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The Best Shoes for Doctors and Healthcare Workers in 2024

Doctors are rightfully picky about their work shoes. When you spend this much time on your feet, you must wear a shoe that stands firm with you. While the right shoe will keep you comfortable and fresh throughout your shift, the wrong shoe can cause extreme foot pain, diverting attention away from patient care, which can be risky. So, if you’re looking to buy the best shoes for doctors, keep reading to find out which shoes are recommended and why. 

In this article, I’ll take you through some of the best shoes for doctors and other healthcare professionals. Do you have any particular foot concerns? Don’t worry; I’ve also added special needs shoes to this review. 

Stock photo of a Black, female doctor smiling at a patient.

What Features Should a Doctor’s Shoes Have?

Medical professionals spend countless hours every day on their feet. Whether an emergency room doctor running between patients or a surgeon standing at the operating table, most of a doctor’s day is spent standing. 

Here are a few features that doctors should keep an eye out for when buying shoes for themselves:

  • Comfort: Look for extra cushioning on the insole and proper padding to ensure maximum comfort. 
  • Slip-Resistant: Hospital floors can be particularly slippery. Ensure your shoe keeps your feet firm on the ground as you sprint across the hospital corridors. 
  • Support: The shoes should have proper arch support and fit your feet properly to provide support throughout the day.
  • Easy to Clean: You’ll likely have multiple fluids or medicines falling on your shoes, so buying shoes that can be cleaned easily is best. 
  • Breathability: As a doctor, you may be spending more than 12 hours in your shoes, so it’s important that your feet can breathe in them during these long shifts. 

The 10 Best Shoes For Doctors


Best Overall Shoes For Doctors— Snibbs SpaceCloud Work Sneaker

Product photo of Snibbs SpaceCloud Work Sneaker for doctors and healthcare professionals, all black.

Available at:


Who can understand the needs of a doctor better than a doctor? This Snibbs Spacecloud is the best shoe for nurses and doctors. They’re made by doctors, for doctors. 

Doctors are exposed to all sorts of liquids and bodily fluids throughout their day, including blood and vomit. Luckily, these shoes are water and slip-resistant, so if a sick patient decides to empty their stomach contents onto your shoes, at least your feet will remain nice and dry. 

The Ortholite insole also offers ample cushioning and arch support that is vital for doctors, especially surgeons, who spend countless hours on their feet. The slip-on design is also a huge plus and saves you the hassle of opening and tying laces multiple times throughout the day. 

Overall, the SpaceCloud is a durable and reliable shoe, so it’s one of the best shoes for hospital doctors and my top pick for this list.


  • Sustainable and 100% vegan
  • Slip-resistant and water-resistant
  • Easy slip-on design
  • Durable, long-lasting shoe
  • Ortholite insole for extra cushioning


  • Not for wide feet
  • A little expensive 

What People Are Saying

A happy user wrote, “I bought a replacement pair of these excellent shoes that I wear to work for every shift, 4-5 times a week. I have washed them many times, and they still hold their form.”

Another satisfied customer said, “These shoes are fantastic. They are the most comfortable shoes for standing all day. I will surely be buying more models.”

Best Premium Shoes For Doctors— Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Oxford Dress Sneaker

Product photo of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Oxford Dress Sneaker, all reddish-brown with white outsole.

Available at:


Who says comfort cannot come with style? These Park Avenue Oxford dress sneakers perfectly blend functionality and fashion. The premium leather top and intricate craftsmanship make this shoe perfect for formal wear. But don’t worry, these shoes will look just as stylish paired with your favorite scrubs. 

Have you got an office party to go to after hours, or are you running late for a date? These shoes will easily transition from formal work wear to sleek dinner wear because they look good with everything, so these are the best dress shoes for doctors.

The removable FlyForm insole has the perfect cushioning to keep your feet comfortable all day. Plus, if you’ve any particular foot concerns, you can always swap the insole for your orthotic insoles. 


  • Multiple width options are available
  • Extremely stylish 
  • Versatile design for formal and informal wear
  • Intricate craftsmanship 
  • Premium leather finish 


  • Expensive 
  • Occasionally squeak on walking

What People Are Saying

A happy user wrote, “A very nice shoe – comfortable and stylish. The size does run a little large, so try ordering a size down. Versatile design and looks good with multiple looks.”

Another customer commented, “Premium all the way! The quality is all Allen Edmonds while feeling comfortable and casual but presentable in jeans and a T-shirt. Highly recommended!”

Most Comfortable Shoes For Doctors— Dansko XP 2.0 Clog

Product photo of Dansko XP 2.0 Clog, all black, no laces.

Available at:


If you choose comfort and feasibility over style, these Dansko Clogs are the ideal shoe. They may not be the most attractive pair of shoes on the market, but I assure you, the comfort level is unmatched. 

The EVA midsole adds extra cushioning and arch support to the shoe, and the lightweight design ensures that your shoe carries you throughout the day and not vice versa. 

I love that these are so easy to slip in and out of, so if you’re catching your 10-minute power nap in the on-call room, you won’t have to spend a whole minute trying to put them on when you get that emergency page. 

Yes, the clog may seem like a boring shoe, but that’s why Dansko has come out with over 20 different colors and designs that take even a simple clog and add the oomph factor to it. The easy-to-clean leather top means a simple washcloth can easily remove stains.


  • Multiple color options
  • Slip-resistant
  • Lightweight EVA midsole for shock absorption and comfort
  • Removable leather footbed
  • APMA seal of acceptance 


  • Pricey for a casual shoe
  • Not suitable with formal attire

What People Are Saying

A satisfied customer commented, “It takes a few days to break into these, but they are extremely comfortable once you do. I have always been a fan of Dansko shoes, but this is the first time I have tried the clogs. I love them!”

Another user wrote, “They fit right and are extremely durable and comfortable. I am on my feet for over 10 hours daily, and these clogs provide the perfect support for my feet and arches.”

Best Value Shoes For Doctors— Crocs Unisex Classic Clog

Product photo of Crocs Unisex Classic Clog, all white.

Available at:


If there has to be one shoe that can be patented to all healthcare workers, it has to be the Crocs clog, and rightfully so. Crocs clogs have been the most loved shoe among medical doctors and surgeons for decades. 

This is because they are comfortable, easy to wear, and extremely budget-friendly; anyone can buy a pair. Plus, the soft foam does not get wet and is easy to clean.

There are also multiple ways to personalize your crocs. I once saw a doctor add personalized medical-related pins to the top of their Crocs, and that was the cutest thing ever. 

Crocs are extremely durable and will last years before you toss them out. The lightweight design and soft foam make you feel like you’re walking on clouds all day. 

The classic ventilation ports on the shoe also allow good airflow and breathability; you don’t have to wear socks, either. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to slip on
  • Multiple color and print options
  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Durable 


  • Not suitable for winters
  • Not ideal for formal attire

What People Are Saying

A happy vet wrote, “I work in vet med and am on my feet all day. I finally bit the bullet and bought Crocs, the most comfortable things ever. Even after days of wearing them all day, my feet did not hurt.”

Another customer wrote, “These shoes are perfect for long-standing hours. I tend to have sweaty toes, so the ventilation ports are a huge plus since they keep my feet dry all day.”

Best For Standing All Day— Skechers Women’s D’Lites – Biggest Fan

Product photo of Skechers Women’s D’Lites - Biggest Fan sneakers, black with white accents, white outsole with black accents on the bottom.

Available at:


Most doctors or healthcare workers spend multiple hours a day on their feet, but if you’re a surgeon or emergency room doctor, this time is increased several-fold. In such cases, you need a shoe that will provide extra support and comfort to keep you on your feet. 

The Skechers D’Lites do just that. The classic memory foam technology by Skechers adjusts itself to the curves of your feet and provides unmatched comfort throughout the day. It feels like you’re walking on clouds. 

The flexible rubber outsole increases traction and stability, and the lightweight shock-absorbing midsole ensures that the ground impact is uniformly distributed throughout the feet, away from the heel. 

The blend of TruBuck leather, mesh, and synthetic upper provides the perfect balance of water resistance, breathability, and comfort, making the D’Lites the best shoes for doctors who are on their feet all day. 


  • Soft memory foam
  • Machine-wash friendly 
  • Lightweight shock-absorbing midsole
  • Arch support
  • Handsfree slip-in technology


  • Bulky shoe
  • May run narrow 

What People Are Saying

A satisfied parent wrote, “These are my daughter’s work shoes. Her work requires her to be on her feet for almost ten hours every workday. These shoes are the only ones she recommends as she loves the support that they provide.”

Another happy customer commented, “I must have added support because of a foot injury. This shoe gives great support & I get compliments on the style. I recommend this shoe to everyone.”

Best For Pregnant Professionals— New Balance Fresh Foam X Cruz V3

Product photo of New Balance Fresh Foam X Cruz V3 shoe, all white with embossed New Balance "N" logo on the side.

Available at:


Your feet can swell up quite a bit during pregnancy, and shoes that normally fit well can become tight and suffocating. This is why changing your footwear to suit your pregnancy feet is vital. The New Balance Cruz V3 is the perfect shoe for all healthcare workers who need to be on their feet, even during pregnancy. 

It’s hard to bend down and tie laces when you’ve got a whole baby taking up space in your body. The easy slip-on designs allow you to slide your feet into these sneakers without bending. 

The multiple-width options mean you can always opt for a wider fit if you’ve got excessive edema in your feet. Additionally, the premium textile and breathable mesh upper means your sensitive feet get the soft touch and breathability they need. 

The Cruz V3 also has extra padding in the heel region to give you an extra cushioned, comfortable feel and allow you to be active even on the job. 


  • Different width options 
  • Premium textile for a luxurious feel
  • Easy slip-on design
  • Machine-wash friendly 
  • 8mm drop design


  • May need to size up
  • Not water-resistant 

What People Are Saying

A satisfied healthcare professional wrote, “I use these as shoes for clinical rotations. They are super cute, stylish, and extremely comfortable! I’m on my feet for hours, and these shoes don’t hurt my feet.”

Another user commented, “These shoes are incredible for working and standing for long hours. I am a teacher and started using them during my pregnancy. These stop my legs from hurting.”

Best For Doctors With Wide Feet— Hoka Clifton 9

Product photo of Hoka Clifton 9 sneaker, all gray with small black accents and white outsole.

Available at:


If you’re looking for a reliable shoe to help you stay on your feet all day, the Clifton 9 are the best Hoka shoes for doctors. They’ve got multiple width options, so they’re also perfect for all the wide-footed healthcare workers. 

The classic Hoka Metarocker design almost gives a roller skate feel, rolling your feet forward with each stride and helping you maintain stability. These shoes also have great floor grip, so the only falling that you’re at risk for is falling in love with McDreamy (Gray’s Anatomy reference, anyone?). 

Caring for the environment is practically second nature for healthcare workers, and luckily, these Hoka shoes are mostly made from recycled material, making them environmentally friendly as well. 

You cannot deny that the shoe overall is extremely stylish, and with those vibrating color options, you’re sure to turn heads. 


  • Multiple width options
  • Unique colors and stylish design
  • Metarocker for increased stability


  • Expensive

What People Are Saying

A satisfied user commented, “I walk every day, so I can assess the durability of shoes quite well after just one walk. These are one of a kind. A little costly, but in my opinion, completely worth it.”

Best For Doctors With Flat Feet— Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23

Product photo of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 sneaker, black outsole and white body with gray Brooks swoosh logo and black Brooks text.

Available at:


Your chances of developing leg, knee, and back pain increase if you’ve flat feet. So, to keep all these issues at bay, wearing the right shoe is essential, and these Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoes are perfect for doctors with flat feet. 

They’ve got the APMA seal of approval, so don’t take my word for it; ask your fellow podiatrist colleagues. The extra cushioning, especially around the heel area, helps mimic the foot’s natural arch and provides unmatched comfort, making these the best shoes for doctors standing all day long. 

The guide rails system helps keep your foot in place, minimizing unnecessary sideway movement. Plus, the thin mesh upper ensures good breathability throughout the day.


  • APMA approved
  • Extra support for better alignment and posture
  • Better cushioning to minimize ground impact


  • Not very stylish

What People Are Saying

A content customer wrote, “Been wearing the Adrenaline for years, and I’m a fan. It’s a good-looking shoe with good cushioning and traction and the usual Brooks durability.”

Best For Doctors With Back Pain— Orthofeet Men’s Edgewater Stretch

Product photo of Orthofeet Men’s Edgewater Stretch shoe for doctors, gray mesh with leather accents on heel and toe and white outsole.

Available at:


Doctors spend most of their day either on their feet, moving from patient to patient, or hunched down for surgeries. This is why back pain is a common complaint among healthcare professionals. 

Luckily, these Edgewater men’s shoes by Orthofeet are your solution. The cushioned insole with extra arch support helps maintain posture, which is vital to minimize back pain. 

The wide toe box and upper mesh ensure that your feet get ample space to breathe. Even if your job may feel suffocating sometimes, we assure you these shoes won’t. 


  • Different width options are available
  • Removable insole 
  • Wide toe box also caters to bunions and swollen feet


  • Not available in women’s sizes

What People Are Saying

A satisfied user wrote, “Best shoes I’ve ever purchased and great fitting, right out of the box. It is light in weight, comfortable, and offers great support. I have bad feet and have difficulty finding shoes I can wear all day.”

Best For Doctors With Plantar Fasciitis— Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 Running Shoe

Product photo of Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 19 Running Shoe, textured black upper with ombre white and black outsole with teal accent under midfoot.

Available at:


Your heel is the main focus of your foot pain in plantar fasciitis, so wearing appropriate footwear is essential. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 is ideal for those suffering from plantar fasciitis since its wave plate technology helps disperse the shock throughout the foot, minimizing the impact on your heel. 

The durable carbon rubber and upper mesh make this shoe extremely long-lasting, so this pair is an investment worth making. 

You need a few days to break into these bad boys, but you’ll sprint across halls for those emergency pages once you do.

We know plantar fasciitis can be a major issue for healthcare workers on their feet all day, so check out our top choices of shoes for nurses for more great options with necessary cushioning and slip-resistance. And you can keep your feet comfy between rotations with more everyday options of shoes for plantar fasciitis, as well.


  • Durable carbon rubber
  • Mizuno wave plate to disperse energy upon impact
  • Breathable upper mesh


  • Not true to size

What People Are Saying

A happy healthcare worker wrote, “I use this shoe for 12-hour shifts on a concrete floor doing patient care: great stability, good arch support & shock absorption. I did not have back pain or tired legs. 100% completely recommend.” 

Stock photo of a healthcare worker in scrubs, mask, face shield, gloves, and hair cover sanding in front of a desk at a clinic.


How Often Should Doctors Replace Their Work Shoes?

While some shoes are more durable than others, doctors should replace their work shoes every 6-12 months to avoid any foot problems. If you wear your shoes daily and for long hours, they’ll likely wear out soon and require faster replacements.

To ensure the longevity of your shoes, we recommend buying two pairs and rotating them every other day. What this does is give the insole and outsole adequate time to recoil; in other words, the cushioning in your shoes won’t end up flattened as fast.

Why Do High-Quality Shoes Matter for Doctors?

Doctors have human life in their hands, so they must give their 100% at all times. If a shoe is of poor quality, it can cause foot, leg, and back pain, diverting the doctor’s attention from patient care toward their pain and ultimately risking the patient’s well-being. This is why wearing high-quality shoes is of utmost importance for doctors. 

Are Running Shoes Okay for Doctors?

While running shoes can be an alternate option, investing in proper work shoes or walking shoes is better. This is because there’s a big difference in how your foot strikes the ground when you’re walking vs when you’re running. This can potentially alter the functionality of your shoe and even affect comfort. 


Wearing the right footwear is extremely important, especially for doctors. A good shoe that’s easy to wear, comfortable, and durable will help doctors and medical professionals optimize their overall performance as healthcare providers.

If you’re within the healthcare sector, comment below which shoes are your top picks to get you through your long hospital shifts. And be sure to check out our other articles of shoes for healthcare workers, including shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis and the best EMS boots, as well!

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