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The Best Teacher Shoes For Comfort, Support, and Style in 2024

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 You want your focus to be on the lessons and the students, not too-tight shoes or aching heels. That’s why wearing the right pair of comfortable shoes is a small thing that can make a big difference to your day, even if it’s filled with classes, grading, or recess duty. In this article, we’ll go over the 7 best shoes for teachers of all grades.

To find the best teacher shoes, the key is to look for something that not only offers plenty of comfort but also support, as these will both help to prevent aches and foot fatigue. Slip-resistant outsoles are also great for stability and classroom safety.

In this guide, you’ll find a full list of teacher’s shoes with all these key features and more. Keep reading to find the best option for you!

Buyer’s Guide to Teacher Shoes

There are a few things to consider when figuring out which pair of the best teacher shoes are the best ones to buy.

The first thing to decide on is the size and shape of your feet. This is to ensure you find something that is the best fit for you. For example, do you need a wider fit, or perhaps you need a shoe that offers plenty of arch support? Choosing the right fit and shoe type will keep your feet comfortable and prevent further aches.

Other factors that are worth thinking about before making a purchase include:

  • Cushioning – to support your feet after long hours of standing or walking throughout the day, you’ll want to choose a shoe with good cushioning. A cushioned insole can help relieve foot pressure and prevent fatigue.
  • Weight – a lightweight, flexible shoe is a better option for all-day wear than a heavier shoe, so a running shoe could be a great option as it’ll support the sides of your feet while being nice and light to wear. 
  • Budget – how much do you want to spend? If you want a shoe from a well-known brand, you should be prepared to spend a bit more. However, there’s a great range of shoes available at all price ranges. Branded doesn’t necessarily mean better!

Overall Best Teacher Shoes


Best Teacher Shoes—Adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Running Shoe

Product photo of Adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Running Shoe for teachers,  white outsole with gray upper and white Adidas stripes on the side.

Available at:


Although the Cloudfoam shoe from Adidas is runner-inspired, the overall design is clean and minimal without being too much in the sneaker direction. This is ideal if you have to adhere to a more formal dress code for your school.

What makes the Cloudfoam one of the best teacher shoes, though, is the step-in comfort feel of the cushioned insole, making it a very comfortable shoe to wear throughout the day. Besides the cushioned insole, there’s also a memory foam sockliner that molds to your foot for the perfect fit.

Because the shoe is made from breathable textile material, your feet will be kept dry from sweat, and the textile means it’s very light and flexible to wear, great for those long days.


  • Sleek design in a range of color options
  • Great insole and midsole cushioning
  • Breathable textile upper
  • Memory foam sockliner
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Very comfortable


  • Not ideal for wider feet

What People Are Saying

One long-term teacher said, “I’m a preschool teacher and they’re so comfy when running around all day.” 

Another buyer said, “I wear them for teaching all day; they keep my feet comfortable and cool.” 

Best Teacher Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis—BZees Women’s Golden Knit Sneaker

Product photo of BZees Women’s Golden Knit Sneaker for teachers, thick white outsole and light gray upper with gray squiggle patterns on it.

Available at:


The Golden Knit Sneaker from BZees is a good option if you have plantar fasciitis, as they have an excellent amount of arch support in the footbed. And arch support is vital to have in order to manage plantar fasciitis symptoms, as it helps to diminish pain and reduce inflammation. 

The footbed is fully removable in case you prefer to add your own insert, and it’s made from a comfortable “Free-Foam” material for full cushioning. This foam-like material molds to your foot’s shape for lasting support.

The stretch knit textile upper lets you slip into the sneaker easily, and the shoe is fully machine washable should it get dirty. Overall, this is one of the best shoes for teaching.

You’ll find more great shoes on Shoe Guide for Plantar fasciitis as well as specific needs like shoes for heel spurs, sciatica pain relief, and support for Achilles tendonitis.


  • Excellent arch support
  • Cushioned, removable footbed
  • Lightweight, air-infused outsoles
  • Stretch-fit knit upper
  • Padded counter


  • Not a super modern design

What People Are Saying

One buyer said, “I have issues with plantar fasciitis and this shoe really works for me and is comfortable to wear.”

Another reviewer mentioned that the shoes are “great for a full day of activity, with good support for the soles of my feet.”

Best Teacher Shoes for Comfort—Skechers Men’s Go Walk Max

Product photo of Skechers Men’s Go Walk Max, all black with light gray Skechers "S" on the heel.

Available at:


Skechers Go Walk range has a lot of highly rated online reviews and is available for both men and women, but for this review, we’ve looked at the men’s version only. However, both versions of the Go Walk are known for being super comfortable, thanks to Skechers’ Performance technology.

Performance technology covers every element of the shoe, from the upper to the outsole. For instance, the upper is made from a super lightweight mesh material that fits snugly to your foot. The tongue, collar, and heel are also padded for additional comfort and to prevent rubbing. 

For full support, the insole uses the brand’s Goga Max technology, which provides highly responsive cushioning with every step. The lightweight cushioned midsole adds further comfort and helps absorb impact. 


  • Responsive cushioning
  • Padded tongue, collar, and heel
  • Machine-washable design
  • Goga Max cushioning in the insole
  • Lightweight outsole


  • Not anti-slip outsoles

What People Are Saying

One recent reviewer said of the shoes, “As I stand all day as a teacher, these shoes are perfect for anyone dealing with sore feet; they’re so comfy.”

Another positive review noted the comfort, with the buyer stating, “These Skechers are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.”

Best Teacher Shoes for Wide Feet—HOKA ONE Women’s Clifton 8

Product photo of HOKA ONE Women’s Clifton 8 shoe, white outsole with teal green lining, and blue upper with gray eyelet lining.

Available at:


If you’ve got wide feet, one of the best brands offering both wider sizing and comfort is HOKA. Their HOKA ONE Clifton running sneaker comes in regular, half-size, and wide-fit sizes, making it ideal if you’re after a flawless fit.

They also come in a large range of colors, and the upper is made from a breathable mesh that allows for a roomy toe box. The outsole is the iconic chunky HOKA silhouette. Although the form is chunky, the shoe is very lightweight and aerodynamic.

A midsole made from ultralight foam makes every step you take feel cushioned and soft. You may even feel a slight bounce when walking in it. To keep feet sweat-free, the mesh lining is also fully breathable, allowing air to flow freely around your foot.


  • Large range of color options 
  • Odor-resistant and breathable
  • Available in regular, half-size, and wide-fit sizes
  • Cushioned insole
  • Ultralight foam midsole


  • Somewhat expensive

What People Are Saying

A recent buyer stated that the shoes are “great for wearing all day, especially as I stand on my feet for long periods.” 

Another customer with wider feet mentioned that “these shoes are great, especially as the toe box is wider than my other shoes.” 

Best Teacher Shoes With Arch Support—Vionic Women’s Jacey Supportive Wedges

Product photo of Vionic Women’s Jacey Supportive Wedges, all black with tan interior.

Available at:


Although this shoe is the first on our list to be a low wedge shoe rather than a sneaker or running shoe, we selected it due to the excellent in-built arch support it offers in the midsole area. It’s excellent if you have flat feet or need some support in that area.

Vionic has also developed a deeper heel cup area in the shoe for full stability, to make you feel secure when wearing the wedge. There’s also additional cushioning in the forefoot to boost comfort, making it ideal for long hours spent standing.

The wedge unit is made from rubber, and the outsole has a patterned tread for good grip when walking. Rubber is a great material for traction and helps to absorb shock, too.


  • Available in regular, half-size, and wide-fit sizes
  • Cushioning in the forefoot and insole
  • Good support around the heel-seat area
  • Leather upper, textile upper available, too
  • Excellent arch support 


  • Leather upper can take a while to break in

What People Are Saying

One happy customer found that the shoes “have good arch support and fit like a glove.” 

Another reviewer said, “for me, the toe box is perfect, and the shoes fit well on my high arch.” 

Most Comfortable Teacher Shoes—FitFlop Women’s Uberknit Slip-on Ballet Flat

Product photo of FitFlop Women’s Uberknit Slip-on Ballet Flat, all white outsole and navy blue knit upper.

Available at:


One of the most comfortable teacher shoes comes from FitFlop, who are known for their super-lightweight and ergonomic range of footwear. Their Uberknit Ballet Flat uses the same technology, including the brand’s Anatomicush midsole.

The Anatomicush midsole is designed to contour to your footbed, increasing midsole-to-foot contact for full comfort, while the flexible cushioning acts like a pillow for your foot.

Because the style is slip-on, the upper is made from a soft, stretchy textile that fits around your foot securely. A pull tab at the back lets you get into or out of the shoe easily.


  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Super-lightweight
  • Anatomicush midsole
  • Breathable stretch-fit upper
  • Machine washable


  • Not suitable to wear in colder weather

What People Are Saying

A recent buyer mentioned that the shoes “are easy to put on, comfortable, and attractive.”

Another reviewer said that style-wise, “the shoes are nice-looking and are very comfortable to wear.”

Best Value Teacher Shoes—Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Nova Sneaker

Product photo of Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Nova Sneaker for teachers, white outsole and dark off-white upper.

Available at:


The Nova sneakers from Dr. Scholl’s have a lot of great features for a surprisingly affordable price, making them a definite contender for the best value teacher shoes.

Dr. Scholl’s has a long history in footwear and orthopedic foot care, so they’re a brand that knows how to make a comfortable shoe. The Nova sneaker features an insole with anatomical cushioning for support, a rounded toe, and a padded collar for extra comfort.

The overall look of the shoe is quite smart and sleek, with a thick platform outsole. Although the outsole is a platform and looks heavy, the sneaker is very lightweight and moves flexibly with your foot. So there’s no need to worry about carrying extra weight.


  • Good value price
  • Anatomical cushioning
  • Padded collar
  • Uppers made from recycled materials
  • Lightweight and flexible design


  • Could do with a pull-tab at the back

What People Are Saying

One customer said, “As I’m a teacher, I need to stand all day; these are both stylish and comfortable.” 

Another buyer simply said, “Great price and very comfortable.”

Teacher Shoes for Non-Traditional Classrooms

We’ve focused our selections on traditional classrooms. Therefore, the shoes we’ve recommended were chosen for their comfort and overall support of your feet over long hours on indoor floors such as vinyl, linoleum, and even rubber.

However, we know that teachers often have other school duties or work primarily in non-traditional classrooms. So if you’re not usually in front of a chalkboard or whiteboard all day, don’t worry! Here’s where you’ll find selections of shoes best suited for you on Shoe Guide:

Traction on Indoor/Outdoor Courts

For gym teachers or coaches, we recommend our Shoe Guide article for indoor and outdoor basketball shoes, or our other basketball shoe guides for specific needs such as wide feet or flat feet, all written by experienced basketball players and coaches.

Non-Slip and Comfort

For indoor classrooms where you’re more likely to encounter slippery surfaces (such as science or home economics), try our guides to extra-comfy, non-slip shoes for chefs and kitchen staff or bartenders.

We also have a full breakdown of the best shoes for nurses with Plantar fasciitis as well, with a lot of great non-slip shoes that are also super comfortable and sporty.

Nature and Outdoors

Recent years have seen a rise in non-traditional education programs such as forest kindergarten, while summer camps and outdoor field trips and extra-curricular programs are a long-standing part of many schools’ curriculums.

Teachers who need shoes for long days on rocks, mud, and uneven terrain should check our article on hiking shoes that are comfortable as well as durable and waterproof.


Stock photo of a white woman with short, curly hair in a blouse and blazer, standing in front of a classroom full of children working at their desks.

We hope you found something you like in our guide to the best teacher shoes. However, before making a purchase, it’s worthwhile to think about whether that shoe will fulfill your needs and include all the features you’re looking for. 

For example, do you do more walking duties when at school, perhaps for recess duty or game activities? If yes, maybe go for a style that has a rubber outsole with good grip to prevent slips. Or maybe you’d prefer a shoe with anatomical cushioning for the ultimate support when standing in the classroom? Also, stay aware of what size you need to make sure that your purchase not only looks great but fits well, too.

Whatever you choose, the answers to these preferences can affect which shoe you purchase in the end.  Our guide has a full range listed, so you’re sure to spot something with features that fit your footwear needs!

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