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Ballet Boots

Ballet Boots Guide and Product Roundup

Ballet Boots with Heels

Ballet boots are the new rage in today's women's footwear industry. It is a modern style of shoes, that combine the style of high heeled boots with the style of 'en pointe' shoe (the satin footwear used by ballerinas).

The idea behind the design of this shoe is to almost position the wearer's foot into an en pointe position like the ballerinas; with the presence of long, thin heels in the design.

How do Ballet Boots fit?
When worn, the feet are almost in a vertical position due to the design and hence push all the body weight to the front of the toes. But if the shoe is perfectly fitted; then the shoe will be held at users heel, thus reducing the body weight on the toes.
This type of shoe design pushes the boundaries for a sexy look by mimicking the posture of a ballerina. Because of the daring design it becomes an interesting and attractive choice of footwear for women. The boots are available in different lengths; starting from ankle high to thigh high.

The position of the foot can be slightly uncomfortable when the shoe is worn, hence this shoe is recommended for seasoned and regular high heel wearers. Also due to added difficulty in walking; it is advised that the boots are worn for short periods of time in order to get accustomed to the design of the boots and to gain additional stability skills.

But the seductive design and attractive appearance makes it a bold choice for women.

Pleaser Women's Ballet-2020 Knee-High Boot

The Pleaser Women's Ballet-2020 Knee-High Boot is one of the stylish fetish ballet boots that use a knee-high design. These boots are available in leather or synthetic materials, and the stiletto heel adds to its appeal.


  • Different available materials
  • Classic black leather color
  • Glossy look when properly cared for
  • 7’’ stiletto heels
  • Wide size range
  • Well-balanced boot


  • The size can be misleading

Product Summary

This brand is widely considered to be one of the leading companies in fetish footwear. The Pleaser Women's Ballet-2020 Knee-High Boot delivers what is expected from a fetish boot.

It is stylish, the materials are high-quality, and although the sizes can be a little misleading, especially for men, most people will find them comfortable.

Pleaser Women's Ballet-1020 Boot

The Sexy Exotic Pole Lap Dancer Stripper Fetish Ankle/MidCalf 6" Boots Pleaser Delight-1020 is a mixed-material design, ideal for people working in the erotic, stripping industry.


  • Supports constant movement
  • Platform design
  • Stylish high heels
  • Lacing design
  • Sturdy, yet light


  • Imported
  • Synthetic upper sole

Product summary

These are not really ballet boots, but can be ideal for those, who want to surprise their partner with a sensual stripping experience. The advantage of having a thicker front with a horizontal sole is easier movement.

This boot is ideal for those who want to move around during their experience, be it dancing, stripping, BDSM or even pole dancing. As often is the case with fetish footwear, the sizes can be a little bit misleading, so it is a good idea to go slightly bigger than usual.

Ellie Shoes Women's 557-Gina Boot

The Ellie Shoes Women's 557-Gina Boot is one of the most stylish fetish footwear on the market. They are not traditional ballet boots, but they combine the usual visually dominant, dark design with good materials and stylistically sound manufacturing choices.


  • High-quality synthetic material
  • Good durability
  • Durable high heels
  • Ideal visual style for BDSM
  • Dominant platform design


  • Not easy to walk in

Product Summary

 The Ellie Shoes Women's 557-Gina Boot is a stylish shoe that is a little difficult to walk in. People who buy this design usually need some time to adjust, but once they do, they can appreciate it for what it is, a visually stunning, and high-quality design.

Wonderheel 7" Matte Black Fetish Padlocks Ballet Boots

The Wonderheel 7’’ combines most of the best aspects of fetish footwear, design, material, aesthetic qualities, and comfort. They are fetish ballet shoes, so naturally, it takes time to get used to them, but for those who can, the payout is substantial.


  • Real ballet boots
  • 7’’ wedge heels
  • Lace up design
  • Knee-high boots
  • Stylish, matt leather


  • Hard to walk in without experience

Product Summary

The Wonderheel 7" Wedge Matt Black Fetish Knee High Boots Lace Up Padlocks Ballet Shoes are real fetish ballet boots that can offer a lot in terms of style and sensuality. Most BDSM-enthusiasts, especially those in a dominant role, can use this high-quality footwear.

This boot is not easy to walk in, but once the wearer gets used to the experience, the Wonderheel 7’’ often becomes a favorite. Many in the BDSM community use these boots on a regular basis.

Devious Women's Dom 2020/B Boot

The Devious Women's Dom2020/B Boot is a front-lacing, knee-high design that features a high-quality synthetic material, with a 5.25” heel.


  • High-quality synthetic leather
  • Knee-high design
  • Quality rubber sole
  • Breathable material
  • Uniquely stylish


  • The heel is only 5.25” long

Product Summary

Although alternative footwear, the Devious Women's Dom2020/B Boot is a stylish, comfortable boot that combines the aesthetic qualities of front-lacing designs with the erotic appeal of high heel boots. It is ideal for unique occasions and BDSM.

What makes fetish ballet boots so special

There are two main qualities that make these footwear designs so special, style and material.


Fetish ballet boots have a completely unique, and, one could say, dominant design. They started out as fetish footwear, but became more popular throughout the years.

They are still not mainstream and mostly used for BDSM, but there are contemporary designs that managed to mix the classic ballet style with the high heel experience, all in a somewhat convenient design.

These boots are still far from practical, but for certain occasions they can be stylishly provocative. Women (and men) can—with practice—wear them for a couple of hours. Extended use, however, can lead to muscle, bone, or ligament issues.

Because of that, although more women rely on these boots for everyday use than ever before, their purpose as a BDSM tool still outshines everything else. In the S&M community, fetish ballet boots will probably never go out of style.


Most boots are made from leather or comfortable synthetic materials, which give the wearer the kind of comfort that would otherwise be extremely hard to find in a ballet shoe.

These boots can be highly uncomfortable because of their design, so material becomes even more important. The constant pressure that the feet put on the toe cap can only be withstood by the highest-quality, strongest materials.

How to take care of ballet boots

It all starts with treating the shoes regularly with the proper cleansers to keep the leather or synthetic material flexible. Untreated, it will dry out and irreparable cracks can appear on it.

Using wax-based materials may darken the surface or even split the leather shoes. Using a fine wire brush or rubber strap to restore the fluff and color is recommended.

Waxed leather is easier to maintain and becomes more resistant to water and dirt, which adds to the longevity of the boots if they are used outside.

Using oil and grease-based agents is not recommended, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Although oils and fats would make the leather soft, the fabric could lose its structural integrity, in addition to the boot’s breathability becoming compromised.

The best place to store leather shoes is a shoe bag or shoe box in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. One should never store his or her footwear in damp or wet conditions.

Types of fetish ballet boots

There are various different styles of ballet boots. They all bring something different in terms of aesthetics and functionality, and on top of that, they all have the potential to be aesthetically stylish.

Thigh-high stretch ballet boots

Thigh-high stretch boots are not ordinary footwear, but both men and women consider them to be extremely erotic. Much depends on what the wearer combines them with in terms of clothing, but under the right circumstances, the can take any BDSM experience to a new level.

Knee boots

From a design standpoint, knee boots are similar to thigh-high footwear, only shorter, ending above the knees as opposed to the middle of the thighs. Some say these boots are not ideal for women with thicker legs, but plus-sized ladies would probably disagree with that, not to mention their partners.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots come with and without straps, and they are often considered to be the sexiest fetish ballet boots available. They usually have huge heels for aesthetic purposes, and most dominas use them on a regular basis.

Front-lacing boots

Front lacing boots can be knee boots or thigh boots, with the main attraction being the laces. That aspect gives additional sexuality to the footwear, even if the domina has no intention of taking them off.

The sexual fascination with boots is not a new phenomenon. People have been enamored with footwear for a very long time, putting these fashion objects into the center of their attention, while giving a different, more sexual meaning to them. To understand why fetish ballet boots are so popular, first one has to understand the concept of fetishism and even masochism, and everything that comes with them.

What is fetishism?

Fetishism is a form of behavior that focuses on sex, including "objects" that would otherwise be used outside of the context of sex. This is where often the excitement comes from, using an object in a different context, putting it in a new light.

The motive has not yet been completely identified by science, but many experts think that BDSM and fetish tendencies start to develop during the early adolescent years, and sometimes the fascination with certain objects grows.

Generally, one can distinguish two different types of fetishes. There are the ordinary, everyday types, and the unusual, more extreme desires. The second category often includes fetishes that are considered unappealing or even disgusting by many, linked to erosive, dangerous behavior.

Foot and footwear fetishes that includes ballet boots is considered a harmless, widely popular obsession. Men are usually more attracted to BDSM, and even those who otherwise have no fetish tendencies find high-heeled shoes to be extremely attractive.

One of the most popular forms of sexual obsessions is when fetishism meets sadomasochism. Dominas wearing leather, using a whip and their high heels to dole out the punishment to their obedient partner is one of the most common fantasies.

What makes this exciting? The pretending stops, and the pressure dissipates. The visuals are naturally just as important, similarly to the roles the participants take on to live out a fantasy. This usually happens in a safe, controlled environment, but not always.

In any case, garment fetishism is an integral part of sexuality. In its most conventional forms, it really shouldn’t even be considered fetish.

Most men find boots attractive, and the same goes for high heels, and many different types of clothes and footwear. With their own storied history, ballet boots are a big part of world, and more popular than ever. But where do they come from?

Ballet boots, the beginnings of fashion S&M

Feet weren’t considered erotic up until the 19th century, certainly not in a mainstream sense. When people—and especially women—started to wear dresses and footwear that showed more of their body, things started to change.

The foot became the subject of admiration, and with the appearance of corsets and tightly laced footwear, the idea that feet were more than biological tools for coordination, took off in a major way.

It is hard to imagine it now, but there was a time when even glimpsing at a booted ankle resulted in erotic enthusiasm. This developed into what people today call “fetish,” but it started much earlier.

Fetish boots in the 1900s

The fetish era started with Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch, an Austrian journalist and writer, who was famous for his romantic stories in the 19th century. It was these stories that jump started the fetish revolution.

The utopian philosopher left behind a legacy, and even the term “masochism” was derived from his name. The author’s most famous book was “Venus in Furs,” which focused on the topic of female domination, exploring the driving forces behind early BDSM.

Shoes played a special role because they were able to enhance the aesthetic qualities of feet, making them the focus of sexual fantasies. BDSM took this even further, and expanded on the domination concept.

Women used BDSM to break out of the social clichés, to exert their power over men, while men were allowed to give up control, and the pressure as well as expectations that came with it.

It all made perfect practical and metaphorical sense, and as a result, the boots—both tools of dominance and the objects of sexual pleasure—started to change in their style, color, and even fabric.

The era of fetish ballet boots started in the early 1900s and blossomed into an underground scene by the 1950s. Today, boot enthusiasts can find vintage models dating back to the early 1940s.


Fetish ballet boots represent a big part of BDSM history. They have been around for almost 200 years, and they even managed to take over a small portion of the fashion industry, inspiring contemporary designers. While they will probably never go mainstream because of their impracticality, they will remain an integral part of fashion S&M, and one of the favorite footwear of the BDSM community.

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