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13 Best Basketball Shoes in 2024 for Explosive Jumping

Wearing quality basketball shoes for jumping is the key for good game flexibility, as well as protecting your joints against injury. Below is our exhaustively researched, complete guide your dream basketball shoes that will support both your performance and your body.

The right shoes can make a big difference between getting that rebound or missing out. Combine that with the need for proper support and cushioning to prevent injury and making the right choice is VERY important to your overall game.

Why Are Quality Basketball Shoes Important?

Basketball shoes are a specialist product for a specialist sport, so there are many key features to consider when shopping for a pair. Most people think of the iconic Nike Air Jordans when it comes to basketball shoes. Yet they may not be aware of other brands and what exactly makes a shoe optimal for gameplay.

One example feature of a quality shoe is having an outsole grip for great traction. Traction is the bedrock of a basketball shoe. A basketball player changes direction every few seconds during an intense game and runs in short sprints across the court. Having a good grip will stop you from skidding and slipping during those moments.

Even if a shoe is from a designer label or made from quality leather, if it has a poor outsole grip, that shoe will be useless.

Photo from behind a basketball player in a white shirt and black shorts and black baskeball shoes, dribbling a basketball on a white court.

Outsoles that are made of rubber help to absorb shocks and are generally quite flat to help with stability. For extra traction, the outsoles may have a herringbone or grid tread pattern set in them. The tread pattern helps to grip the court floor, which is ideal for fast pivots. 

As basketball can be played both indoors and outdoors, soles on outdoor shoes are slightly thicker for durability. Indoor basketball shoes need faster movement, so the outsoles are made from thinner rubber in order to be more lightweight.

Other important qualities of basketball shoes include having high ankle tops to protect and help with ankle stability, and good cushioning to secure the foot and relieve stress on your joints.

Finding the right pair of quality shoes will help you improve your performance and keep your game on track. All the shoes on our list have been reviewed based on the qualities they offer to wearers, as well as the pros and cons of each. There’s a full range of styles for basketball players to choose from in a mix of colors and sizes.

Read on to see what made the cut and to find the perfect pair for you.

Best Basketball Shoes Top Picks


Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping – Under Armour Jet ’21

The Under Armour Jet '21 Shoe, all black with white UA logo on upper and heel, with red and white marble sole.

One style that impressed us with a good midsole cushion comes from Under Armour. It’s important to pick a basketball shoe for jumping that offers shock-absorbing cushioning. A lighter shoe also offers more foot flexibility when landing. Under Armour might be more well-known for their noted Curry range, but their affordable UA Jet ’21 caught our eye.

A light & comfortable mid-top style, it has plenty of cushioning, including an EVA midsole to aid performance that makes it ideal for some on-court action and plenty of jumping. For extra comfort, there’s a foam-padded ankle collar to aid against ankle stress and provide additional joint support. With a focus on lightweight materials, the shoe upper offers a combination of perforated leather and mesh, including a breathable mesh tongue to aid ventilation.

In addition, the Jet ’21 features a herringbone outsole pattern to provide traction and superb floor grip on a range of floors, even dusty ones. The rubber outsole is also wide enough for a stable jump landing, and with a total weight of 13.5 oz, it’s really light to wear, which is a great boost for speed and flexibility.

However, likely due to it being a unisex style, the Under Armour Jet ’21 fitting seems more suited to standard and narrow feet rather than wide feet, and so Under Armour recommends going a half to full size up for wider feet.

  • Plenty of light foam collar cushioning to support the ankle
  • Looks good, with nice upper color combinations
  • Comfortable EVA midsole
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Leather upper mixed with mesh textile to aid breathability
  • Not great for wide fit feet
  • Not full leather

What People are Saying About It

“The shoes fit well and also have good traction on the court,” says one customer, while another satisfied buyer and self-identified “180lb hooper” noted that they had a “comfortable footbed and good grip as well.”

Honorable Mention

The Li-Ning Speed 8 Premium has a full length cushioned midsole made from Light Foam to boost stability. For extra protection during jump landings, Li-Ning has also used BOOM, their Pebax-based foam, in the heel area for extremely soft yet springy cushioning. Although the ventilation isn’t as good as the UA Jet ’21, this doesn’t affect the overall performance. 

Li-Ning Speed 8 Premium


For a heritage look, the Reebok Resonator Mid Basketball Shoe offers a classic upper made from supple leather and has a responsive rubber outsole. The high-top cut provides ankle support, but it would be better if there could be slightly more ankle padding like the Jet ’21 for additional comfort. For grip, the rubber outsole offers great traction, which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Reebok Resonator Mid Basketball Shoe


Best Nike Basketball Shoes for Jumping – Nike Air Zoom Jump G.T.

Nike Air Zoom Jump G.T. shoe in profile, mesh side (pink and green interwoven), with purple toe (top), yellow sole, gray heel.

Nike is the sneaker king, and continues to be the biggest footwear brand in America. Nike also has a long history with basketball and released their first shoe for the sport, the Bruin and Blazer, way back in 1972. The Air Force 1 then launched in 1982, and the iconic Air Jordan arrived in 1985.

However, with so many other products from Nike, what are the best Nike basketball shoes for jumping? We took a look at some of the latest launches, and the Nike Air Zoom GT Jump immediately caught our attention.

Launched in 2022, not only is it a great looking high-top design, but the Jump is full of cushioning tech and features a Jump Frame. The Jump Frame helps to secure a player’s foot so that the foot doesn’t feel unstable above the cushioning when worn, especially in motion.

For jumps, the bouncy, elevated cushioning provides great impact protection. Midsole cushions can protect players’ joints from hard landings, and the Nike Air Zoom GT Jump combines 3 different cushion types for maximum shock absorption from high jumps.

The shoe’s upper material is made from a mix of leno weave material and features fly mesh side panels to let hot air circulate through the upper, keeping the shoe breathable without affecting performance. For extra comfort, there’s some very light padding in the counter topline and tongue.

The sneaker’s thin rubber outsole features a classic zig-zag Herringbone pattern to aid traction. Perforations in the sole also help to keep the shoe flexible. It’ll grip well on indoor courts, which is perfect for rapid stops. However, due to the perforations and the likelihood of the rubber picking up dirt and dust, the shoe is not the best option for outdoor courts.

  • Superb cushioning
  • Great impact protection
  • Light and supportive feel
  • Breathable upper material
  • Jump Frame boosts stability
  • Not great for outdoor courts
  • Higher price point

What People are Saying About It

Regarding the performance of the shoe, a customer said that “from the cushioning to the traction, this shoe is a beast,” while another said “the cushion on this shoe does not disappoint.”

Honorable Mention

Nike has a full range of other great basketball shoes to choose from, including the Nike Lebron Soldier 14. This very bouncy sneaker is a good option for both outdoor and indoor courts. However, the heel cushion material in the counter area is slightly stiffer than the woven material at the front of the shoe, so it could take a few wears to break in. 

Nike Lebron Soldier 14


Another option is the Nike Cosmic Unity. This shoe provides good balance and stability during jumps, and the upper material is made from 25% of recycled materials. The cushion unit comprises a full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit, which provides nice responsiveness and impact protection. However, the outsole traction pattern could struggle on dusty surfaces, so for the best performance, stick to wearing these on clean indoor courts for games. 

Nike Cosmic Unity


Best Adidas Basketball Shoes for Jumping – Adidas D Rose 11

The Adidas D Rose 11 shoe from the side, all mint green with salmon pink interior, back sole, and shoe tongue (under laces), with white Adidas logo on upper.

Adidas is the German sportswear brand rival of Nike. Although they may not have released as many iconic basketball shoe styles, Adidas has some cult classics in its vault such as the Rivalry and Americana sneakers.

In terms of basketball, Adidas is known for offering pro bounce soles that retail at affordable price points. One of the best Adidas basketball shoes for jumping that has a great price is the D Rose 11.

The extended heel counter on the rubber outsole offers extra stability and grip, and the wide base will help with shock absorption and lateral containment. The full-length Lightstrike midsole cushion provides good impact protection in the heel area and offers a subtle bounce at the front of the shoe. The Lightstrike midsole helps to cushion against explosive movements such as jumps and fast pivots on court.

As for materials, the entire upper of the D Rose 11 is made from Adizero textile, which provides a flexible and sock-like fit. Adizero is a breathable and lightweight material that is used across Adidas’ running shoes collections. To support the ankle, there’s padding around the counter of the shoe and in the tongue, too.

Looking at the outsole’s traction, there’s a good wavy Herringbone grip pattern, with a nice little design detail of 4 stars in the heel area. These shoes would work well in indoor and clean outdoor courts. But fit-wise, because of the wide base, they would be best for people with wider and bigger feet. If you have narrow feet, you may have to go a half size down for a better fit.

  • Ankle support
  • Good traction for both indoors & outdoors
  • Responsive cushioned midsole
  • Lightweight and bouncy feel
  • Great affordable price
  • Not great for narrow feet
  • Bulkier design

What People are Saying About It

Two notable reviews said that “the style is a great basketball sneaker with good ankle support and stability” and “the sneakers are very comfortable and secure.”

Honorable Mentions

Other Adidas basketball shoes that impressed us included the Postmove Mid Basketball Shoe and the Harden Volume 6. 

Both are at more affordable price ranges and have interesting design features. The Postmove Basketball shoe has a retro sports look with the classic 3 stripes of Adidas on the side panels. The sneaker provides good lateral support, but the ankle protection is quite firm in order to hold your ankle in place, which may bother some people fit-wise.

Postmove Mid Basketball Shoe


The Adidas Harden Volume 6 is a low-top cut basketball sneaker that offers superb cushioning, strong support, and great traction. It’s a big improvement on the previous model, the Harden Volume 5, which had grip and fitting issues. Adidas has used their Boost foam in the full-length cushion, which helps the shoe to feel responsive. The upper materials can be slightly stiff, but after some wear the shoe should start to conform to the foot.

Adidas Harden Volume 6


Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping and Running – Nike Lebron 19

The Nike Lebron 19 shoe in profile, white mesh over blue, with blue and green sole (blue top, green bottom, with clear air cushion between).

Besides athletic skill, a good pair of basketball shoes that will assist a player with their sprints and leaps is the best equipment a competitor can have. We took a look at the best basketball shoes for jumping and running, and again it was a Nike that stood out.

To begin with, the Nike Lebron 19 looks great. With its bubble-shaped outsole and eye-catching paneling details, it’s beautiful and strikingly designed to make it worth the price tag.

For cushioning, the Lebron 19 combines a two-chambered Air Max unit that’s located towards the heel of the shoe, connected with a Nike Zoom Air unit which cushions the front of the shoe. This means that when a player starts to run and their heel hits the ground, air will travel from the Air Max unit in the heel and through the connecting chamber in the midfoot area directly to the forefoot. This process boosts a player’s performance and forward thrust, and helps them run faster. Overall, this cushioning is excellent and will support the ankle and midfoot very well.

For additional comfort, the upper material also supports running and jumping, as it’s made from a very fine mesh material. This material is fully breathable and will help keep feet cool and fresh, especially during intense sprints on the court.

For a good running grip, the Nike Lebron 19 features a rubber outsole that has quite a unique traction pattern to help with multidirectional movement and pivots on indoor courts.

  • Unique design features
  • Good responsiveness
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Midfoot support
  • Ankle support
  • Higher price point
  • Can feel heavy due to the advanced cushioning

What People are Saying About It

A 55 year-old player says, “I’ve been playing basketball all my life, and this shoe is the most secure and comfortable I’ve ever played in.”

Another reviewer wrote, “the feel is great, and it has good color as well.”

Honorable Mention

Another basketball shoe that helps with running and jumping is the Adidas Marquee Boost. This shoe is designed for agility and quickness on the hardwood. The responsive Boost midsole also returns energy on every jump and run. However, this is a low-cut shoe that is just high enough to cover the ankle, so if you would like more ankle protection, a higher cut shoe might be more suitable. 

Adidas Marquee Boost


For a fair price, Puma’s Triple Basketball Shoe offers a full-length Pro foam midsole for cushioning that is soft to the touch and offers decent compression. However, the lateral support, although not bad, could be a lot better.

Puma Triple Basketball Shoe


Best Basketball Shoes for Speed and Jumping – Under Armour Lockdown 

The Under Armour Lockdown shoe in profile, all black (top to bottom and interior) with white Under Armour logo on upper (front) and side.

Speed on the basketball court depends on lightness, flexibility, and the all-important traction to avoid slips. The best basketball shoes for speed and jumping should have all these features, as well as good closure to keep the foot secure.

Many shoes tend to opt for laces or Velcro straps. Elasticated laces or straps, which are fixed, remain a popular option to avoid tripping on loose laces. One shoe that features a pull-on style with elasticated laces is the Under Armour Lockdown Basketball Shoe. It’s a nice looking upper, with a minimal design that focuses on paneling and perforation details.

The rubber outsole is streamlined in shape to support speed, with a classic angular Herringbone traction pattern to aid with grip when running. The lightness of this shoe is key—it weighs just 12.3 oz and the upper is made from lightweight mesh and synthetic material overlays.

The shoe is comfortable and durable enough to survive plenty of pounding. Jumps are cushioned by a lightweight EVA midsole and there’s an inner sockliner to add extra comfort around the ankle. The perforations above the vamp will also support ventilation around the toe area.

The shoe traction is suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments, as the zigzag tread pattern shouldn’t trap a lot of gravel and dirt, and the outsole is solid enough for use on outdoor ground surfaces. Generally it’s a good overall lightweight shoe that’ll help you develop your speed and jump performance.

  • Lightweight shoe
  • Suitable for outdoor courts
  • Decent cushioning
  • Great traction
  • Breathability
  • Not super high-tech
  • Streamline shape may not be good for wide fit

What People are Saying About It

One customer said that “the shoes are very comfortable, lightweight and great value for the price.”

Another buyer wrote, “the Under Armour style is super comfortable and didn’t even need breaking in.”

Honorable Mention

There are many other styles that pride themselves on being lightweight; one is the D.O.N. Issue 3 from Adidas. It features a super lightweight Adidas Lightstrike midsole as well an abrasion-resistant toe cap made from TPU to protect your toes during fast sprints. Keep in mind that because the insoles are lightweight foam, they may feel a bit thin on first wear. 

D.O.N. Issue 3


Another good option for speed is the Nike Kyrie IV Basketball Shoe, which features a Zoom Air unit to boost your run. The lightweight mesh upper conforms to the shape of your foot and the crisscross webbing laces help to hold your foot in place. However, the mesh upper may be too flimsy for people who prefer the feel of a slightly thicker material such as leather.

Nike Kyrie IV Basketball Shoe


Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping and Grip  – Li-Ning All City Wade

The Adidas D.O.N Issue 3 shoe in profile, all blue, with white and blue camo print on the sole.

Grip is the key to supporting jumps, landings, and footwork. All good basketball sneakers will normally have a rubber outsole with a traction pattern embedded into the bottom of the sole. This pattern helps to provide grip on the wooden floors of indoor courts. The rubber of the outsole also warms up and gets tacky from friction during games, which helps grip even more.

The best basketball shoes for jumping and grip should have all of these features. The Li-Ning All City Wade shoe focuses on providing durable outsoles made from a mix of rubber and EVA that have great grip both outdoors and indoors and are designed to be anti-slip.

Reviewers have commented that they like these styles because the outsoles can cope with constant play and movement without signs of wear. The shoes also feature a Probar Loc, which is a stabilization device that supports the foot arch during the propulsion stage of a jump.

Unlike a lot of other brands which use a Herringbone tread pattern, Li-Ning has developed their own unique traction design of connecting circles, which will definitely help with grip. This Chinese brand is getting a lot of attention for all the right reasons and it’ll be interesting to see what else they develop in the future.

  • Durable outsole
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Stabilization technology
  • Foot arch support
  • Good traction grip
  • Design is not for minimalists

What People are Saying About It

A reviewer provided some great, detailed feedback saying, “the traction is top tier, super squeaky.”

From another buyer, “the shoes have shown little to no wear even after being played in outdoors.”

Honorable Mention

Puma’s Rbd Sneaker has taken inspiration from classic basketball shapes that have been designed for wear on and off court. It has Puma Softfoam and sockliner to provide good cushioning and has a rubber outsole, featuring the classic Puma logo. The full leather upper may need some breaking in, though, due to the stiffness of the material.

Puma Rbd Sneaker


Nike’s Giannis Immortality shoes have an interesting curved outsole for smooth strides, which also feature groove splits in the rubber. The groove allows for the rubber to flex and keep traction when jumping and for side-to-side steps. But the topline height may be a little low for players looking for full ankle coverage. 

Nike Giannis Immortality


Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping High and Outdoor – Avia 830 

The Avia 830 shoe in profile, all white with red upper and bottom of the sole, and red AVIA logo on the side of the heel.

Depending on a shoe’s traction and outsole thickness, some basketball shoes are suitable only for indoor use, so it’s important to check whether your product is good for outdoor games as well. One of the best basketball shoes for jumping high and outdoor is from Avia. Their Avia 830 has a classic-looking basketball silhouette that is designed for outdoor use.

The 830 is a retro style that’s making a comeback. It has a full-grain leather upper, TPU heel counter, and a padded collar to support ankles during outdoor jumps.

With a classic rubber cupsole that offers support for side-to-side and lateral movement, you can be assured that the sneakers will provide good grip on concrete and tarmac. A full-length EVA midsole and flex grooves at the forefront of the shoe also provide additional flexibility and cushioning.

It’s a great looking shoe that does a great job of recreating the 1980’s style of the original Avia while keeping patented features such as their unique flex joint pivot, ensuring that the upper bends where your foot naturally flexes and not at the ball of your foot.

For volleyball players looking for more indoor court shoes, we’ve got a full write-up of basketball shoes we recommend for volleyball.

  • Superior shock absorption
  • Good ankle support
  • Cushioned EVA midsole
  • Great for outdoor
  • Full leather upper
  • Lots of lacing to get into the shoe 

What People are Saying About It

One thrilled consumer said that the shoe “has perfect lines, fit, stability, flexibility and support,” while another buyer said that the sneakers “are beautifully made, comfortable and extremely supportive.”

Honorable Mention

One honorable mention is the Nike Jordan Zion 1, which is a worthy contender due to its trustworthy traction and great lateral support. It also has a lightweight upper which makes it good for sprints outdoors. But be wary of the fit, and check that you get the right size to minimize the break-in period.

Nike Jordan Zion 1


Another alternative is the Adidas Own The Game basketball shoe. It’s also designed for outdoor use and high jumps, with a Lightmotion midsole to help you reach your peak speed and an Adiwear outsole to help with traction. The only downside is that the toe cap could have more protection to protect toes against trips and scuffs, but overall it’s a good, affordably priced option. 

Adidas Own The Game


How To Choose The Best Basketball Shoe

Try on each pair for fit, and check that the outsole grips well. Be mindful of cushioning and traction, as well as the price-point and general look of the shoe. Keep things simple and pick a shoe that feels great. Don’t overcomplicate the selection process. Remember: you have to feel comfortable in the shoes you choose.

We hope our guide helps you find the perfect pair of basketball shoes for your feet and your game. You’re on your way to your next slam dunk!

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