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The Best Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis for Men and Women in 2024

Your Achilles tendon connects your heel to the back of your leg, and its inflammation can cause Achilles tendonitis. This results in tenderness and swelling at the back of the foot. The best way to ease your pain is by wearing quality shoes for Achilles Tendonitis.

In younger people, Achilles tendon overuse due to excessive walking, running, or jogging is the common cause. However, any sport that involves jumping—such as gymnastics, tennis, squash, or dancing—can put excess stress on your Achilles tendon and lead to Achilles tendonitis.

Wearing the right footwear is crucial to minimize this pain and aid in the healing process. For recovery, your foot must stay in a neutral position with the right amount of cushioning and arch support—and the right shoe will provide you with all this. 

In this article, we’ve rounded up the top 7 best shoes for Achilles tendonitis for men and women. So whether you’re looking for a simple walking or running shoe or a more specific work shoe, we’ve got you covered. 

Stock photo of a person walking up stone steps wearing black sneakers.

What To Consider When Choosing Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

Here are some features that you must keep under consideration when choosing the right shoes for Achilles tendonitis:

  • Arch Support: Good arch support helps keep your foot in a neutral position, vital to aid the recovery process of Achilles tendonitis.
  • Heel Counter: A heel counter is crucial for proper foot stability and support. Check if your shoe has a firm heel counter by pushing the back of the shoe inward. If it folds easily, it does not have a sturdy heel counter and will not help your condition. 
  • Cushioning: Proper cushioning helps to minimize the impact of walking and running and will help to reduce the pain.
  • Midfoot Stability: A solid midfoot structure is also important to stabilize your foot and prevent further injury. Check for midfoot stability by twisting your shoe. If it bends easily, it’s not the shoe for you. 

Top 7 Best Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis for Men and Women


Best Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis— MBT Z-3000-2

Product photo of MBT Z-3000-2 sneaker, black with gray/white outsole and gray "x" on the side.

Available at:

MBT is incorporating some of the latest and most unique technologies into their designs, formulating shoes that are not only stylish but also extremely comfortable. The Rocker Bottom technology matches the exact movement of your foot without placing excessive stress on your Achilles tendon, making it particularly beneficial for tendonitis patients. 

The shoe is also APMA-certified and comes with a removable orthotic insole. This insole adds extra padding and helps in shock absorption, thus minimizing the impact on the foot. However, if you find these insoles insufficient, you can always replace them with your own custom orthotic insoles. 

These shoes are made from high-abrasion rubber and durable upper mesh, making them extremely long-lasting and improving breathability. The toe box is also fairly deeper than other shoes, which further helps to draw the pressure away from your Achilles towards your toes, minimizing pain and tension. 


  • Rocker bottom for extra muscle activation and venous activity
  • PU insole for added shock absorption
  • APMA-certified shoe
  • Good arch support
  • High abrasion rubber outsole for maximum durability


  • Bulky shoe
  • It takes time to adjust to the rocker bottom 

What People Are Saying

A content customer wrote, “I like the style, and MBTs are so comfortable to walk in all day because of their unique design, which decreases the stress and pressure on your feet. I would buy another pair.”

Another user mentioned, “I have orthotics with a steel shank that weren’t helpful enough in other shoes, but with MBT, I can walk without screaming in pain with every step.”

Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis— OrthoFeet Men’s Gramercy

Product photo of OrthoFeet Men’s Gramercy orthopedic shoe, all black.

Available at:


OrthoFeet’s Gramercy meets the perfect balance of fashion and functionality. Whether you’re going for a dinner date, an office meeting, or a cocktail party, these shoes will keep your feet tucked away comfortably. 

Although the shoe has a leather exterior, the inside is lined with a soft fabric that’s easy on inflammation and pain. 

OrthoFeet’s premium orthotic insoles with arch support help hug the curves of your foot, providing unmatched comfort with each step. The company also introduced a mild rocker to the shoe to maximize stability and add a little spring to your steps. 

The shoe has a wide toe box, making it perfect for people with wider feet or those suffering from bunions and other inflammatory disorders of the foot. 


  • 100% leather
  • Orthotic insole and arch booster
  • Great for 20+ foot conditions
  • Wide toe box
  • Soft fabric interior with padding


  • Occasionally makes a squeaking noise while walking
  • Need regular polishing 

What People Are Saying

A happy customer wrote, “My feet used to be very sore from previous orthopedic shoes, but the Gramercy took the pressure and pain away quickly. This shoe strikes the right balance of stability and weight.”

Best Women’s Dress Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis— SoftWalk Women’s Sonoma Ballet Flat

Product photo of SoftWalk Women’s Sonoma Ballet Flat shoe, tan.

Available at:


These SoftWalk Sonoma ballet flats are the perfect dress shoes for a long day at the office, client meetings, or an evening out for drinks. They’re comfortable and stylish, and come in over 20 different color and print options to match with any outfit. 

The footbed is cushioned with great arch support, which minimizes pressure on the foot. 

Unlike sneakers or joggers, ballet flats can be quite slippery, but luckily, that’s not the case with this pair. These shoes also have a special textured slip-resistant rubber sole that keeps you sturdy all day, making them one of the best women’s dress shoes for Achilles tendonitis.


  • Variety of color and print options
  • Multiple width options available (narrow, normal, wide, and wide wide)
  • Microfiber upper lining
  • Removable footbed
  • Slip-resistant, textured rubber sole


  • Sizing runs small
  • Not ideal for bunions and other toe conditions

What People Are Saying

A satisfied user wrote, “I have wide feet and recurrent plantar fasciitis. My foot often swells up as an overweight older woman, but these shoes make me want to go dancing. I’ve already ordered my second pair.”

Best Work Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis— Hoka One One Bondi SR

Product photo of Hoka One One Bondi SR white sneaker with thick outsole.

Available at:


You can’t talk about comfort and not mention the Hoka Bondi series. The Bondi SR is designed for workers who must be on their feet all day. 

Not only is this shoe extremely stylish, but its comfort level is also unmatched. The meta rocker design resembles roller blades, propelling your feet forward with minimal effort.

Another standout feature is the heel-to-toe drop, which significantly helps divert pressure away from your Achilles tendonitis heel pain. The shoe also has great arch support and a slip-resistant rubber sole, which is particularly important when you’ve got to remain up and running on your job all day.

Combine all these features with the premium quality, water-resistant leather top, and this makes the Bondi SR the best Hoka shoe for Achilles tendonitis. 


  • Premium leather finish
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant 
  • Meta rocker design
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole


  • Bulky shoe
  • Expensive 

What People Are Saying

A satisfied customer wrote, “I bought the Bondi SR since this is the plush model they offer, and I no longer have foot pain. I can walk long distances again. Literally, the only shoe I can wear.”

Another user commented, “I bought these shoes for my husband, who works in a hotel kitchen and is on his feet all day. He tried every shoe, but none worked until he wore them. He no longer comes home limping. Worth every penny.”

Best Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis— ASICS Gel Kayano 30

Product photo of ASICS Gel Kayano 30 sneaker, black with thick white outsole and gray Asics logo on the side.

Available at:


If you’re suffering from foot pain, even a light jog can be quite painful, let alone running. But with the ASICS Gel Kayano 30, be prepared to run marathons because these are undoubtedly some of the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis.

The shoe has a stable external heel counter, crucial for proper heel support in Achilles tendonitis patients. The rearfoot pureGEL technology adds extra cushioning and shock absorption to the heel area, minimizing any direct impact in the affected region. 

Its inner foam is also 24% bio-based, making it environmentally friendly without compromising comfort. 

ASICS introduced its newest 4D guidance system in the Kayano 30. This technology helps the shoe adapt to your foot’s every stride, maximizing stability and minimizing any chances of injuries.

You can find even more shoes built for optimum foot support and cushioning in our article of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis.


  • Stable external heel counter 
  • 4D guidance system for a balanced stride
  • PureGEL technology for extra cushioning and shock absorption
  • Breathable stretch-knit upper
  • Available in light-reflecting night-time design


  • Sizing runs small
  • Bulky design

What People Are Saying

A happy user commented, “Kayano 30 gives greater stability and cushioning. The upper tip is extra protected, giving better support when walking or running. I think the upgrade was a success.” 

Another content customer wrote, “The most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. I suffer from fallen arches, neuropathy, and tendonitis, and these are the first completely comfortable shoes.” 

Best Walking Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis— OrthoFeet Men’s Hands-Free Yari / Women’s Hands-Free Kita

Product photo of OrthoFeet Men’s Hands-Free Yari orthopedic sneaker, all white with gray bottom outsole and interior.

Available at:


OrthoFeet’s Hands-Free (Yari for men and Kita for women) is the perfect walking shoe for people suffering from Achilles tendonitis. Each shoe is fitted with OrthoFeet’s classic orthotic insole and arch support that helps ease tendonitis inflammation and tackles over 20 other foot conditions. 

The true standout feature of these shoes is their hands-free, slip-on technology that allows you to slide your feet right in without bending down. This is a true game-changer for people suffering from leg and knee pains.

The soft, padded fabric feels like butter when you slide your foot in, so these are perfect for sensitive feet. The wide toe box and the extra cushioning at the heel also help minimize inflammation from bunions and tendonitis. 


  • Easy, slip-on design
  • Stretchable soft mesh upper
  • Water repellent 
  • Wide toe box
  • Mild rocker sole with extra cushioning


  • Not recommended for rough terrains
  • Too wide for some

What People Are Saying

A satisfied user commented, “Excellent shoes and a great fit for people who need a wide shoe. They’re extremely comfortable, and I highly recommend them. I love them so much; I bought another pair in white.” 

Best Tennis Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis— New Balance Fresh Foam X LAV V2 

Product photo of New Balance Fresh Foam X LAV V2 sneaker, all white with blue outlined New Balance "N" logo on the side.

Available at:


Tennis is all about footwork and sprints across the court. Now, if you suffer from tendonitis, even the thought of this may give you pain flashbacks. Luckily, the New Balance Fresh Foam X LAV V2s allow you to continue playing your favorite sport without triggering excruciating pain.

These shoes have a stable heel counter, which can make a big difference for people suffering from Achilles tendonitis. This is because it helps to stabilize the foot while simultaneously diverting pressure away from the back and heel region, thus minimizing pain. 

The Ndurance outsole ensures that each stride remains firm on the ground and negates the risk of slip injuries. We particularly like the mesh upper, which allows for greater airflow, keeping your feet dry and cool throughout the game.


  • Stable heel counter
  • Fresh foam cushioning for added comfort
  • Very durable
  • Synthetic and mesh freshWEAVE upper for increased breathability
  • Ndurance outsole for better traction


  • The ankle collar may be too high for some
  • Narrow toe box, not ideal for wide feet

What People Are Saying

A content user commented, “This is the most comfortable tennis shoe I have purchased by far. The width was perfect, and the weight was better than my other, more costly Nike or ASICS tennis shoes.”


Achilles tendonitis can be painful and severely limit movement, especially during flare-ups. Luckily, some prescription medications, simple stretches, and, most importantly, wearing the right shoes can help greatly minimize the associated pain and even speed recovery. 

If you’re looking for a good walking or running shoe, the OrthoFeet Hands-Free Yari is a personal favorite, whereas the New Balance Fresh Foam X Lav V2 is your best bet for a good pain-free game of tennis.


Comment below which shoes have helped you the most with your tendonitis pain and which feature about that shoe was your favorite. 


Are there specific exercises or stretches that can help with Achilles tendonitis?

There are multiple exercises and stretches that you can do to speed up your recovery from Achilles tendonitis. Stretches such as toe and floor stretch, calf plantar fascia stretch, and stair stretch are simple, require no equipment, and have relieved pain and inflammation associated with this tendonitis.  

Can you still run with Achilles tendonitis?

One of the root causes of Achilles tendonitis is excessive running, so if that’s the case, it’s recommended to let your legs and feet rest for a while. However, if you’re not going through a flare-up, as long as you’re wearing the right orthopedic shoes, you can continue with your daily runs, even with Achilles tendonitis. Be sure to talk to your doctor about what level of activity is best for you!

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