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Rocky Waterproof Snake Proof Hunting Boot Review

Roomy and comfortable, but guaranteed to be completely snake proof. Sleek in its design, but 100% water proof as well. The Rocky Waterproof Snake Proof Hunting Boots are genuinely professional grade hunting and outdoor work boots that are noted for their comfort.

Rocky Lynx Snake Boot image of both sides including side zipper

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The Rocky Waterproof Snake Proof Hunting Boot is one of the more affordable snake proof hunting boots available on the market, but is still a high quality boot that won’t let you down and will keep your feet and legs safe from snake bits and other hazards. Its lightweight roomy design includes waterproof construction, a polyurethane/rubber outsole, and 16 inches of snake proof protection. These are all qualities that make the Rocky Waterproof Snake Proof Hunting boot an excellent choice for hunters, outdoorsmen, and workers in environments with venomous snakes.Along with their comfort and performance, the Rocky Snake Boots are one of the more affordable choices in our complete guide to the best snake boots.

Fast Facts About This Offering

  • 16-inches of snakeproof protection
  • Most comfortable snake proof hunting boot out of the box among the ones we’ve reviewed
  • Guaranteed Waterproof construction
  • Polyurethane/rubber outsole for additional protection from wet feet
  • Full grain leather and nylon upper and calf
  • Rocky’s ProLight BioMech outsole to maximize traction and stability on any terrain

Performance and Use

These Rocky Snake Boots feature a pretty standard tactical-style boot design with a full lacing system on the front. No side-zipper, or buckles, or easy pull on and off type system. They also have what Rocky Boots calls a ProLight BioMech outsole. It seems like a pretty standard outsole to us and does provide nice traction and stability on rocky or uneven terrain. Finally, the boots are guaranteed to be waterproof and have a polyurethane outsole to further prevent wet feet.The snake proof upper extends 16-inches, an approximately 1-inch heel and then another 15-inches from the arch. This is a bit shorter than the typical 17-inch or 18-inch protection afforded by most other options. 

Cushioning and Comfort

The biggest feature of the Rocky Snake Proof hunting boots is their comfort. Most hunting boots, and especially most snake boots, are pretty uncomfortable out of the box and have a long break-in period. Not so with the Rocky boots. These boots are comfortable right away, and get even more comfortable after a few trips out in them. The rubber and polyurethane soles are very easy to walk in, flexible, and have a solid high-traction feel. On almost any surface you never have to worry about the grip or traction. They just feel completely solid underfoot as you walk on them and there is no hint of slippage or losing your footing.However, the biggest aspect of a hunting boot that will keep your feet comfortable is how well they keep your feet dry. In that respect, the Rocky boots do pretty well! The waterproof is really solid for a good long while, but they will start to let in a bit of water after a lot of use. For most people it took about a year to a year and a half of very heavy use before the waterproofing begain to fail a bit. After that some waterproofing spray will really help out.

Value and Cost

Compared to many other snake proof boots for hunters, the Rocky Waterproof Snake Proof Hunting Boot is a solid bargain. It comes in at a lower price point than snake boots from LaCrosse, Irish Setter, Danner, etc. The biggest, most obvious difference is that these only give you 16-inches of snake protection whereas other brands are typically 18-inches. I don’t know how many snake bites hit in that 2-inch zone. Probably not too many, but talk about regret if you got struck by a rattlesnake there.The 2-inch snake protection difference aside, these are a really good value. They are a high-quality boot with excellent comfort and are an ideal choice for warm weather. They don’t have quite the quality of LaCrosse and might not last as many miles, but they will still serve you really well and are extremely comfortable at the same time.

Rocky Waterproof Snakeproof Hunting Boots: The Pros

  • Comfort. Definitely one of the most comfortable snake boots that we looked at. In addition to our assessment, pretty much every customer review agrees that these are really comfortable boots. The sole has just the right amount of flexibility to keep them comfortable while still providing traction and stability.
  • Durable. Rocky is a well-trusted and respected brand in the hunting boot world. These are high-quality boots made with solid materials and construction. They should have no trouble holding up to demanding miles over a lot of years.
  • Traction. The flexibility and comfort of the boot’s sole doesn’t sacrifice traction which is good since snake boots aren’t going to be useful if you’re slipping and falling on the trail.
  • Waterproof. Solid waterproof construction. The waterproofing won’t last forever, as is the case with pretty much every hunting boot we look at, but it does stand up a good long time. Once some leaks start appearing it’s pretty easy to seal them up with a waterproofing spray.

Rocky Waterproof Snakeproof Hunting Boots: The Cons

  • Fit. A lot of people have trouble getting the right fit in Rocky Snake Boots. We still recommend ordering your usual size. (They don’t make women’s sizes, but just add 1.5 to the men’s size. So a size 7 men’s would be a size 8.5 women’s.) We recommend ordering from Amazon so you can just send them back if the fit isn’t right, no questions asked.
  • Hard to get on and off. We usually prefer a side zipper on the tactical style snake boots. With only laces, it can really be a struggle to get these things on and off, and get your foot settled into it properly.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The Rocky Waterproof Snakeproof Hunting Boots are optimal for those looking for comfort and high-performance at a solid value. While they are comfortable, they don’t provide quite as much protection as some other options. The flexible and high-tech outsole provides great traction on any terrain.These are a solid choice for hunters who prioritize comfort.

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