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All the Best Shoes for Heel Spurs We’ve Tried in 2024

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Heel spurs can be painful and significantly alter your daily movement, so choosing the best shoes to support your feet is extremely important. Not only will it help with the pain, but it’ll also allow you to carry out all your daily activities and hobbies uninterrupted. Whether you’re seeking relief, comfort, or support, this comprehensive list has something for everyone. 

So, what are heel spurs? A heel spur is a bony outgrowth that develops at the base of your heel. This occurs when the plantar fascia meets your heel bone and is your body’s response to stress or inflammation within the foot. Many people confuse Plantar fasciitis with heel spurs; although the conditions are related, they differ. Plantar fasciitis occurs due to overuse and excessive stress on your plantar fascia, which results in its tearing. It normally presents as a severe stabbing pain in the heel that’s improved upon mild walking. If this sounds like you, we have a great write-up of the best shoes for Plantar fasciitis.

When this condition is left untreated, the constant stress and inflammation form a bony outgrowth, i.e., heel spurs.

What to Know About Heel Spurs and Your Shoes

Here are some common questions you may have regarding heel spurs:

1. Can Wearing Certain Types of Shoes Aggravate Heel Spurs?

If you’re wearing an ill-fitted shoe that is either too loose or too tight or worn out, it won’t provide proper arch support, leading to foot problems. Plus, shoes such as heels and fancy flats lack the level of cushioning and heel and arch support your foot requires; therefore, they can aggravate heel spurs.

2. Can Specific Exercises or Stretches Help With Heel Spurs?

Regular stretches such as plantar fascia, heel raises, ankle inversions, and wall calf stretches can help combat the issue and minimize heel spur pain. Heel spurs aren’t reversible without surgery, so these exercises won’t treat the condition, but they undoubtedly help treat its related symptoms.

How Do You Choose The Best Shoes For Heel Spurs?

When choosing a shoe, here are some factors we recommend keeping in mind if you suffer from heel spurs:

  • Cushioning: Shoes with ample cushioning are vital to absorb shock and reduce the impact on the heel spur. A memory foam sole is one of the top choices.
  • Removable Insoles: You can turn any regular shoe into an orthopedic shoe. Simply replace the shoe’s insole with your orthopedic insole and get comfortable without compromising style. 
  • Good Width: Patients suffering from heel spurs usually have recurrent foot inflammation, so ensure your shoe is wide enough to accommodate the inflammation. 
  • Heel Counter: Since the issue lies in your heel, a firm and well-structured heel counter can greatly help provide additional support to the area. 
  • Budget: Lastly, the shoe must fit your budget. Orthopedic shoes can be comparatively more costly, but multiple budget-friendly options are also available. 

The Overall Best Shoes for Relief and Support of Heel Spurs


Best Shoes for Heel Spurs and Specific Needs


Best Shoes for Heel Spur Relief— New Balance Unisex Made in USA 990v4

Product photo of New Balance Unisex Made in USA 990v4 sneaker, all blak with cutouts and white outsole, with white New Balance "N" logo on the side.

Available at:


New Balance 990 Made in the USA shoes have been a fan favorite since the ’90s, and it’s easy to see why. The shoe is the perfect amalgamation of class, style, comfort, and versatility. 

It comes in multiple width options and has a double midsole, providing unmatched comfort, which is necessary for patients with heel spurs. 

New Balance added the ENCAP midsole to their 990s, making it durable and versatile. This shoe will easily become your go-to option whether you’re out for a jog, a walk, or running your daily errands. 


  • Unisex 
  • Multiple size and width options are available
  • Dual-density midsole for added comfort
  • ENCAP midsole for optimal performance 
  • Pigskin and mesh combination for breathability


  • Comparatively more expensive
  • Insoles are not very durable

What People Are Saying

A happy customer commented, “I used these till the insoles came out; the outside still looks new, so I’ve added a new aftermarket insole, and it’s still going strong.”

Another user wrote, “The incomparable cushioning and excellent support makes these beauties excellent running shoes. They are also great shoes for power walking or simply everyday walking.”

Best Shoes for Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis— OrthoFeet Women’s Coral Stretch Knit

Product photo of Best Shoes for Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis— OrthoFeet Women’s Coral Stretch Knit sneaker, light teal knit body with white outsole and lime-green laces and interior.

Available at:


OrthoFeet has some of the best shoes for people with orthopedic issues, and their Coral Stretch Knit is specifically designed for people suffering from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. 

They have anatomical arch support, which allows your foot to rest comfortably within the shoes, and the curves of the heels are designed to absorb shock while walking, relieving pressure from the area. This is particularly important to minimize inflammation in plantar fasciitis. 

The shoe is extremely stretchable and has a wide toe box, making it follow the exact movement of your foot. 

OrthoFeet aims to deliver comfort without compromising on style, so not only is this shoe podiatrist-approved, but it’s also trendy and classic. 


  • Customizable fit 
  • Premium orthotic insoles for optimal arch support
  • Dual inserts
  • Stretchable knit upper
  • Rubber outsole for better grip and stability


  • Extra inserts may alter the shoe’s fit
  • Limited color options

What People Are Saying

A satisfied customer commented, “I love these shoes; they are worth every dollar spent. Finally, I get to walk without restrictions, which I love.”

Another customer reported, “Try these if you have wide feet, high arches, or sore heels. My feet have stopped hurting after just a day in these.”

Best Running Shoes for Heel Spurs— ASICS Gel Venture-9

Product photo of ASICS Gel Venture-9 sneaker, blue and black body with purple ASICS logo on the side and white outsole.

Available at:


There are multiple running shoes on the market, but if you’re suffering from heel spurs, one of your best options is the ASICS Gel Venture-9. They’re form-fitting, extremely comfortable, and move smoothly with the movement of your foot. 

Running can be extremely painful for people suffering from heel spurs, but the Gel technology within these shoes helps absorb shock with each stride, thus minimizing the pressure on your heel and making this one of the best ASICS shoes for heel spurs in the market.

You can also read our full write-up of running shoes for plantar fasciitis for more suggestions of shoes with the cushioning you need for your feet.


  • Available in different width options
  • Waterproof option available
  • Budget-friendly
  • Form-fitting
  • Rearfoot Gel technology for impact absorption


  • Not very durable
  • It may be too firm for some people

What People Are Saying

A pleased user wrote, “These shoes have great soles for walking or running on rough terrain. The insoles are durable and quite comfortable, and I’ve already ordered another pair”.

Another customer commented, “These are extremely comfortable and true to size and feel more durable than the last pair of Asics I purchased. Super happy with this buy.”

Best Tennis Shoes for Heel Spurs— ASICS Gel Resolution-9

Product photo of ASICS Gel Resolution-9 sneaker, white with dark teal ASICS logo on the side and yellow wavy strip along the side and heel, and white and teal outsole.

Available at:


ASICS Gel Resolution shoes are the best tennis shoes for heel spurs and other orthopedic concerns. The enhanced arch support and the snug fit hold your foot perfectly in place while you move across the court. 

The PGUARD and AHARPLUS outsole rubber make this shoe extremely durable. The DYNAWRAP technology improves stability, allowing you to maintain your balance as you swing your racket. 

Moreover, ASICS added Gel technology to the rearfoot and forefoot regions, allowing it to absorb shock throughout the foot and providing unmatched comfort. 


  • PGUARD technology for better durability
  • Enhanced stability
  • Different width options are available
  • DYNAFIT upper for better flexibility
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel technology for all-around impact absorption


  • Eyelets aren’t very durable
  • Too narrow for some feet

What People Are Saying

A pleased customer wrote, “I use these for tennis, and overall, I am very pleased. Due to previous surgery, I have a wide foot, so I ordered the E width, and my foot fits fine. They are quite comfortable.”

Best Walking Shoes for Heel Spurs— Hoka One One Bondi 7

Product photo of Hoka One One Bondi 7 sneaker, black with white HOKA text on the side and white outsole.

Available at:


The Hoka One One Bondi shoe range offers some of the best walking shoes for heel spurs. It has a rare crash pad and a meta-rocker design formulated to mimic the natural stride of your foot and minimize strain on the heel. 

The thick cushioning, especially in the heel area, provides added comfort and keeps your heel spurs guarded. The upper mesh makes this shoe particularly breathable, keeping your feet dry all day. The multiple color, pattern, and width options mean you’re spoilt for choice in style. 


  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Extra cushioning at the heel
  • Multiple color options are available
  • Ortholite hybrid sock liner
  • Great stability


  • The toe bed may be too wide for some
  • A little heavy 

What People Are Saying

A satisfied user commented, “Extremely comfortable!! I walked around in a store all day with no hurting feet or back, super happy!”

Best Work Shoes for Heel Spurs— Dansko Professional Clogs

Product photo of Dansko Professional Clog, solid brown leather.

Available at:


If you’re looking for a comfortable set of stylish, professional, and extremely comfortable shoes, then the Dansko Professional clogs are your go-to option. Not only is the shoe cushiony soft, but they come in over 30 different color options, so you can even buy a pair to match each outfit. 

The contoured PU midsole offers great arch support, allowing your foot to rest peacefully throughout the day, and the stable inframe gives you balance, even when you’re running to meet deadlines. 

On top of this, the chic and premium leather provides the finishing touches, making this shoe one of the best work shoes for heel spurs. 


  • Thirty color options
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Contoured PU midsole for arch support
  • Protective heel counter for free and safe heel movement
  • Enhanced stability


  • Not suitable for running or sports
  • Not true to size

What People Are Saying

A pleased user stated, “Walk all day in these with a lot of comfort. They look good with pants, skirts, and even dresses.”

Another customer wrote, “Comfortable right out of the box. I wear them daily for work and get compliments on the fun snake print.”

Best Orthopedic Shoes for Heel Spurs— OrthoFeet Men’s Sorrento

Product photo of OrthoFeet Men’s Sorrento shoe, brown with black accents on toe and heel, and mesh cutouts.

Available at:


OrthoFeet’s Sorrento is a great shoe to tackle heel spurs and greatly helps with multiple other orthopedic concerns, including hip and knee pains. 

The orthotic soles help cushion and ease multiple foot and joint pains. The elevated arch supports mimic the natural contours of your foot, providing a sock-like fit. They’re versatile and help you get through hours of walking or standing without triggering pain.

Because untreated heel spurs can lead to a nerve condition called neuropathy, it’s also worth checking out shoes specifically meant to protect your feet from additional stress. We have a full writeup of the best shoes for neuropathy available, so be sure to check it out for some variety in comfortable footwear.


  • Anatomical arch support
  • Rubber outsole for better grip and stability
  • Tackle multiple orthopedic concerns


  • Bulky design 

What People Are Saying

A satisfied user wrote, “Walking on a concrete floor for twelve hours daily had my feet in a lot of pain, and I’d be limping. These shoes have truly saved my job and eliminated my pain.”

Best Basketball Shoes for Heel Spurs— Adidas Men’s Harden Vol 6

Product photo of Adidas Men’s Harden Vol 6 basketball shoe, black with white asymmetrical blob shapes along the sides and toe.

Available at:


James Harden teamed up with Adidas to release these basketball shoes that will surely turn heads and are extremely comfortable, making them one of the best basketball shoes for heel spurs.  

They’re particularly flexible and offer good covering at the heel region, keeping your heel spur pains at bay. Additionally, the rubber outsole also provides great grip, reducing the risk of injuries, and the boost midsole is also great for other orthopedic concerns. 

Finally, the breathable mesh upper keeps your feet sweat-free as you dash across the court.

When looking for basketball shoes with cushioning, kicks recommended for outdoor courts are your best bet. When selecting your shoes, try them on to see how they feel on your feet, and check if the insoles can be switched out for orthopedics that will add even more cushioning.


  • Multiple color options 
  • Unisex shoe
  • Boost midsole 


  • Not very durable

What People Are Saying

A basketballer wrote, “These shoes feel great on the court, offering flexibility and grip. Not only are they functional, but they look fantastic. I particularly liked the overall quality and design.”

Best Golf Shoes for Heel Spurs— Cole Haan Zerogrand Overtake Golf Shoe

Product photo of Cole Haan Zerogrand Overtake Golf Shoe, deep blue with off-white outsole and dark beige  strip with white text "Cole Haan" up the side.

Available at:


Cole Haan takes fashion and functionality to a new level with their Zerogrand Overtake golf shoe. At first glance, this shoe will catch your attention with its unique cuts and design. 

Golfers have to walk a lot, so playing golf can be a painful task if you suffer from heel spurs. However, these Zerogrands deliver extraordinary comfort, especially around the rearfoot region. Additionally, the outsole has a flexible and ergonomically designed tread pattern that ensures great traction with each swing. 

The Overtake is water-resistant and breathable, keeping your feet dry and sweat-free all day.


  • Supportive yet lightweight construction
  • Water-resistant 
  • Extra traction


  • Occasionally makes a squeaking noise

What People Are Saying

A satisfied golfer wrote, “I walk 18 holes 2 or 3 days a week. These are the best golf shoes I have worn on the course.”

Best Shoes for High Arches— New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13

Product photo of New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13 sneaker, deep blue with silver New Balance "N" on the side, with white outsole.

Available at:


New Balance’s 880 v13 shoe perfectly blends style and function. It got the APMA approval seal and is particularly helpful for people with higher arches. 

The shoe is lightweight and comes in multiple width options, so whether you have narrow or even extra wide feet, this shoe will fit you perfectly. 

The shoe offers a good bounce and absorbs shock with each stride. It’s also worth noting that even though there is ample cushioning, you still have space to add additional orthotic soles, which is particularly helpful for some patients.


  • Ndurance rubber outsole for durability 
  • APMA-approved 
  • Extra cushioning
  • Sleek fit and design


  • Not waterproof 

What People Are Saying

A content user wrote, “Excellent trainers for daily wear. I ran long-distance and tempo runs in these and felt comfortable in both.”

Best Shoes for Wide Feet— Vionic Women’s Tokyo Sneaker

Product photo of Vionic Women’s Tokyo Sneaker, off-white beige with mesh cutouts and white outsole.

Available at:


The Vionic Tokyo sneakers have a particularly spacious toe box, making them one of the widest shoes on the market and perfect for wide-footed people suffering from heel spurs. 

The three-zone comfort gives your foot unmatched cushioning and supports the natural contours of your feet, which translates to hours of comfortable walking and jogging. These shoes are versatile and can work as athletic sneakers or for daily errands. 


  • Three-zone foot comfort
  • Wide toe box
  • Podiatrist approved 


  • It may be too wide for some 

What People Are Saying

A happy user wrote, “Amazing comfort, great arch support, lightweight, and extremely comfy, too! It’s the only sneaker I’ll buy.”

Best Shoes for Bunions and Heel Spurs— Skechers Men’s Slip-ins: Go Walk Arch Fit – Simplicity

Stock photo of Skechers Men’s Slip-ins: Go Walk Arch Fit - Simplicity shoe, black with embossed Skechers "S" on the side.

Available at:


Bunions can be annoying and painful, and finding the right shoe can be quite the task if you suffer from both bunions and heel spurs. Luckily, the Skechers Go Walk helps you kill two (painful) birds with one stone. 

The cottony soft top and the wide toe box mean that your bunion gets ample space and won’t constantly brush against the shoe, causing discomfort. The easy slip-in design also adds to the shoe’s functionality, removing the hassle of tying laces.

Plus, the extra arch support and the extra cushioning in the heel, combined with the podiatrist-approved insoles, mean that your heel spur pains will remain at bay. 


  • Soft and spacious toe box
  • Versatile
  • Great functionality 


  • Limited color options

What People Are Saying

A happy customer commented, “Very lightweight and easy to slip your feet in. Extremely comfortable for this big man.”

Wrapping it Up

Dealing with heel spurs can be a real pain. But the good news is that finding the right pair of shoes can be a game-changer for your comfort and mobility! Comment below which shoe has helped you the most with your heel spurs. 

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