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LaCrosse Snake Country Western Snake Boots Review

You should keep reading our review of the LaCrosse Snake Country Western Snake Boot because when you’re hiking in snake country, your boots matter. A lot.

Being in the woods where snakes can easily hide all day is demanding and definitely not easy. Thick underbrush, rocks, mud, and dangerous conditions take a toll on your whole body, but especially your feet and legs. Spending time hiking and working in an environment where an unseen snake could bite at any moment is draining.

LaCrosse Snake Country Western Snakeproof Cowboy Boots. Detailed images of side and rear of boots

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Because of this, having the right snake boots is essential. You need a boot that prevents snake bites, protects your feet and calves in a snake invested environment, and still keeps your feet comfortable at the same time. Choosing the right snake proof boot that fits your requirements can be difficult.

Fast Facts About ​the LaCrosse Snake Country Boot

Precisely because of its ability to meet these demands, the LaCrosse Snake Country Western Boot is one of the best snake proof boots you can find on the market today.

  • 17″ Boot Shaft (measured from the arch).
  • Upper is made from 100% full-grain leather and tough, durable textile.
  • 900 Denier nylon fabric for durability.
  • 360-degree snake guard.
  • Waterproof.
  • Large pull finger holds for easy pull on/off.
  • Great if you like the look and feel of traditional cowboy boots.

Performance and Use

LaCrosse designed the Snake Country Boot as a hunting boot that can withstand a full day in rough country. No matter what kind of conditions you face. The traditional cowboy boot design allows for air to circulate around your lower leg. It does this without sacrificing the ability to protect your entire calf and lower leg from snake bites. LaCrosse is also known for the solid traction and grip of their boots. This allows you to tackle any terrain without fear of your boots sliding out from under you. The sole has been tested by over a century of quality craftsmanship.

Simple and Elegant

Although the LaCrosse Snake Country boot doesn’t have all of the extra bells and whistles of some of the more tactical-style snake boot options available, the Snake Country boot is still a solid choice for those looking for a straightforward snake proof hunting boot or an option while working outdoors. They are waterproof, easy to pull on and off, and are better for wide feet than most other options. All the reasons you’d want a traditional cowboy boot apply to the LaCrosse Snake Country Western boot as well.

900 Denier Nylon Upper

The full-grain leather and 900 Denier nylon upper are thick and durable, providing 360 degree snake bite protection. The 900 Denier designation refers to the weight of the nylon fabric (the other typical weight is 500 Denier). This heavyweight, high quality fabric not only protects against snakes, but adds to the rugged durability of the boot. This way it doesn’t fray or come unstitched as easily as boots made with lower quality materials. Finally, these also make cleaning the boots a breeze. Simply wiping them down with a wet towel is usually sufficient.

Pull On and Pull Off Design

Finally, the fact that these are pull on and pull off, but with a wider calf and rear foot area makes them easier to get on and off than any other pull on options. The usual complaint on slide on and off boots is that unless you have huge calves, the boots don’t have anywhere near the necessary fit in rugged terrain that tactical full lace boots have. That’s going to be true here as well. So, if you want something closer to an athletic shoe, we’d suggest the Thorogood snake boot or the Danner Men’s Vital snake boot. If you’re climbing around rocks on your hunts or hikes, then we recommend a lace-up boot instead of the Snake Country.

Cushioning and Comfort

Because these boots are composed mostly of rubber, leather, and heavy-grade nylon which are not the softest of materials, there is a period of breaking them in. This is true for almost all high quality snake proof boots you’re going to find. It’s really true of almost all high quality hunting and hiking boots you’re going to find. Once you’ve worn them out on the trail several times, though, they’ll begin to mold to the shape of your foot. After that, they should start to become some of the most comfortable hunting boots you’ve ever had.

As you hike, your body’s weight compresses the rubber sole of the boot, which has an insole lining for extra comfort. The boots typically come with a replaceable felt insole, but you can also get LaCrosse flex shield insoles for extra comfort and durability. Over time the soles of the boots conform to your foot for maximum comfort.

Value and Cost

LaCrosse is a highly trusted brand when it comes to making quality hunting and hiking boots, so they can be a bit more expensive than some lesser known brands. Sure, there are similar looking boots out there for a lower price tag, but they don’t necessarily offer the same quality that you get with LaCrosse. Often, lower-quality boots will have plastic components, or lower-grade nylon. While every company selling snake proof boots should be doing rigorous testing to make sure they are actually keeping you safe from snake bites, you probably shouldn’t risk it to save $10!

LaCrosse Snake Country Men's Boots: The Pros

  • High quality materials. Not only will full-grain leather and heavy grade nylon protect your legs from snake bites, but they will increase the longevity of the boots, as well as make them easier and faster to clean.
  • Replaceable insoles. If you don't like the felt insoles that the boot comes equipped with you can replace them with the LaCrosse flex shield insoles for a better fit and more comfort.
  • Easy pull on and off. The large handles making get in and out of these boots super easy. This definitely cannot be said for all snake boots on the market.
  • Extremely comfortable. The materials and LaCrosse's well known quality standards make these some of the most comfortable snake proof hunting boots you are going to find. 

LaCrosse Snake Country Men's Boots: The Cons

  • A little pricier than other options. Because of the LaCrosse name and standards you pay a bit more for these boots than you might pay for some cheaper brands. We don't general believe in skimping on safety though, and we trust the LaCrosse brand to actually keep us safe from snake bites.
  • The Break-in. Because the materials in the boot start out stiff and rugged, there is definitely a breaking-in period with these boots. Your first several trips out, be prepared for some discomfort as the boot adjusts to your foot. This can make those first few hunts uncomfortable, so better plan on slightly shorter outings while the boots get broken-in.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Good snake boots must be both functional and practical. Great snake boots must also be efficient, technical, and comfortable. LaCrosse’s new Snake Country Western boot is definitely one of ShoeGuide’s top picks for hunters and hikers in snake country.

In the end, your boots really matter, and this choice from one of the oldest, most-reputable brands can keep up with demanding, treacherous environment of the most avid hunter or outdoor enthusiast. With LaCrosse quality and ease of use, the Snake Country boot is one of the top choices for hunters everywhere.

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