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Snake Boots

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying Snake Proof Boots

You have probably heard of stories about people dying from snake bites – and the most scary fact is that deaths can happen very quickly after a person gets bitten. Even though the FDA states that fatalities from venomous snakes are rare (out of 8000 snake bite cases, less than 16 die), it still remains a prospect you do not want to happen to you or anyone else you care about.

Regardless of whether you are a person that loves the outdoors or not, it is important that you have the correct shoes for occasions such as these, and for every place your adventures will take you to. It is also important that you have the correct gear for hiking, camping and hunting.

Even for people you know that are experienced in outdoor activities of this kind, it is still a new prospect going through bunches of swampy valleys, grassy plains, massive undergrowth, downed logs, and other environments that harbor a heavy population of snakes. It is still an unnerving occurrence coming across a snake, no matter how long you have been in the outdoors – especially when you consider the increasing cases of people suffering from snake bites.

However, you do not need to worry anymore, because that is where snake boots come in. they will provide you with maximum protection, so you need a pair that is of high quality. First of all though, we need to know what snake boots are, and discuss the factors that make them different form regular boots and shoes.

What Are Snake Boots?

These are boots made out of a combination of special materials that are resistant to punctures from snake fangs, such as neoprene and rubber. They have a snake guard lining on the inner part, which is made from impenetrable material, so this adds safety; while it is also flexible enough so that you do not feel like you are walking in a cast.

Factors to Consider When Buying Snake Boots

Coverage levels

Unlike another piercing object like a pin or nail, snakes never lie on the ground motionless (unless they are dead, of course). They can slither their way up your body, and even climb, pose and strike on your shins and feet. This makes this factor essential – the higher the boots are, the more protection they guarantee you in times of trouble.

Make the shortest length they can go to be the middle of your calves, but never choose one that is as low as the height of your ankles. This is because most of the snake bites happen between the knees and ankles, so choosing a pair of boots that goes up to the knees is the best option to give you better protection.

The materials need to protect against bites

In case the unfortunate circumstance occurs and you encounter a disturbed snake, you want to make sure the shoes you wear are enough to protect you from bites. Because you are only a few seconds into getting injected with poison, it helps to know the materials the shoe has, which will protect against the fangs.

Snake proof boots are usually made of a few materials, all which are durable and strong enough to prevent the fangs from going through. The materials include denim, leather, Cordura nylon, synthetic weaves, Kevlar, and others.

The shoes need to be comfortable

While it is a good thing to have a shoe that guards against snake bites and protects you from injuries, comfort is of the utmost importance. This is particularly considering your feet will be wearing those shoes for a long time, so it is wise to get a fit you will not feel uncomfortable with or one that is too tight.

It pays to try out different boots before buying them, as some are made to be very rigid and stiff. They may protect you more often, but they will sacrifice a lot of your comfort levels. The shoes should allow you to walk or run without feeling like you are wearing a heavy cast – imagine if you are trying to run while wearing boots that are knee high and tight; the experience is going to be very uncomfortable for you.

When looking for proper snake boots, ensure they give you an allowance for a range of motion, without leaving you feeling stiff.

The closure

Because you are looking for a pair of boots that offers you the most protection you can get, you cannot afford to overlook even the seemingly insignificant aspects. A factor such as the way your boots close will have a major result on the overall protection and comfort levels.

An instance would be choosing a pair with zippers. These are easy to close ad very common, but they have the drawback of being caught in twigs, undergrowth, and thick bushes. They also tend to break down many times, leaving your feet exposed to attacks from snake bites.

Another option would be slip on boots. These are easy to wear, as the lack of laces and zippers means you do not need to spend time agonizing about snags. However, they will cause a lot of discomfort if you choose the wrong size.The best option is picking lace boots. These are more likely to give you a custom fit, and you can close them up all the way to the shaft.

The ultimate choice will depend on your needs and preferences, so make sure you choose them wisely. In addition, it is important to know the terrain, as this will help you make a proper decision on the kind of closure you need.


This may be an overlooked factor, but it is still important. The height of the shoes will tend to make your feet sweaty and lead to bad smells. Ensure you purchase boots that have breathable fabric and linings, which will maintain the cool environment for your feet.

Final thoughts

Getting snake proof boots is not an easy task, and it involves a lot of consideration before making a choice. However, with these factors, you can be better equipped to make a choice that will protect you while giving you comfort.

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