drying, ultra-soft. What's not to like? We really highly recommend bamboo socks. As part of our research effort we reached out to Natalie Wilson BestBambooGuide.com. She gave us the low down not only on bamboo socks but on all the other awesome stuff people are making out of bamboo. You should definitely check out the bamboo sheets review and bamboo pillow reviews pages on her website, BestBambooGuide.com.

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Ballet Boots

Ballet Boots Guide and Product Roundup Ballet boots are the new rage in today's women's footwear...