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Yoga Shoes – Comprehensive Guide to the Best Yoga Shoes

Over time, yoga has become far more popular of an exercise option. Perfect for men and women of all ages and activity levels, yoga may be one of the most well-known forms of exercise in history. As popularity rises, there comes a need for the option for yoga shoes. Although many prefer to go barefoot, there are ample benefits to utilizing a shoe for yoga.


But what makes for a good pair of yoga shoes? Much like the act of yoga itself, the best yoga shoes will put a focus on flexibility, in addition to cushioning and support. A good idea for beginners and experts alike, yoga shoes are a hot new trend and for good reason: they protect the feet. Even exercise as slow and deliberate as yoga comes with its fair share of foot and ankle related injuries. Don’t be a statistic.

With the rise of yoga shoe development, many different brands have entered the scene with their own take on yoga shoes. With all of these brands, prices, levels of quality and designs in the market, selecting the best pair of yoga shoes for your needs can become difficult. Comfort, value and quality all play major roles in decision fatigue. Luckily, we here at Shoe Guide are happy to assist.

Below is a carefully-curated list of what we consider to be the best yoga shoes. These decisions were not made lightly. There was extensive research and testing done before coming to a final list. We created this to make sure that our visitors leave armed with the knowledge and research necessary to make an informed purchase decision on the best yoga shoes.

And without any further ado, here is our list!

Our Choices for the Best Yoga Shoes

This was a difficult process. There are a lot of different factors and features that are crucial when deciding what makes a great yoga shoes, and some of those just come down to your personal preferences. It made it difficult to stick to a strict ranking list, and to narrow things down even further to shoes that we considered strong enough to purchase and extensively test on our own.  So, we came up with a lot of different things different people might be looking for in a yoga shoes and created a "best for" summary to help you pick out the features that are important to you.

Below the summary, you'll find detailed reviews of our top choices that give you a lot more information on the features of the shoe.

A quick note: most of these shoes are not available in men's sizes (a few are, and we've included links to those where they exist).  A good rule o thumb is to subtract 1.5 from the women's size to get the equivalent men's size.

Here are the Yoga Shoes you can buy:

What we Looked for in Testing the Shoes

The best shoes for yoga come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Each yoga shoe is different in many ways, and everyone is different. All enthusiasts will have to do their own due diligence and make careful choices based on their own preferences.

Personal preference plays a vital role in considerations. However, there were some common factors that we thought would be most important to most people.  In our research and testing processes, we focused on factors that truly play into the viability of a pair of yoga shoes:

  • Weight
  • Flexibility
  • Breathability
  • Traction
  • Comfort

Read on for the detailed reviews of each shoe and how they measured up!

The Best Yoga Shoes - Detailed Reviews

1. New Balance Studio Skin

Available at

While the New Balance Studio Skin was technically manufactured for dancers and not yoga aficionados, this shoe also works ideally for other dance and movement-related activities, including barre, pilates, yoga and much more.

This is not technically a “shoe”. It is instead a type of slip-on sandal of sorts that provides incredible breathability to the feet, in addition to traction needed for stretching without any issues. Additionally, the open design assists in fighting odors, and is a wonderful style in the studio.

Why these shoes?

The real question is, why not? The New Balance Studio skin comes with additional cushioning right at the ball of your foot, providing extensive comfort. Additionally, more padding is present at the arch, keeping you comfortable when doing some of the more difficult yoga poses. They provide a surprisingly accommodating fit for users, thanks mostly to the stretch material in the upper. Also, the inside of the shoe has been pre-treated with New Balance’s NB Fresh tech, reducing odor development once sweat starts to build up.

The New Balance Studio Skin also has an open heel designed silhouette. This works to keep you as a wearer grounded always, and prevented from losing your balance when you really are needing it most.

Pros of the New Balance Studio Skin

  • These shoes provide incredible levels of traction in a minimal shoe
  • Odor-resistant technology saves from embarrassment
  • With multiple areas of cushion, the comfort levels are astounding
  • An open-heel design promotes flexibility and minimalist design
  • Stretchy fits are accommodating and comfortable to all

Cons of the New Balance Studio Skin

  • As expected with New Balance, these are a bit on the expensive side

Our Verdict

We had high expectations seeing a New Balance yoga shoe on the market. And our expectations were met and exceeded by the Studio Skin. It is light, easy to put on and take off, and makes yoga a breeze.

2. Ahnu Women's Yoga Flex

Available at

Ahnu is a juggernaut, period. They are an impressive up and coming shoe brand. The Ahnu Yoga Flex is a shoe-in (get it) on our list of the best yoga shoes. They come chock full of a surprising amount of technology, providing breathability, support, cushion, and flexibility for owners.

After all, the last thing you are going to want in your yoga shoe is restriction of ankle, heel and toe movement. Ahnu works on this with their comfortable, incredibly well designed yoga shoe that truly helps you move into your next stage of flexibility and yoga practice.

Why these shoes?

Anhu has decided upon a combination of yoga and a love of the outdoors with the Flex yoga shoe. This shoe was created for those who look for versatility as a strong point both inside and outside of the yoga studio. With incredible cushioning and high levels of arch support, these yoga shoes are going to keep you going and going for hours, even outside of the studio. But, with their breathable mesh uppers and incredibly grippy sole, these shoes are perfect for use inside the studio as well.

With an array of incredibly vibrant and bright color options, these shoes will become the star of the show when you walk into the yoga studio. They also work wonderfully for other movement-based classes and activities, including Pilates and even Zumba (although we suggest looking at our list of the best Zumba shoes for a more thorough breakdown of great options for that sport). Finally, their lace-up design stands out from most other yoga shoes, keeping you snug and in-place in your shoe with minimal slipping issues.

Pros of the Ahnu Women's Yoga Flex

  • A definite shoe versus socks or sandals, these can be used for many sports
  • We tried these on a run and they performed surprisingly well
  • Multiple densities in the foam footbed ensures strong support and cushion
  • An EVA rubber outsole is lightweight while still providing impressive support
  • Adjustable laces means you aren’t going to be sliding around in these

Cons of the Ahnu Women's Yoga Flex

  • The footbed of these can be painfully narrow for those with wider feet

Our verdict

Ahnu’s Flex women’s yoga shoe is a wonderful option for those who are looking for a design that can be transported easily from the studio to the wilderness and beyond. Both lightweight and breathable, these shoes also make for wonderful cross-sport options for activities such as walking and even light hiking, where you will likely be needing more support in addition to breathability.

3. Vibram V-Soul

Available at

Vibram's V-Soul is another one of our selections for the best yoga shoes coming from the Vibram's FiveFingers line of products. These shoes are stylish, lightweight, breathable and comfortable, hitting all of the high notes for a solid-grip yoga shoe that will keep going and going both inside and outside of the studio.

Why these shoes?

The minimalist styling of these shoes is one of the largest draws. With individual toe areas, as well as a solid strap across the top of the foot that provides added traction and a snug fit, the Vibram V-Soul is a wonderful option for those wanting a high-grip, high-flexibility yoga shoe to exceed their expectations when in the studio.

Pros of the Vibram V-Soul

  • Impressive levels of comfort for a reasonable price
  • Soft upper keeps from snagging or pain when performing yoga
  • One of the lightest full shoes that we researched for our list
  • The patented Vibram outsole provides intense grip for intense poses

Cons of the Vibram V-Soul

  • Some have drawn concerns to a tight instep fit that may dig into the skin
  • If you have wider feet, the strap across the top of the shoe may feel a bit tight

Our verdict

Considered stylish and incredibly comfortable by many, the V-Soul is one of the most popular dance and yoga shoes on the market today. With a grippy outsole, versatile design, and ease of use, this is sure to be your go-to when wanting to level up your yoga game.

4. Vibram Vi-B

Available at

The Vi-B from Vibram is a step ahead of the game when it comes to finding the best yoga shoes. They provide the more open look that you are probably searching for in a pair of yoga shoes. The Vibram level of quality is inherently lasting, and these shoes will handle years of abuse on the yoga mat and hard floors.

This is another spinoff of the world-famous FiveFingers model that Vibram is most known for. These toe-sock like shoes fit your feet like a glove, and provide the feeling of being barefoot, even when you have the grip of a gecko. Enjoying the high levels of breathability and comfort provided by the Vi-B is a piece of cake.

Why these shoes?

Footwear by Vibram are notorious for providing extensive levels of support, perfect for even the most difficult of poses. These shoes are also very comfortable, not pinching as some closed yoga shoes do when you are bending your foot. They are ideal for hard floors, and work wonderfully without discomfort for the wearer.

Ventilation in your footwear is a must-have when performing exercises in a yoga setting. Reducing the sweat that builds up inside your shoes is going to increase levels of comfort substantially, and thusly increase the quality of your workout sessions. Additionally, an effective and breathable design reduces the friction, chafing and rubbing that is common in lower-quality and less well-fitting yoga shoes.

Pros of the Vibram Vi-B

  • These shoes offer some of the strongest support of any tested
  • A classic “five finger” design from Vibram means stronger grip
  • Vibram offers an XS Trek sole for great durability
  • A breathable mesh upper keeps the feet cool and comfortable
  • Durable rubber soles mean you can walk into the studio wearing these

Cons of the Vibram Vi-B

  • The sizes tend to run awry, with some being large and others small

Our Verdict

Vibram’s Vi-B provides an incredibly high-quality yoga shoe design that helps you to maintain supporting, comfortable, and flexible movement in any direction you could possibly want on the yoga floor.

5. ToeSox Bellarina

Available at

Bellarina’s ToeSox are a wonderful yoga shoe that provides an intense amount of grip, balance and stability, based mostly from the toes having the opportunity to move about independent from one another and really grip onto the mat.

ToeSox has been a well-known yoga shoes brand for a while now, and their offerings always drum up the quality level that is at and above what we would expect from an inexpensive yoga shoe option. As such, these breathable, open shoes made it easily onto our list of the best yoga shoes.

Why these shoes?

The Bellarina’s added heel tab on these yoga shoes (that are more like socks, really) was manufactured to provide additional protection for the Achilles tendon, one of the most common areas of injury when doing yoga. Additionally, these yoga shoes have an arch bank, providing the foot with the necessary lift and support that makes your experience more enjoyable on the feet.

With a patented impressive grip design, these yoga shoes do an incredible job in security the foot to the floor. These anti-slip options help you feel truly balanced and secure at all times. Also, the additional toe spacing assists with grip, letting you balance and bend at peace.

Pros of the ToeSox Bellarina

  • These shoes come with an impressive non slip designed sole
  • They are made from organic cotton, which is a stellar addition
  • The five-toe design of the Bellarina makes for wonderful grip and accessibility
  • Sock-style fits ensure that the fit is snug and comfortable
  • Enhanced protection of the achilles tendon prevents common yoga injuries

Cons of the ToeSox Bellarina

  • These shoes lack the cushioning we would expect from a good-quality yoga shoe

Our verdict

Given the brand recognition, as well as the incredible level of grip provided, the ToeSox Bellarina is by far one of the strongest pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar option for yoga shoes.

6. Great Soles Ombre Grip Socks

Available at

There are times when you would just prefer a sock-like foot covering compared to a strange, strappy piece of footwear when doing yoga. When this is the case, we highly recommend the Great Soles Ombre as your go-to yoga shoes.

With a mix of colorful options and a minimalist, eye-catching style, the Great Soles Ombre can provide a pop of pizzazz into your yoga routine, in addition to gecko-like levels of enhanced grip. All yoga shoes are not the same, even if they seem simple enough to be. The Ombre made it onto our list of the best yoga shoes due to their strong mix of style, price and function.

Why These Shoes?

Maybe you have gone through the process of testing out “grip socks” and are looking to level up to the next best thing. This is that thing. The Great Soles Ombre comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, with all providing a namesake ombre pattern to provide a pop of style to your brand yoga routine. Whether you are looking for darker colors, pinks, blues and beyond, there is a color option for you.

Grip is the number one draw of these yoga shoes. There is a ribbed textured sole that stretches from the toe to heel, ensuring you remain put when in difficult poses, and maintain perfect form. Quality is the number one policy at a company level with Great Soles, and as a result their Ombre yoga socks are frequently sold out. Backing up their quality promise is a fill year satisfaction guarantee, virtually unheard of with shoes at this price point. We love companies that put people before profits.

Pros of the Great Soles Ombre

  • These yoga shoes are surprisingly machine washable
  • With non-slip heels, you aren’t going to be sliding around during intense poses
  • The shoes come with an impressive one-year guarantee
  • Colors and styles are eye-catching, with a beautiful ombre pattern

Cons of the Great Soles Ombre

  • Due to the low price, the durability is not something to write home about

Our Verdict

The Great Soles Ombre are a stellar purchase for anyone looking to enhance their grip and style in the yoga room. An added buyer guarantee from Great Soles is the icing on the cake.

7. Vibram Furoshiki

Available for Men at

Available for Women at

This shoe is where things get interesting. Stepping outside the norm, Vibram’s Furoshiki is not one of their flagship FiveFingers toe shoe designs. Instead, it goes even more against the grain, modeling the Furoshiki after traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. That’s right, these shoes are basically outsoles that wrap around your foot.​​

Why these shoes?

Why not? These shoes are effectively nothing more than rubber Vibram soles that have a swath of high quality, stretchy fabric. For wearing, you essentially fold them on. The Velcro at the top provides an attachment mechanism to keep them in place, their replacement for laces. Each of the two fabric ends then catches onto a tab once they have been wrapped, and are then folded onto the heel.

The toes are free to move about in the Furoshiki, as these are basically socks with thin outsole treads. Additionally, rubber nubs and treads run up each side for some additional protection.

Putting them on is a breeze. Just put the shoe on the floor and step in. Then, grab onto the fabric and wrap your foot up. The end. These have a feel much like slippers, are extremely lightweight, and are ideal for travel.

Our verdict

While not the norm for yoga shoes, the comfort level and grip make these a wonderful option for the minimalist and barefoot movement communities. With a one size fits many approach, and the ability to even use these to run, the Vibram Furoshiki is the answer to many comfort-focused yoga shoe enthusiasts.

8. FitKicks Active

Available for Men at

Available for Women at

The Fitkicks Active are a very comfortable shoe that is soft all over, but still capable of solid activity. These wonderful yoga shoes allow the foot to breathe, providing exemplary ventilation and airflow. Additionally, your feet can move about extensively and naturally as needed with performing difficult yoga poses and stretches.

When you attempt more advanced poses, your feet need to be as articulate as they possibly can, as well as free to grip. The Fitkicks Active provides this, with thinner, skin-like fabric that maintains support and stretchiness from all angles. These shoes are wonderful for use in all different sessions and exercises.

Why these shoes?

The amazingly soft, sock-like design of the Active conforms comfortably to the feet, providing a barefoot feeling while also allowing for extensive support. They provide a true wrap-around style, enabling pleasant overall experiences while practicing yoga. The ample cushioning and padding ensures that poses performed on harder flooring are problem-free.

Flexibility provided allows for intense grip as well, and flexibility for the user. The sock-like structure lets them conform and grab onto the feet. When slipped into, users enjoy everything that comes with the poses and stretches, regardless of flexing or bending.

Pros of the Fitkicks Active

  • These shoes come with material known as “FlexForm”
  • One of the best breathable uppers we tested
  • Rubber tread is impressively non-skid and provides great grip
  • The synthetic sole is lightweight and comfortable

Cons of the Fitkicks Active

  • Sizing tends to run extremely small. Size up at least 1.5 sizes

Our Verdict

Overall, we were very impressed with the level of flexibility and grip for the price, as well as comfort for the users. The sock-type structure means that they conform to the foot perfectly, without any slipping and sliding.

9. Sanuk Yoga Sling 3

Available at

So the problem here is that these aren't really for doing yoga.  They are called "yoga" shoes because the footbeds are made from recycled yoga mats.  Which is great!  But can lead to people being confused, which is why we included them in our list, so that people know what they are buying.  These are a great sandal, but are not designed for being in the studio really.

There is no question, sometimes you just get the urge to wake up nice and early and do some yoga on the beach as the sun rises. Maybe you’re just wanting to get in better touch with nature, and do some yoga out in the woods. Whatever the case may be, Sanuk’s Sling 3 is a wonderful option to get the job done.

Not only is this shoe a stellar looking “non-sock” sandal, the company has also taken ample time in listening to their wearers and developing a yoga shoe that is perfect for putting into practice. This shoe is eco-friendly and extremely comfortable, and is a great choice whether on or off the yoga mat.

Why these shoes?

Are you ready for a feature that you won’t find in any other yoga shoes? With the Sanuk Yoga Sling 3, you won’t need to drag your yoga mat around! Instead, these yoga shoes come with the mat built directly into the shoe’s footbed.

These extreme levels of yoga-mat padding are incredibly comfortable, allowing users to wear their yoga shoes all day without aches, pains, fatigue and discomfort. Additionally, the footbed is surprisingly durable, so their longevity speaks for itself, especially when pitted against similar yoga shoes on the market.

Foot sweat when performing yoga routines is nonexistent, as these shoes are like sandals, open with just a soft, fabric-style wrap adhering the foot to the shoe. Both secure and flexible, this fabric keeps the sandals firmly fixed in even the most active of poses, keeping you comfortable and cool.

Pros of the Sanuk Yoga Sling 3

  • These can easily be worn for outside yoga-related activities
  • The stylish fabric wrap stretches for comfort and flexibility
  • The sole is made of “Happy U” rubber for increased durability
  • The footbed is made from yoga mat, a surprising feature!
  • Sanuk’s machine washable shoe ensures wear after wear

Cons of the Sanuk Yoga Sling 3

  • The sizes of the Yoga Sling 3 still seem to run small for most

Our Verdict

Sanuk’s Sling 3 is a perfect yoga shoe for far more than just yoga. They work wonderfully for many different activities. They are also durable enough to handle use in everyday situations. These are ideal for stretches, beach days, vacations and more.

Important Features to Consider

Considering Weight

There are many different poses and moves in yoga that require people to lift their feet in some way, shape or form off of the ground. With such moves as the Half Moon, Boat, Crow, Shoulder Stand and more, watching these stretches performed makes it clear to see that they can be very difficult to attempt. One of the last things you want to deal with is making these poses more problematic with heavy, dense footwear.

It is extremely beneficial to purchase a yoga shoe that is designed to be lightweight. This way, they won’t weigh your feet down when performing these poses and stretches.

One of the best methods to select a lightweight yoga shoe is to be on the lookout for options that note a soft, elastic sole. If weight is a primary concern, avoid shoe types that seem to have a thicker sole to them.

Typically, many of the options available are going to mention their weight, at least if they aren’t too heavy. Other buzzwords to be on the lookout for regarding weight include exact gram measurements of the shoes, and a “quick slip on” description.

Considering Flexibility

Your feet are bound to twist, bend and turn in all sorts of directions when practicing proper yoga. When your feet become constricted in non-flexible and ill-fitting footwear, you can easily end up with severe foot pain by the end of your session.

The footwear you choose for your next pair of yoga shoes need to be flexible. This way, your feet will be able to feel comfortable when stretching. The most effective way to ensure your flexibility needs are met is to keep an eye out for materials such as polyamide in the shoe construction. This is an incredibly elastic fabric that provides the ability for your feet to move freely without extensive resistance.

Another buzzword that tell you the flexibility of a yoga shoe will be up to par is a sock-style construction. If you are able to move your feet about in your yoga shoes without restriction, much like stretching while in a pair of socks, you’ve found yourself a winner.

It’s particularly important to pay attention to whether the upper part of the shoe is noted for “stretch fabric”. Finally, the last buzzword of importance is an XS Trek sole, which was designed specifically for its flexibility.

Considering Breathability

You don’t have to be doing hot yoga for your feet to sweat profusely: fact. One of the best ways to prevent sweating, and consequently moisture weight added to the shoes being worn, is to focus on breathability when making a purchase decision.

One of the most obvious defenses is an upper made from polyester mesh. Conversely, look for a shoe that is made from polyamide. Both polyamide and polyester are both incredibly water resistant. They assist in transporting moisture away from the body into the atmosphere.

Mesh is porous, much like a net in some ways. This, in combination with polyester, will provide airflow that the feet need to keep them dry and cool through most of the season. Fortunately, most footwear is made of this material, and have wider uppers, very much like flats. With this, there shouldn’t be an issue finding a yoga shoe that offers incredible breathability no matter where you look. Some of the most breathable fabric types are knit uppers, mesh, and canvas (surprisingly).

Considering Traction

Traction is more important than you may realize. It’s crucial that your yoga shoes have a solid grip on the ground when performing these poses. Shoes that fail to grip properly can easily cause awkward falls and pose collapses that can lead to injury.

One of the most effective things for traction is a rubber sole. Pay close attention that the shoes have rubber soles. This feature provides maximum traction for all stretches, and helps to keep you safely positioned when doing yoga.

Additionally, another feature is the XS trek outsole that we have mentioned in the flexibility consideration above. These outsoles have been specifically developed to provide durability that keeps things working well for plenty of yoga sessions with their slip resistant features.

It’s important to ensure that whatever sole us chosen is both non-marking and non-skid. If you practice yoga without mats, you don’t want the sole to cause damage to flooring or on the ground. Even with mats, you aren’t going to want the sole to wear the material out. For this reason, opting for soles that are smoother and less coarse will provide the grip needed while simultaneously reducing wear and tear.

Considering Comfort

Last but not least, one of the most important considerations when researching the best yoga shoes is comfort. Yoga stretches put extensive force on the feet. Not having the proper footwear, or any footwear at all, can put tons of stress on some parts of the foot compared to others. For this reason, it is crucial to wear footwear that provides strong support of the foot. Not doing so can cause injuries, slips and falls.

The strongest buzzword to be on the lookout for with comfort considerations is “zero drop”. A zero drop shoe construction is going to allow the heel to be the same height from the ground as the front, more naturally mimicking the actual foot when standing on flat surfaces. This more natural feel provides ample support during all poses, increasing the comfort level when doing yoga.

Additionally, shock absorbing polyurethane cushioning in the sole is a very helpful feature to check for. This will reduce weight impact with each step taken to provide comfort when planting the feet. This is ideal for those looking to take their yoga hobby into the outdoors without mats.

Finally, thicker foam arch support inserts serve to better protect your feet. This is ideal for those with flat feet or plantar fasciitis, or those who do yoga in nature.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Yoga Shoes

By this point, you may be surprised how much information is available on yoga shoes. Maybe you’ve been left with some questions. Below we are going to answer a few of the more commonly asked questions about yoga shoes and the purchasing process.

Is it allowed for me to even wear shoes when doing yoga?

Some yoga instructors prefer their students to be barefoot throughout the course of their class. However, most are fine with footwear being worn during class. The easiest thing to do is contact the instructor or company and ask whether it is okay for you to have shoes on in class. Typically, instructors simply want you as a student to be extremely comfortable when practicing yoga, so they likely will not have any issues with this.

What about water? Can these be submerged?

Typically, most yoga shoes are cross-functional to work as water shoes as well, although the root of the matter lies in the individual shoes. With their similarity to water shoes, there are many yoga shoes that work well for both. If you check out our guide to the best water shoes, you will find quite a few contrasts between the two types of shoes.

As many designs, including almost all in our list above, are comprised of a mixture of polyamide, polyester, and other water-usable materials that work to wick away moisture, they work fine when fully submerged for activities like kayaking and surfing. In fact, many slip on tightly to avoid unwanted removal when in the water.

How can I best go about washing and cleaning my new yoga shoes?

This process couldn’t be more simple if we tried! All of the shoes that we reviewed as our best shoes for yoga are machine washable. Toss them into the washing machine with the rest of your clothes and wash them cold, then just leave them out to dry. If you pick a yoga shoe that has leather components, you might want to forego the machine wash and use a leather cleaner, though.

What about casual wear? Would these look dumb in the day-to-day?

This is entirely dependent on both the style of the shoe itself and your own style preferences. Some people find these yoga shoes to be comfortable enough to wear consistent, but it also depends on the amount of flexibility of the feet, and the softness of the materials.

Some people prefer shoes for daily wear that have a bit more arch support. Most yoga shoes lack the level of arch support needed for extended time spent standing or walking around. But again, the choice is yours. If you’re thinking of making your yoga shoes a potential daily driver, we suggest wearing them for a full day and gauge how you are feeling about it.

How difficult can it be to find the correct sizing?

Many yoga shoes are true to their sizes. However, if you are a male, you are less likely to find your size. In which case, subtract 1.5 from the women’s size to get a relatively accurate depiction of the men’s size. However, there are also some yoga shoes that arrive in more standard “small, medium, large” configurations. It is suggested to find a yoga shoe that fits a bit tight, and over time it will mold to the shape of your foot.

Final Points with Yoga Shoes

Look at the pros and cons of each shoe, getting into the nitty gritty of what is an advantage and potential disadvantage to owning those particular shoes. There are also some important questions to ask yourself when researching, including:

  • Are you planning to do your yoga primarily inside or outside?
  • What skill level are you at? Will your poses and stretches be beginner level or more advanced?
  • What kinds of yoga are you planning to participate in?

Remember, your selection will be completely up to how you plan to use them, as well as the environment and exercise level. All yoga shoes vary in price, style and options. Find one you like, ensure the fit is good, and in no time you’ll enhance your comfort and quality level when on the mat.

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