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Best Boxing Shoes to Pivot, Slide and Shuffle in 2024

It might be simple to believe that boxing is nothing more than punches, jabs, and upper body movements. While these movements matter in boxing, your footwork sets it all in motion. Having the best boxing shoes helps you stay light on your feet, allowing you to pivot and move seamlessly.

Man in black with black boxing shoes training on heavy bag

Much of the technique that boxers from amateur to professional use depends on coordinated footwork. And coordinated footwork depends on shoes that don’t slow you down. Proper lower body movement matters just as much as upper body movement when it comes to boxing.

The Importance of Footwork in Boxing

Proper footwork is critical in the boxing world, and if you fail to move your feet with agility you will perform miserably in the ring. You’ll be more likely to get hit by your opponent. It’s important to get your footwork right in pure training routines as they translate directly to what you do in a live fight. Even if you’re just training to get in shape, using the right footwork gets more power into your punches, leading to better training results.

This is why boxing shoes are crucial. Grip and weight can make or break a match. Below is our list of the best boxing shoes to step up your game.

Step Up Your Game

The foundation of high-quality boxing training begins with a high-quality pair of shoes. It doesn’t matter what your level of experience, solid boxing shoes ensure that training and workouts remain enjoyable and effective.

The options that we deem the “best” met our standards for ankle support, weight, sole and shoe design, ability to pivot, shuffle, and slide, and quality of construction.

Obviously, you can choose from plenty of shoes, in a wide variety of types, styles, and colors. Our list below and complete guide a bit further down will help you to select the perfect boxing shoes for your needs, skill level, and goals.

Here are the Best Boxing Shoes you can buy:

Factors We Considered in Testing the Shoes

Brands drive the world of boxing shoes to a surprising degree. However, trying not to get boxed in by brand-driven marketing opens up a lot of possibilities, but also a lot of questions. You need to take many factors into account when making a choice for your needs. Some of these include pivot and grip, texture and construction of the shoe, density and weight, ankle support and shoe height, stationary stability, width and comfort, general supportiveness of the shoe upper, and of course, overall shoe quality.

After the individual reviews, we detail how we evaluated each of these factors in selecting the best boxing shoes.

The Best Boxing Shoes - Detailed Reviews

1. adidas Speedex 18

Profile of Blue white and red adidas Speedex 18, Shoe Guide's choice for the best boxing shoes

Available at

One of the largest brands in the boxing shoe world, adidas takes the top spot on our list with the adidas Speedex 18.  This is their newest boxing shoe (they also have the Box Hog 3 further down our list, and we often recommend the Combat Speed 5 for general gym/mat even if it isn’t specifically a “boxing shoe”).  According to adidas, they designed this to focus on being lightweight, having mid-foot stability, and having fore-foot flexibility.  Obviously, achieving these is critical to any boxing shoe.

Our experience with them and from talking to folks using these daily is that they are a major upgrade (both in price and performance) on some of the earlier adidas offerings, notably the Box Hog. These are the boxing shoes we recommend if you want to get serious about improving your boxing. Meant for sparring as much as training, these will make a difference in how you feel on your feet.

Highlighted Features

One of the most notable features of the Speedex 18 is how freaking lightweight the thing is. At only 316 grams, it just feels lighter than any other shoe we tried.

In addition to this light weight design, the Speedex has an extremely tight fit (in a good way!) around the ankle and rear-foot. The design locks down your rear-foot by a strap system that makes it feel like the shoe almost isn’t there. Really, these are a pleasure to wear and almost demand you stay light on your feet.

The Speedex 18 also comes with adidas’ durable Adiwear outsole and a lightweight EVA mid-sole which should stand up to extensive use and abuse without wearing out. Of course, at a pretty high price point, one should expect them to last a while and overall reviews suggest that is the case.


  • The lightweight design is great for speed and agility.
  • Also, they have a great securing system (foam and straps) for the rear-foot, ankle, and heel area.
  • Finally, these feature well-tested adidas technologies like the Adiwear sole and mid-foot.

Potential Disadvantages

  • On the expensive side for boxing shoes.
  • A bit narrow, as is common with adidas offerings. Probably not ideal if you have wide feet.

Our Verdict

The adidas Speedex 18 is our top choice overall. If you want to invest in your boxing performance and footwear, do it here. It’s got great features, feels superlight on your feet, and doesn’t wear out or fail quickly.

2. Title Total Balance Boxing Shoes

Title Total Balance red and black profile

Available at

Another entry from a boxing-focused brand, perhaps not as well known for shoes outside of the boxing world as top contenders (adidas, Asics, etc), Title's Total Balance boxing shoes don't lack features. Compared to the higher prices, more well known options, these hold up pretty well. Title built this shoe with a focus on speed and footwork. They focused every design choice on moving with ease and a lighter weight. They have no issues helping you move deftly in the ring, your feet will feel good, regardless of the amount of time spent in them.

Highlighted Features

The Title Total Balance, a comfortable mid height shoe, has a synthetic leather upper, with added nylon for security and strength. While the laces are a pain to properly lace up, once tightened down they ensue a snug fit for the duration of your training.

These shoes provide good ankle-support, and allow quick, rapid pivots without feeling like the ankle might give way. Additionally, these boxing shoes are perfect for boxers who have wider feet, thanks to the very small increments and widths offered by the model.

There is a downside to these shoes, though. While they are lower cost than most alternatives on our list of the best boxing shoes, they are less durable. The glue on these shoes has been known to come loose after a short time.


  • This shoe is wonderful for both pivoting and quick turns.
  • The higher top provides impressive ankle support, some of the best that we tested.
  • An extremely lightweight shoe for the amount of material.
  • This shoe is ideal for both speed and footwork.
  • Unlike some alternative boxing shoes, these come with an upper made from synthetic leather.

Potential Disadvantages

  • The comfort of these over long periods of time has concerned some buyers.
  • Durability is not a strong suit in Title brand boxing shoes. They're less expensive though, so maybe it balances out? Up to you and how are you are on your shoes.

Our Verdict

 If you’re looking for a shoe that will last for years and years, you’re going to have to shell out for something more expensive. But if you’re looking for a boxing shoe that checks most of the boxes at the expense of durability, than you’ve got a winner with the Title Total Balance.

3. adidas Box Hog 3

Profile of black and white adidas Box Hog 3

Available at

The adidas Box Hog 3 comes from a long line of boxing shoes and boxing boots from a company dating back to the end of World War II. The Box Hog 3 has the style and comfort levels that brand followers have grown to expect from adidas offerings. Additionally, this boxing boot offers the necessary feature set to provide a competitive advantage to boxers in the ring.

This is also a really versatile choice.  Some retailers will classify it as a wrestling shoe (and it can definitely be used for that purpose) while adidas itself calls it a “combat shoe.”  We think it is an ideal entry-level shoe since it can be used for boxing as well as any other mat or gym work.

Highlighted Features

The adidas Box Hog 3 are a blend of the strongest traits of high-performing boxing shoes, including soft mesh uppers and solid ankle support. This provides a bit of give for boxers when moving about, without compromising safety features. Uppers made from mesh are quite standard in boxing shoes, and historically have been. While they need a bit more TLC, they last for a long time, and provide enough give for the boxer to truly have freedom of movement, without needing to give the ankles extensive room, or become prone to injury as a result.

In addition to a high quality upper and even higher quality split-suede leather outsoles, Adidas is a brand that has been long known for their style and color options. This boxing boot is no exception to this. Many gyms aren’t going to want typical shoes you wear about town in their boxing ring. This is for a number of reasons. However, the danger is that these shoes are so stylish that they might do the unthinkable and wear their boxing shoes out and about. Don’t fall victim, keep them in the ring.

Adidas’ Box Hog 3 comes in a wide range of styles and color combinations, sure to fit the personalized style of just about any boxer, whether inside or out of the boxing ring.


  • These shoes come in the quality levels that people have grown to expect from adidas.
  • The Box Hog 3 provides some of the highest levels of ankle support in our research.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, there is a shoe for everyone.
  • The uppers are comprised of incredibly soft leather with a snug but comfortable fit.


  • Common sizes tend to quickly sell out when available

Our Verdict

This boxing shoe is an incredibly hot seller, and is one of the most purchased boxing boots on the market today. As such, grabbing a pair in the appropriate size might prove to be difficult. Certain sizes that are more common in boxers sell out consistently. However, with incredible features such as soft uppers built from leather, amazing ankle support for all, and a wide range of colors and styles, the wait and higher price is well worth it.

4. Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes

Hayabusa fighting shoes profile in Grey and copper

Available at

The Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes provides the means to move more effectively and with greater agility than competitors. Built for performance round after round, this shoe lasts through whatever you put them through. The highlight of the Hayabusa is the synthetic sole that provides incredibly flexibility and grip. The synthetic leather (PU) and mesh upper is high-quality and built to last. In addition, a solid midsole provides a stable base under your feet for balance and comfort.

Highlighted Features

Hayabusa includes a fairly unique outsole design on their boxing boot which provides a really nice grip when on a mat or in the ring. This helps you plant your feet with more confidence, and gives you increased speed an agility. If your shoe has any give at all at its contact points, then you’re losing some power in your footwork. So, this translates directly into improved performance.

Hayabusa made these midsoles to give a solid foundation. They are not as cushioned as other options by design. If you’re looking for power and agility this is an advantage. On the other hand, if you have flat feet or foot problems these are unforgiving.


  • The synthetic sole in these shoes is ideal for grip allowing pivoting and solid contact points with the ground.
  • One of the best boxing shoes for both ankle supportiveness.
  • The synthetic leather upper is lasting and durable.
  • Hayabusa gives a solid midsole to minimize wasted energy when moving your feet.
  • With enhanced rubber grip, this is a great mix of grip and pivotability.


  • These boxing shoes tend to fit a bit snuggly.
  • The Hayabusa Pro needs a bit of time to break in, and may be a bit pinchy at first.

Our Verdict

The Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes provide one of the most optimal material compositions of any of the boxing shoes that we tested, and seems to truly be built for professional performance. However, this comes at a somewhat higher price point than some of our alternatives. Regardless, even with its above average cost, the feature set of these boxing shoes is an absolute steal for the advantages it can provide in the ring.

5. adidas Combat Speed V

adidas Combat Speed V wrestling shoe with red and black colorway

Available at

Adidas designed the Combat Speed V for gym work in general, and specifically wrestling at the high school and collegiate level. For those interested, it also ranked highly on our list of the best wrestling shoes. However, despite its start as a wrestling shoe, many boxers like the versatility these offer in the gym. We don't think these are the best choice for competitive boxing, but for training they are a solid choice that gives you more versatility than a pure boxing trainer. With canvas uppers, these shoes work for both men and women, and come in surprisingly lightweight. They are multi-functional, and you can use them for extensive sparring sessions, training, and in the gym. As a wrestling shoe, they have excellent grip and a very tight fit around your foot with plenty of ankle support.

Highlighted Features

The uppers of the adidas Combat Speed V are incredibly breathable (for the most part). The bottom of the uppers will allow for the sweet release of warm air and the escape of sweat. With a roomy toe box, your toes will remain comfortable when performing swift maneuvers and direction changes. Whether training or in the midst of a match, these incredibly high performing boxing shoes are sure to provide the support and breathability expected.

The collar and tongue come with a solid bit of padding, providing intense protection for the ankles. Apart from this fact, lacing for these shoes are geared towards more than just boxing, and work perfectly for other martial arts, as well as intense weight training. Their rubber outsole is thin to allow maximum flexibility, optimal gripping as well as enhanced support.


  • These boxing shoes are durably constructed, and can handle anything thrown at them.
  • Superb ankle support means you will be confident in the ring to make quick moves.
  • Comfortable and lightweight, the adidas Combat Speed V will feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.


  • These boxing shoes can be a little bit too thick for some in the upper, causing sweat to build up.

Our Verdict

Overall, the adidas Combat Speed V is a wonderful boxing shoe option that comes in at a completely reasonable price. If you are on the hunt for a cross-functional shoe that will fit a wide variety of sporting needs, while remaining agile and feature-rich in the boxing world, you can’t go wrong with this offering.

6. Ringside Apex Elite Boxing Shoes

Ringside Apex Elite profile image in black and silver

Available at

Ringside has a strong focus on all facets of the martial arts community. One of their mainstays is boxing apparel and accessories. They are multi-faceted, offering everything from boxing shoes to wrestling mats to punching bags and boxing gloves and more. As such, their products are almost universally highly rated. The Apex Elite Boxing Shoes from Ringside is no exception to this. With synthetic, lightweight materials, a strong and supportive mid-top profile, and extensive ankle support, you will be protected and agile with these shoes.

Highlighted Features

The Ringside Apex Elite Boxing Shoes come with very advanced synthetic uppers. These uppers ensure that they remain breathable and lightweight, perfect for both enhancing agility when in the ring, while also negating the possibility of foot sweat in the midst of a match. While there are not many color and style options with these shoes, the styles are impressive, with alternating mesh and nylon to ensure ample ventilation while remaining high-quality.

The manufacturers at Ringside are well aware of how boxing works. They also are well aware that the ankles of boxers are extremely prone to twisting damage and injuries through the course of a match if not well supported. As such, the Apex Elite shoes have a higher-than-normal profile for a mid-top, lacing from the top to the very top to make sure their customers have a very snug fit without variances in snugness.


  • The ankle support with these boxing shoes are some of the best that we found in our research.
  • Extensive lacing ensures a snug fit without being painful or unevenly pressured.
  • The uppers are made from breathable and lightweight synthetic materials.


  • The sizing charts with Ringside shoes can be confusing, as conversions are almost always needed.

Our Verdict

The Ringside Diablo Boxing Boot comes in a wide range of sizes and prices, depending on your needs and budget. With extensive features and very stellar reviews, these shoes are worth the associated cost, and easily made our list of the best boxing shoes.

7. Venum Elite

Black and gold Venum Elite rear shot showing upper and outsole

Available at

Boxers have known Venum for a long time for their only offering: the highest quality boxing equipment available. They don’t mess with running shoes, or soccer, or street sneakers, or cowboy boots or anything else. They are strictly boxing shoes. Their offerings are consistently some of the highest rated, as they focus on the idea of the perfect boxing shoe. The Venum Elite features a good blend of research and testing from the brand to arrive at a solid shoe, and grabbing one of our top ratings.

The Venum website sums up the philosophy that foot work is the most important part of a successful boxer pretty nicely.

Stun him with your fist, Knock him out with your feet.

Highlighted Features

Without a doubt, many boxers will tell you uncomfortable feet is one of the most common side effects of long training sessions or competition in boxing shoes. In fact, even with limited foot movement, boxing can be one of the most uncomfortable sports for the feet due to consistent turning and pivoting, thin soled shoes, and a lot of time spent standing and rocking back and forth.

Venum knows this, and the Venum Elite boxing shoe works to alleviate this problem with a mesh and leather upper, coupled with an insole designed to conform to the plantar arch of the foot. Together, these provide airflow and support, working to cool down your feet from almost every angle.

In addition, the Venum Elite Boxing Shoe has the same thin, grippy sole that you’d expect with any high-price, high-quality boxing shoe. However, there is a distinct difference in the Venum Elite that you likely won’t see in competing levels of boxing shoe: cushioned arch support and ergonomic insoles.

Boxers get plantar fasciitis, it’s a fact of life. Other boxers have to deal with the constant struggle of flat feet. For those people, there is little relief when in the ring. Except with the Venum Elite. The thick arch support and the insoles work together to ensure that you remain pain free and are heavily supported.


  • These shoes offer an impressive level of arch support and cushioning for plantar fasciitis sufferers
  • The ankle support is high profile and top-notch
  • With a ventilated mesh upper, you won’t need to worry about your feet sweating and rubbing
  • Some of the lightest weight boxing shoes we found, while also remaining durable

Potential Disadvantages

  • High price point

Our Verdict

With great features, including leather and ventilated mesh, ergonomic insoles, well cushioned arch support, and thin outsoles for maximum grip, these shoes are an excellent choice. They are light, yet durable. However, all of these features come at a high price point. If the shoe fits the budget, we highly recommended these. They are one of the best boxing shoes we tested and came up only slightly behind the adidas Speedex 18 in our analysis.

8. Lonsdale Boxing Trainers

Pair of lonsdale London boxing trainers on white leather chair

Available at

Lonsdale is not a very commonly-known brand. However, they, like Rival, cater almost exclusively to those in the boxing scene. As such, they thrive on traditional aspects, and their boxing boots show it. While this may seem like a neat aspect of the company, there can be drawbacks to focusing on the classic parts of boxing. In fact, if it wasn’t for the rubberized outsole and inside zippers, these shoes would look at home in boxing club history.

Highlighted Features

The Lonsdale Boxing Sport Trainer is more than just sturdy and lightweight. In addition, they were developed for the purpose of ensuring ultimate comfort for boxers. The Lonsdale flares upwards at the calf, which assists many boxers who have larger calves than most other athletes. Additionally, the designed flare-up calf area assists greatly in inhibiting tightness at the top of the boxing boot. However, looser boot tops can potentially lead to a greater risk of ankle injury, so your mileage may vary.

These shoes are not a typically-designed boxing offering. Most boxing boots today are manufactured from synthetic materials, including fake leather. As stated above, though, Lonsdale thrives on their more traditional, time-tested approach. This is apparent in their leather and fabric uppers. While this can mean that these shoes are going to need a bit more TLC than comparable alternatives, it also means that they will last longer as a result.

The leather and fabric uppers are also surprisingly lightweight, even in comparison to their synthetic, futuristic counterparts. This lighter weight, and rubber outsoles, means that the boots are not going to weigh you down when you’re in the ring.


  • These boxing boots are developed from an extremely high quality of leather.
  • The uppers are some of the widest that we tested, leaving plenty of room for movement.
  • While high-topped and leather-bound, these shoes are surprisingly lightweight.


  • The leather materials will likely require far more care than comparative synthetic material.

Our Verdict

Lonsdale is very classic, and their products are made by boxers for boxers. As such, they come at a reasonable price, though they might cost a bit more in the US than in the UK where they are based. However, their classic style mixed with modern comforts make these boxing shoes the perfect option for those looking for a mix of style and comfort, leading to an effective overall boing boot from a company that knows boxers.

Things to Look for When Choosing Boxing Shoes

In the current era, it should be obvious that there is an incredibly high number of boxing shoes on the market. While taking a blind shot or a wild guess may work for some, this is nothing but dumb luck. Don’t worry, though. Most of us don’t have that kind of luck, and need a little help to figure out the best shoe for our needs.

Boxing shoes can make or break a boxer in the ring. Many a professional boxer has lost a vital match due to issues with their boxing shoes. This being the case, most high-quality boxing shoes can be on the expensive side. But they don’t have to be!

Save face and save money by following the concepts and ideas that we outline below. Then, you will be sure to have the most up to date and thorough information and research, and will be armed with the knowledge necessary to make an informed boxing shoes decision.

Pivot and Grip are Critical in Boxing Shoes

We put this first up in our list of considerations as it very well could be one of the most crucial features of distinctiveness in a boxing shoe. Pivot and grip are a balance. A shoe needs to grip the mat and ground properly to keep the feet from slipping about during the transfer of power from the lower body to the upper. However at the same time, a great boxing shoe needs to let you pivot extensively for powerful punches or agile footwork.

You will quickly discover that shoes not built specifically for boxing don’t work as well as you would think when in the ring regarding pivot and grip. The shape of shoes not built for boxing can cause pivoting to become awkward. Additionally, many non-boxing shoes either have too much grip or are too slippery. It’s a delicate balance to get the right mix of “grip and slip.”

Some boxers prefer shoes that provide more grip than slip. As a result, they are not going to mind the slight difficulty in pivoting. Conversely, other boxers prefer shoes that are smoother and allow for easier pivoting, even at the expense of grip. The ideal mix is entirely a personal preference.

Texture and Construction of the Sole

Woman sitting on blue boxing mat with pink high top boxing shoes

Another argument for the most important factor to consider is the texture and construction of the sole of your boxing shoe of choice. The way that the soles are manufactured and molded can highly impact many facets of boxing, including balance  ability, movement, pivoting, and throwing punches.

Inside the shoe, the soles should be comfortable, allowing you to properly balance. There should be no point where you feel like your are off-balance when standing. Additionally, you should not feel like your feet are being forced into any angle, whether inside or outside. It may be surprising to know how common this pronation occurs in boxing shoes.

Next, factor in the sole thickness (outside-bottom). Some may prefer soles to be thinner to become “one with the ground” more. Additionally, these will typically make people feel lighter and more agile. However, others may prefer thicker soles. While you will feel the ground less, there is a solid amount of power behind thicker soles.

Additionally, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the texture present at the bottom of the boxing shoe. Some prefer flatter surfaces, and the feel that you are directly standing on the ground. However, others may prefer the bumps and ridges treads provide, simply because they have stronger grip.

Finally, the construction of the heel and toe play into the texture area as well. Some prefer shoes where the sole will wrap upwards and cover the heel and toe, which can make the shoe feel more grippy and durable. Others prefer the sole being only on the bottom, and to have the heel and toe surrounded by the uppers. Regardless, the best boxing shoes are the ones that let you feel light and balanced.

Density and Weight

The feel of the boxing shoe should be your personal preference for the ideal density and weight. For some the thickness and weight is determined by the material composition and the level of provided mobility. A lighter feeling will come from thinner, lighter soles, thinner, lighter uppers, and extensive room for movement in the ankle area. As soon as the sole of the shoe starts to get thicker, or more material and upper fabric is brought into play, or ankle movement begins to be restricted, it is here that the shoe really begins to feel more weighty.

The question then becomes, do you aim for thinner and lighter, or thicker and heavier when on the hunt for the best boxing shoes for your individual needs? It is here that things are completely up to personal preference. Lighter, thinner shoes will provide more agility, and potentially more power if you feel the ground more. Thicker, heavier shoes will provide more support, and will provide more power as well, as it unifies the foot, knee and ankle together in various movements.

Ankle Support and Boxing Shoe Height

One of the most crucial tasks that boxing shoes are meant to do is protect the ankles. Ankle injuries are incredibly common in sports such as boxing, where boxers spend ample time jumping, pivoting, moving from one foot to the other, and putting incredible force on the ankles from every which way. Depending on the fighting style, this ankle force explodes into the knees as well. There are three shoe height options when it comes to boxing: low-top, mid-top, and high-top.

  • Low-top boxing shoes will typically reach as high as the ankles.
  • Mid-top boxing shoes will go about two to three inches higher than that.
  • High-top boxing shoes will reach almost to the calves.

Typically, the higher the shoe goes, the more ankle support you will receive. If you are looking for the most ankle support possible, choose high-top boxing shoes. However, if you are looking for more mobility, it is best to go with low-top boxing shoes, as they provide more room for the ankles to move. Do you sprain your ankles often? If so, go with high-tops.

There are other things to be considered regarding ankle support and shoe height as well. Low tops are more than just one height. Some of them run below the ankle. Some hit right at the ankle. Others will hit above the ankle. While this might not factor into support, they will feel quite different. Even if you are looking for low tops, it is suggested to try out other ranges as well.

Remember, regardless of which boxing shoe you end up choosing, the shoes should feel like they provide an ample amount of mobility for you, while not lacking for ankle support. This ankle support is the main driver of both safety when pivoting, and power when punching.

Stationary Stability

Woman practicing right jab in red boxing gloves

One of the most common factors overlooked when searching for that perfect boxing shoe is stability when stationary. There are many who believe that boxers move about constantly, which should mean that tennis shoes or basketball shoes will provide the same amount of stability. This couldn’t be further from correct.

Remember, tennis and basketball shoes are manufactured and designed for running movements, as well as consistent pivoting and changing directions when in the process of running. Boxing on the other hand is a sport centered around a lot of stationary positioning with added adjustments of the foot.

What boxers really need is a boxing shoe that allows them to plant their feet flat and shift about while moving their upper body fluidly. There is never going to be a reason that a boxer needs to run. Tennis and basketball shoes are awful for flat footed planting onto the ground. Their curved soles are made for assisting with running motions, but prevent the user from being flat on the ground. Additionally, their thicker soles mean that you won’t be able to feel the ground beneath you.

Width and Comfort

Width and comfort obviously come down almost completely to personal preference of the show owner. You’re going to know what feels best to you. One of the factors that plays the most into comfort is how the shoe is glued and stitched together. Some materials tend to be quite bothersome. Others can restrict the feet something fierce. You’re not going to want a boxing shoe that constricts your feet from bending, spreading, and pivoting from the ground.

Some shoes pinch uncomfortably on the front, or pinch at the pack and lead to blisters. Sometimes, even the thinnest of insoles can lead to blisters!

Another very important factor when choosing what you consider to be the best boxing shoes is the width of the shoe. The shoe needs to provide a comfortable and snug fit, without causing restrictions on movement or blisters to appear.

General Supportiveness

Fitness class in warehouse loft doing air punch drills

General supportiveness is most definitely a matter of personal preference. Those with higher arches are likely to prefer a more cushioned or contoured sole. This will ensure the foot feels like it is wrapped in a glove or elevated from the ground a bit. Conversely, those who suffer from flat feet or plantar fasciitis are going to want a more flat sole, where the foot feels like it is standing directly on the ground.

Some even think that more thoroughly cushioned insoles may appear to be more expensive, and that flatter soles feel cheaper. If you feel like this is the case, you could always switch the insoles out from a flat shoe. Again, completely a matter of personal preference.

Finally, one of the most important factors that plays into all of the above, and for sure general supportiveness, is the composition and density of the floor in which you will be boxing. Do you box on a hard gym floor? Does the boxing ring you use have far stiffer padding? If either of these is the case, you are likely to want a flatter shoe that allows you to feel the ground better. Alternatively, if your ring or gym floor is more soft, you are likely to prefer more cushioned soles, which will lift you above the floor and prevent sink-in from occurring.

Overall Boxing Shoe Quality

The final factor that plays into a boxing shoe purchase, as well as our list of the best boxing shoes currently on the market, is quality. You are going to want boxing shoes that will last for quite a while. As long as you choose one of the shoes we mentioned above, or a comparable alternative, you are likely going to be just fine regarding quality.

However, if you are wanting a firsthand glance at what is deemed “quality” in a boxing shoe, we recommend checking the construction of the sole, and ensuring that the bottom of the shoe, which is usually attached with glue, doesn’t appear to be weak, or that it might fall apart at any moment.

Wrapping Up our Review of the Best Boxing Shoes

Two men sparring on a bridge in Dallas

While it may seem like a quick fix that boxing is an upper body only sport, this is simply not the case. There is far more to boxing than jabs, haymakers, punches and twists of the core. While this is much of boxing, it goes farther than this into the lower body. This is why boxing shoes are crucial to the advantage of a boxer.

Much of the technique that boxers from amateur level to professionals use is dependent on coordinated footwork. Proper lower body movements matter just as much as upper body movements when it comes to avoiding being hit yourself.

Footwork is vital when boxing. Those who don’t manage to get agile on their feet are going to run into serious trouble when they step into a ring against an unfavorable opponent. It is here that ensuring you are armed with the best boxing shoes provides a competitive advantage. Grip and weight can make or break a boxing match. Hopefully our recommendations and factors above have provided you with the information needed to make an informed decision. Best of luck out there!

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