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Dr Scholl Exercise Sandal

The Classic Women's Dr. Scholl

Introduced at the end of the swinging sixties (specifically, 1968), the original ‘Classic’ Dr. Scholl is their best selling shoe internationally and is commended for its ultra comfortable fit, plain understated design and being available in a wide variety of different colors (we like the pink that Carrie wore in Sex and the City!).

The Dr. Scholl's original exercise sandal is now available on Zappos.com in a variety of colors.  It is also available in the UK.

Dr. Scholl's Exercise Sandal: An Overview

No outfit is complete without the right footwear to complement it. But fashion footwear might not always be comfortable to wear. For instance, high-heeled footwear-be it stilettos or wedges, might both be uncomfortable to wear and unhealthy in the long run. So do you have to compromise on style if you choose footwear that is trendy? Not necessarily. You always have Dr. Scholl’s sandals! There are not so many footwear brands that are both stylish and comfortable; you either get one or the other and if you are not so lucky, you miss both.

Although Dr. Scholl’s let the original wooden exercise sandal go extinct at some point, introducing the (ill-fated) 2.0 version of the show, they have since realized the error of their ways. Now there is a complete line-up of original wooden sandals. These are highly recommended since they are true to the style and comfort of the original design.

The Risks of Wearing Normal Fashion Footwear

It is generally observed that a fashion footwear range which might be uncomfortable to wear would also lead to other health issues. The features of a shoe or sandal that can cause health problems are:

  • Height of the heel
  • Level of the toe
  • Pointedness of the shoe

High heels, pointy-toed shoes and platforms can lead to plantar fasciitis, neuromas, hammertoes and lots of other health issues. They also lead to knee pain and backaches. For those days that require a lot of walking and the days that you wear your shoes for long periods, it is always advisable to choose comfortable footwear.

Footwear Brands That are Gentle on Your Feet

Dr. Scholl’s, Birkenstock, New Balance, Teva, Crocs and Hunter Boots are a few of the top brands known for their comfortable footwear. These brands in footwear are gentle on your feet and equally chic. Dr. Scholl’s, in particular, are top of the list. It is one of the most preferred comfort footwear brands. They have a wide range of footwear and foot care products.

Dr. Scholl's - The History of Dr. Scholl's

The company was founded in 1906 by William Mathias Scholl who was a podiatrist. He was an inventor who strived to design footwear that cared for the feet. The product of his efforts was Dr. Scholl’s footwear range.

Scholl was working part-time in a shoe store while he was studying. That was when his interest in podiatry developed and it kept rising. He started working on improving the arch support provided by shoes. He patented his design and founded the company along with his brother Frank. After his graduation, he proceeded with the invention of several other foot care products.

Scholl designed a wooden sandal with vivid colored straps. He initially started a range of shoes that were meant to be good for the health. Today it is one of the top fashion footwear brands.

Dr Scholl Exercise Sandal is a world famous sandal with a contoured foot-bed and a chunky wooden sole. The sandal has a raised toe to improve grip between the foot and the sandal and also position the leg into a desirable shape. The contoured foot-bed also supports the arch of the foot. The sandal’s wooden sole is lined with rubber that provides grip but also helps absorbs the impact of the shoe with the ground.

Sales History

Dr Scholl’s Exercise Sandal is an extremely successful piece of footwear. The sandal was launched in the early 1960s. By 1968, 4 million pairs had been sold, sales reached 2 million pairs a year in the UK, and in the USA within 4 years of launch one million shoes has been sold. The sandals heydey was in the 1970s and is associated with the hippy culture of the time. Although it was out of vogue in the 1980s it returned to prominence in the 1990s. Sarah Jessica Parker famously swapped her Manolos for Dr Scholl’s sandal between shooting scenes for the Sex and the City TV series. The Sandal’s sole has also been credited with heavily influencing the chunky shoes and clogs that were very popular from the 60s to the early 70s.

The Company and Its Legacy

Scholl, his brother Frank and Frank’s sons together took care of the company. The company, after the death of Scholl, was bought by Schering-Plough. And in the present day, Bayer and Aurelius AG are the joint owners of Dr. Scholl’s brand. Caleres, Inc., which consists of a diverse set of lifestyle brands, takes care of the distribution of Dr. Scholl’s.


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The Range of Dr. Scholl's Footwear

Dr. Scholl’s footwear range includes formal and casual footwear for both men and women. Women and men’s footwear include sandals, boots, casual and sports shoes. They have a wide range of American Lifestyle collection and Original collection of footwear. They also consist of a huge collection of workwear range, both for men and women.

You can find a complete set of photos, videos, etc, for Dr. Scholl's footwear at Zappos.com.

Dr. Scholl's Sandals for Women

The range of sandals for women, from Dr. Scholl’s is perfect for the summers. They include a range of flats and wedges. There are various categories of sandals from Dr. Scholl’s, perfect for different occasions:

  • The Original Collection includes a selection of traditional styles to suit every outfit
  • The collection of Slide sandals comes with wide straps that are comfortable for those long days
  • Memory Foam Cool Fit is the range that you would need for a sporty look
  • A hot summer day? You can stay stylish yet comfortable with the thong sandals range from Dr. Scholl’s.
  • If you wish to add a little height and still not bear the pain of high heels, there is the wedge sandal collection. The best thing about the wedges from Dr. Scholl is that they are aptly contoured. This fits the foot well and provides sufficient support as well. They come with various ranges of straps and embellishments to complement a dressy outfit.

Dr. Scholl's Sandals for Men

The ​range of shoes for men is versatile. They are comfortable and offer the perfect rugged look for a summer day. There is a wide variety of fisherman sandals, slide sandals and thong sandals for men. Be it a casual day out, a summer vacation, or simply out to get a rugged, masculine style, there are sandals that fit every occasion.

Other footwear range

The boots for men and women offer great protection from the cold winter while keeping up with the current trend. They come in both formal and casual styles.

The casual shoes include booties, wedge shoes, sneakers, ballet flats, loafers and several other styles.

The workwear collection for men and women ensure that you maintain your formal look without compromising on the looks or comfort.

Why Dr. Scholl's Are Great

When there are many other comfort footwear brands, why is Dr. Scholl’s one of the most preferred?

  • The Memory Foam Cool Fit is a unique factor that makes Dr. Scholl’s shoes stand out. The ranges of shoes that come with this have extra cushioning for the sole. This provides added support while walking.
  • When compared to most other comfort footwear brands, Dr. Scholl’s include a wider range of footwear categories.
  • The strap material choices, the colors available and a lot of other features make sure that there is a Dr. Scholl’s that fits everyone and every occasion.
  • The arch support design patented by the founder, Scholl, is included in this brand of footwear. Better arch support means happier feet and joints.
  • The wider straps and broader toe tips in Dr. Scholl’s footwear ensures that there is no strain on the feet and toes

Where to Buy Dr. Scholl's

In the US, Zappos.com carries a wide selection of Dr. Scholl’s Sandals for women and Dr. Scholl’s Sandals for men.  In the UK, you can also find Dr. Scholl's women's sandals and men's sandals on Amazon.com. You could also purchase them from popular online lifestyle retail stores. Check out even your local footwear stores for Dr. Scholl’s footwear and foot care products.


  • I purchased a pair of Dr. Scholl’s sandals. They are comfortable but my feet are covered with black dye when I wear them. The company should work with their supplier to prevent this issue from occuring.

    • Hey, maybe you got a bad pair of the Dr. Scholl’s exercise sandals? I haven’t heard this complaint from anyone else. If you bought them on Amazon, you can also definitely return them. I don’t think the dye should be coming off on your feet!

  • I bought 2 pairs of a dr scholls casual shoe. Cant find them any where. Got them thru amazon. Wish i could find them…they are the most comfortable shoe. Brown seude and leather and front zipper.
    All writing on them is worn off….

    • I think there should still be lots of models on Zappos, but I’m not sure exactly which ones you are referring to. If you are in the US check here and if you are in the UK then check here to get a pretty exhaustive list of all the Dr. Scholl’s sandals that are available on Amazon. Not sure where else you can check other than the Dr. Scholl’s site itself.

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