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The Best Shoes for Neuropathy in 2024 – Top Expert Picks

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Do you struggle with neuropathy symptoms, i.e. nerve damage, such as numbness, tingling, and foot pain? If so, you know how important it is to take good care of your feet. One way to do that is by wearing shoes that offer support, cushioning, and protection for neuropathy. In fact, studies have shown that wearing proper footwear can reduce the risk of foot ulcers by up to 70%.

So, if you’re looking for the best shoes for neuropathy, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to discover our top recommendations.

What Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves in the body, causing various uncomfortable symptoms. This condition can be caused by several factors, such as diabetes, chemotherapy, or other underlying medical conditions. 

In this section, we’ll discuss the main causes, warning signs, and the place of origin of neuropathy.


One of the main causes of neuropathy is diabetes. High blood sugar levels can damage the nerves in the body, mainly in the feet and legs. 

Chemotherapy is another common cause of neuropathy, as the drugs used for cancer treatment can damage the nerves. 

Other medical conditions, such as kidney disease, liver disease, and autoimmune disorders, can also cause neuropathy.

Signs and Symptoms

The warning signs of neuropathy include numbness, tingling, burning, or stabbing pain in the affected areas.

In severe cases, it can cause muscle weakness, difficulty walking, and a loss of coordination. It’s vital to consult a doctor right away if you experience any of these symptoms to get an accurate diagnosis.

Place of Origin

It usually starts in the feet and legs, then it can spread to other parts of the body over time. This is because the nerves in the feet and legs are the longest in the body and are more susceptible to damage.


Managing neuropathy symptoms involves wearing appropriate shoes, taking good care of your feet, and working with your doctor to manage any underlying medical conditions.

Best Shoes for Neuropathy 


Best Overall Shoes for Neuropathy – Orthofeet Women’s Kita Hands-Free Shoes

Product photo of Orthofeet Women’s Kita Hands-Free Shoe, all black with white heel.

Available at:

Orthofeet Kita Hands-Free Shoes are a comfortable and practical option for women who suffer from foot and heel pain. The sneakers are made of orthopedic knit fabric and are designed with tie-less laces, allowing for easy wear.

The shoe’s soft and padded interior provides a cloud-like experience for the feet. The anatomic arch support and heel cushioning help reduce pain and discomfort caused by various conditions.

The Orthofeet shoes are designed to benefit more than 20 conditions, including plantar fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis, bunions, Achilles tendonitis, hammer toes, and more. 

Moreover, the shoes come with a premium orthotic insole and arch booster, providing advanced pain relief and arch support.


  • Maximum comfort with a padded interior
  • Excellent arch support and heel cushioning
  • Suitable for various foot conditions
  • Premium orthotic insole and arch booster offer advanced pain relief
  • True to size 
  • Excellent fit 


  • Some might not like how they look 
  • Slightly expensive

What People Are Saying

The Orthofeet shoes were bought by a customer who was attracted to their positive reputation and had personal issues with plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. According to them, “The cushioning in the heel provided comfort, but the shoes proved to be excessively wide for my medium to narrow feet, even after trying additional pads and thick socks.”

Another user reported, “This is the first time I’ve found shoes that keep my feet pain-free even after hours of active work.” 

Honorable Mentions

If you prefer a more traditional sneaker design, these make an excellent choice:

OrthoComfoot Women’s Orthopedic Slip-On Shoes

OrthoComfoot Men’s Plantar Fasciitis Shoes


Best Shoes for Diabetics With Neuropathy – Orthofeet Men’s Lava No-Tie Shoes

Product photo of Orthofeet Men’s Lava No-Tie Shoes, black with gray accents and white and black soles.

Available at:

Orthofeet Men’s Lava No-Tie Shoes are designed to provide exceptional comfort and support. These shoes feature a rubber sole that provides excellent grip and stability, making them a reliable choice for any occasion. 

With unmatched cushioning and arch support, these shoes can alleviate a wide range of foot conditions, including heel pain, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis, bunions, Achilles tendonitis, hammer toes, and more. 

Additionally, the shoes come with a premium orthotic insole and arch booster, offering advanced comfort and pain relief. The wide toe-box and stretchable knitted upper provide a customized fit that contours to the shape of your feet.


  • Excellent arch support and heel cushioning
  • Alleviates various foot conditions
  • Customized fit 
  • Maximum comfort and pain relief
  • Maximum grip and stability
  • True to size


  • May be aesthetically unappealing 
  • Expensive 

What People Are Saying

A customer who acquired multiple pairs of shoes from Orthofeet and discovered them to be a “combination of comfort and style. In my personal experience, these shoes are the top choice for individuals dealing with hammertoes.”

Another customer wrote, “These shoes finally alleviated my neuropathic husband’s foot pain after years of suffering.”

Honorable Mentions

If a more classic shoe style is what you want, then these shoes are the way to go:

ZUMEIJIA Men’s Diabetic Elderly Shoes

Elitechoice Diabetic Shoes


Best Women’s Shoes for Peripheral Neuropathy – Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 3 Walking Shoe

Product photo of Ryka Women's Devotion Plus 3 Walking Shoe, black with blue accent lines and white/pink sole.

Available at:


Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 3 Walking Shoe is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a comfortable, supportive, and stylish walking shoe. This shoe is made of high-quality synthetic materials and features a breathable mesh upper with seamless and supportive synthetic overlays. 

The lace-up closure ensures a snug fit, while the Lycra-lined tongue and comfort collar provide extra cushioning. 

The anatomical Precise-Return footbed offers superior comfort and support, and the lightweight molded EVA midsole with a full-length RE-ZORB platform provides excellent shock absorption and cushioning. 

With its rubber sole and low-top shaft measuring approximately from the arch, this shoe is designed to provide maximum support and comfort for walking.


  • Excellent ventilation and support
  • Secure fit
  • Superior comfort
  • Excellent shock absorption and cushioning
  • Excellent traction 


  • Not suitable for people with wide feet

What People Are Saying

One customer expressed great satisfaction with these shoes. “Having endured foot pain for over a year, I’m very happy that it has finally been relieved with these shoes.”

A user also reported that these sneakers, which they recently purchased, “have become my favorite as they are remarkably comfortable. They possess a nice wide base and fit true to size.” 

Honorable Mentions

These shoes will be a great option if you prefer a conventional shoe look:

Orthofeet Women’s Orthopedic No-Tie Sneaker

XPACS Women’s Walking Shoes


Best Tennis Shoes for Neuropathy – Pujcs Womens Breathable Tennis Shoes

Product photo of Pujcs Womens Breathable Tennis Shoes, solid gray.

Available at:


Pujcs Womens Breathable Tennis Shoes are a great option for those who prioritize comfort, support, and style. They’re lightweight, breathable, and designed to keep feet cool and dry. The upper is durable and stretchy, ensuring a perfect fit, while the smooth fabric provides freedom of movement and a comfortable feel. 

The rubber sole features a non-slip patch, improving the shoe’s grip and wear resistance. The elastic EVA material minimizes shock and impact, and the elastic memory insole reduces heel vibration while promoting energy circulation. 

These shoes are easy to slip on and off, and the soft inner lining helps prevent foot friction and ankle injury. They’re versatile enough to wear for various activities, from casual walks to workouts and sports.


  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • Maximum comfort and ventilation
  • Snug fit
  • Excellent grip and wear resistance
  • Shock and impact absorption 
  • Reduced heel vibration 
  • Easy-to-wear slip-on design 


  • Lacks sufficient arch support.
  • Not true to size 

What People Are Saying

A wearer reported that this shoe “is a great option for those who struggle with foot pain and need a comfortable option that allows them to be on their feet for extended periods.”

In the opinion of another satisfied customer, this purchase stands out as “the best I have made so far. These sneakers offer exceptional comfort and I love their bouncy soles.”

Honorable Mentions

Try these New Balance Shoes if the aforementioned doesn’t fit the bill:

New Balance Women’s 411 V1 Training Shoe

New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe


Best Running Shoes for Neuropathy – New Balance Men’s 481 V3 Trail Running Shoe

Product photo of New Balance Men's 481 V3 Trail Running Shoe, solid gray with mesh cutouts and orange "N" on tie side.

Available at:


New Balance Men’s 481 V3 Trail Running Shoe is a premium shoe with exceptional comfort, support, and durability. Its Cush+ midsole cushioning system delivers superior softness throughout the day without compromising on support. 

The shoe features durable leather and a mesh upper that offers breathability and longevity. Its Comfort Collar effectively hugs the ankle for a better fit while preventing irritation.

Additionally, an NB Ultra Soft Comfort Insert adds to the shoe’s overall comfort and support, and its all-terrain rubber outsole provides excellent traction for different terrain types.


  • All-day comfort with excellent support
  • Breathable and durable
  • Superior fit
  • Excellent traction 
  • Stylish design


  • Runs small

What People Are Saying

A customer commented, ”This shoe is excellent overall and provides me with incredible comfort.”

Another one reported that the New Balance shoes are “extremely stylish and they’re the only shoes that have lasted me for this long.”

Honorable Mentions

Here are two similar shoes with different designs:

Brooks Men’s Beast ’20 Supportive Running Shoe

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes


Best Walking Shoes for Neuropathy – YURUMA Men’s Wide Walking Shoes

Product photo of YURUMA Men’s Wide Walking Shoe, solid black with tie-less strap.

Available at:


YURUMA Men’s Wide Walking Shoes are a great choice for individuals dealing with foot edema, diabetes, neuropathy, or foot pain. These shoes feature a hook and loop closure that can be adjusted for a comfortable and customized fit, making them ideal for those with tired and swollen feet. 

You can choose from two types of shoes with either a synthetic leather upper or a mesh upper, both of which are breathable and help keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the year.

These shoes have a lightweight MD sole made from a combination of rubber and EVA that can provide excellent stability and reduce foot pressure, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Hook and loop closure for a customized fit
  • Breathable upper 
  • Lightweight sole reduces foot pressure
  • Excellent stability and
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy maintenance with machine-washable material


  • Lacks strong arch support
  • Limited color options

What People Are Saying

A customer purchased these shoes specifically for their 95-year-old father, who has diabetes and experiences swollen feet. “He finds the shoes convenient to slip on, with an adjustable Velcro top that accommodates the swelling. Overall, I’m very pleased with the purchase and intend to buy another pair in the future.”

Another customer shared that they wear the shoes daily as they’re easy to wear and take off. However, they said they “don’t like the velcro straps as they attract too much pet hair.”

Honorable Mentions

Try these out if the YURUMA shoes aren’t for you:

Propet Women’s Tour Walker Walking Shoes 

New Balance Women’s 847 V4 Walking Shoe


Best Shoes for Support and Cushioning – OrthoComfoot Women’s Canvas Slip-On Shoes

Product photo of OrthoComfoot Women’s Canvas Slip-On Shoe, black slip-on with no laces, and white sole.

Available at:


OrthoComfoot Women’s Slip On Shoes are an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality and versatile footwear that offers exceptional support and comfort for their feet.

These shoes feature a canvas upper and an EVA+RUBBER outsole, and they come with an extra pair of lower support insoles for added comfort. 

The premium orthotic insole offers strong arch support made of hard TPU and a cushioning layer with a PU memory foam base, providing enhanced comfort and pain relief for your feet. 

The latex metatarsal pad support also helps relieve foot pressure and fatigue, while the massaging gel waves absorb shock and provide cushioning for all-day comfort. The shoes are easy to slip on and can be worn as loafers or slippers for instant comfort.


  • Exceptional comfort and pain relief
  • Arch support relieves foot pressure and fatigue
  • Excellent shock absorption and cushioning
  • Easy slip-on design 
  • Great traction and stability 
  • Lower support insoles for added comfort and customization


  • Limited color options are available
  • Long break-in time

What People Are Saying

A customer who had been grappling with plantar fasciitis for several years shared their review:  “I’ve tried various shoe brands and types, but unfortunately, none have proven beneficial in addressing my condition except the Orthocomfort Slip On Shoes.”

Another user loved the fit of the shoe and said, “I’m absolutely ordering several more pairs. I’ve never found a shoe with as much support as these Orthocomfort ones.”

Honorable Mentions

Here are two more options with different styles:

Dansko Women’s Pace Walking Shoes 

Joomra Whitin Men’s Supportive Running Shoes


Best Heels for Women With Neuropathy – LifeStride Women’s Charlotte High Heel Sandals

Product photo of LifeStride Women's Charlotte High Heel Sandal, black with tan inner sole, and black criss-cross black straps, open-toe.

Available at:


LifeStride Women’s Charlotte High Heel Sandals are a fashionable option for those who want to stand out with their shoes. Made from synthetic materials with a manmade sole, the sandals have criss-cross straps that stretch for easy on and off. 

The fabric uppers and linings ensure a comfortable fit, and the cushioned footbed features Soft System comfort elements for added comfort. 

The 3¼ inch heel adds a touch of sophistication, making these sandals perfect for dressy occasions or a night out.


  • Easy to wear
  • Cushioned footbed 
  • Excellent comfort
  • Trendy


  • Not for individuals with wide feet

What People Are Saying

One customer said, “I’m so happy to have found shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.”

Another customer also reported that they’ve never found a dress shoe that has been this comfortable. “Even after wearing these high-heeled sandals for 5+ hours, I didn’t  experience any foot pain or blisters.”

Honorable Mentions

For a closed-toe option or a different open-toe style, try these:

Orthofeet Women’s Emma Boots

LONDON FOG Women’s Nikki Block Heels


Best for Wide Feet With Neuropathy – FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes

Product photo of FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoe, solid black with white and dark gray sole and mesh cutouts.

Available at:


FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes are designed to provide exceptional comfort and support for individuals with wider feet and various foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bunions, and hammertoes. 

Made with a combination of suede and mesh fabric, these shoes come with a slip-resistant rubber sole, promoting safety and motion stability. 

The design includes a wide toe box and high-instep feature that offers extended room for unrestricted movement of toes, decreasing pressure and friction while maintaining proper alignment. 

Additionally, the shock-absorption pads and the solid heel ring provide heel and knee pain relief.


  • Wide toe box and high instep design 
  • Excellent support and cushioning
  • Keeps feet dry and comfortable
  • Strong grip and motion stability
  • Excellent shock-absorption 
  • Provides heel and knee pain relief
  • Extra toe room reduces friction 


  • Unsuitable for individuals with narrow feet
  • Limited color options are available

What People Are Saying

A 71-year-old customer said, “I have no qualms about the color choice and have been wearing these shoes on my daily walks, covering distances of 2-3 miles on most days.”

Another customer, who conducted extensive research before purchasing these sneakers, said that “upon breaking in the sneakers, I observed two significant features. Firstly, the heel cup and support provide excellent stability and comfort. Secondly, the sneakers’ soles are ideal for all-day walking activities.” 

Honorable Mentions

If you think the shoes above aren’t for you, try these:

DENACARE Men’s Wide-Width Shoes

OrthoComfoot Men’s Slip-On Shoes


Health Considerations for Finding Your Ideal Shoes

If you’re suffering from neuropathy, you need to look for shoes that can provide cushioning, support, and arch support to help alleviate your symptoms. However, there are other health considerations to consider as well.

If you have existing foot conditions such as flat feet, bunions, or plantar fasciitis, you may also require shoes designed to accommodate these conditions. For example, shoes with a broader toe box can help alleviate bunions, while shoes with good arch support can help reduce pain from plantar fasciitis.

Another factor to consider is your lifestyle. If you lead an active lifestyle or enjoy outdoor activities, you may need more durable shoes that can withstand wear and tear. 

Falling can be another concern, since feeling the ground properly is challenging. Look for shoes with a non-slip sole and excellent grip to help prevent falls and improve stability.

Selecting shoes that provide the right support and accommodate your specific foot condition can help enhance your overall foot health and prevent further complications.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Neuropathy

Here are 6 features to look for:


Look for shoes with sturdy soles and supportive insoles to evenly distribute your weight across the foot, lowering nerve pressure and enhancing stability. High-ankle or back-support shoes improve balance and prevent falls.

Shoes with extra cushioning can also be beneficial, absorbing shocks and reducing the impact of walking, which is especially helpful for individuals who experience pain while walking.


Shoes that have ample cushioning in the sole and insole will absorb shock and reduce impact when walking. The right level of cushioning can vary depending on the individual’s needs and preferences. For instance, those with severe neuropathy may require shoes with more cushioning than those with mild symptoms.

Consider buying shoes with removable insoles so that custom orthotics can be inserted if necessary.

Arch Support

The arch is part of the foot that helps to support the body’s weight and absorb shock when walking or running. When someone has neuropathy, their arch may weaken, leading to discomfort and pain in the feet and legs.

Therefore, look for shoes with a contoured insole that conforms to the shape of your foot and supports the arch. This can help to distribute your weight more evenly and reduce pressure on the nerves. 

You should also prioritize shoes with a firm sole and stable heel, improving your balance and preventing falls.


Choosing shoes with an insole that offers good arch support is important. Arch support helps distribute your weight evenly across your foot, reducing pressure on the nerves and providing a more stable walking experience.

Insoles made from materials like memory foam or gel can mold to the shape of your foot and provide added cushioning. Removable insoles allow you to customize the level of support and cushioning your shoes provide. 

In some cases, you may also benefit from orthotic insoles. These are custom-made insoles that are designed to fit the unique shape of your foot and provide additional support and cushioning.

Extra Depth

Extra-depth shoes have more room inside the shoe. This means they can accommodate the use of custom insoles or orthotics without sacrificing comfort. These inserts can help to redistribute pressure on the foot and provide additional cushioning to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Moreover, shoes with extra depth can help prevent irritation and rubbing on sensitive areas of the foot, which can lead to blisters or calluses. 

Variable Width

People with neuropathy may have swollen feet or experience discomfort when wearing tight shoes. In this case, shoes with variable-width options can be a great choice.

Variable-width shoes allow for more room and flexibility in the toe box and midfoot area. This allows for a comfortable fit without sacrificing support or stability. Many shoe brands offer various width options, including New Balance, Orthofeet, and Propet.

When trying on variable-width shoes, it’s essential to ensure that the shoe fits snugly in the heel area. The shoe should also provide ample support in the midfoot area to prevent any slipping or sliding.

Closeup of person's feet, wearing open-toe heels, pulling one shoe off by the heel.


What are the best shoes for neuropathy?

The best shoes for neuropathy are those specifically designed to provide superior comfort and support to individuals with this condition. Look for shoes with ample cushioning to absorb shock and reduce pressure on sensitive areas. Opt for footwear with a wide toe box to accommodate any swelling or deformities.

Shoes with a lightweight and flexible construction can enhance mobility while minimizing discomfort. Consider shoes with a removable insole, allowing you to customize the fit and accommodate orthotic inserts if necessary. Lastly, prioritize shoes with a secure and adjustable closure system to ensure a proper fit and prevent friction-related issues.

Are there specific shoe brands recommended for neuropathy?

While several shoe brands offer models suitable for neuropathy, focus on specific features rather than just the brand.

However, some well-known footwear brands that often prioritize comfort and support include New Balance, Brooks, ASICS, and Hoka One One (HOKA). These brands typically offer a range of options with features such as extra cushioning, wide toe boxes, and supportive designs.

Remember to try on various brands and styles to find the shoe that best suits your individual needs and provides optimal comfort for your neuropathy symptoms.

Should I choose shoes with a specific type of sole for neuropathy?

The sole plays a crucial role in providing adequate support and cushioning. Look for shoes with a shock-absorbing sole, as it can help reduce pressure on sensitive nerves and alleviate discomfort.

Soles made from materials like EVA or memory foam are often effective in cushioning and shock absorption.

Consider shoes with a non-slip or anti-skid sole to prevent slips and falls, as individuals with neuropathy may have reduced sensation in their feet. Prioritize shoes that balance cushioning and stability to promote comfort and mobility.

In Summary

Choosing the right shoes for your foot health can significantly affect your overall comfort and mobility. Regarding neuropathy, looking for shoes that provide support, cushioning, arch support, and extra depth is essential. Additionally, shoes with non-slip soles and a good grip can help prevent falls.

The ideal shoes for your foot health depend on your individual needs and lifestyle. Remember, it’s always a good idea to consult with a podiatrist or healthcare provider to discuss any specific concerns or recommendations. Take the time to consider what you need from your shoes and look for ones that provide the right support and comfort

With the right shoes, you can reduce the risk of complications and improve your overall foot health.

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