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crocsCrocs is a manufacturer of flip-tops, and other types of open-toed sandals, founded in Boulder, Colorado. The initial target of the company was beach sandals. Thanks to the comfort of their sandals, the company grew very fast to others markets and usefulnesses.

All of their products are manufactured with Croslite, a patented material, which has closed-cell resine (PCCR), this material is not a plastic, Croslite has important elements such as closed-cell and antimicrobial, erradicating all the bad smell and prevents the upsurge of fungi. Other benefit is their capability to absorb all the impacts with maximum cushioning, also is not toxic, and easy to clean with simple water and any soap.

The Crocs sandals are now at over 125 countries and has a diversity of colors and styles. Recently the company launched the line Crocs Work, focused in nurses, chefs and others professions with long periods of standing.

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