The Arizona sandal is considered as the ‘classic’ Birkenstock and is the brands most popular model.

Birkenstock is a German brand of sandals and other shoes, famed for their contoured foot-bed that is said to match the shape of their wearers’ foot. The Birkenstock foot-bead is described and marketed as follows:

  1. Deep Heel Cup – Gives the foot a firm hold and maintains the heel profile.
  2. Cork Latex Foot-bed – Extremely flexible. Providing a high level of wearing comfort.
  3. Cross support from the arch – Helps shift pressure from the middle to the front of the foot.
  4. Toe gripper – Steers the toes. Promoting the natural rolling movement of the foot.
  5. Foot-bed Edging – Deliberately elevated to protect the toes.

The brand dates back to 1774 to a German cobbler named Johann Birkenstock. However, it wasn’t until 1897 when Johann’s grandson, Konrad Birkenstock designed the first shoe with a contoured insole. It has occurred to Konrad that although the sole of a foot is curved, all shoes were flat inside. He decided that if a sole could be contoured to match the shape of the foot then it would create a more comfortable shoe.

In 1964 Karl Birkenstock (Konrad’s grandson) develops the first Birkenstock sandal. Later the Birkenstock Arizona sandal became incredibly popular, and a style icon.

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