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The Best Basketball Shoes for Outdoor Courts in 2024

Shooting hoops outdoors is all fun and games until you have to buy new basketball shoes every 2-3 months. Traditional indoor court shoes won’t survive the harshness of outdoor concrete and asphalt courts. So how do you enjoy playing basketball on these courts without wasting your hard-earned dollars on new basketball shoes all the time? 

Outdoor basketball shoes are the answer to all your troubles. These come with durable rubber soles and extra cushioning to make hooping seamless and comfortable. 

Fortunately, throughout my 9+ years career as a basketball coach, I’ve written over 50 reviews on basketball shoes and picked out my favorite shoes for outdoor courts here. Keep reading to find the best basketball shoes for playing outdoors! 

Man holding up a red Nike basketball shoe outdoors.

What Makes a Good Outdoor Basketball Shoe?

Although you can’t guarantee the longevity of a shoe outdoors, you can use some simple tricks to find the perfect pair of outdoor basketball shoes that will last for a few years, at the very least. 

These tips will save you the hassle of spending your money on buying new shoes after every 3-4 months. 

There are five qualities to look for in a basketball shoe that makes it appropriate for use outdoors, either on rigid pavements or on rough and rugged cement floors. 

1. Traction

Excellent traction is the most critical aspect of an outdoor basketball shoe. Your shoe should be able to grip all rough surfaces, from concrete to asphalt. 

I recommend looking for shoes with lots of treads, as they have increased contact points with the ground, allowing them to dig into all the nooks and crannies of the outdoor court. Additionally, the traction pattern is crucial as it will decide your direction of movement. 

A multi-directional pattern, like herringbone, will allow you to move freely in any direction you desire! 

Looking for shoes with outsoles that feature deep and wide grooves would be best. These provide extra traction and allow the shoes to grip even notoriously uneven outdoor surfaces. 

2. Cushioning and Impact Protection

Although you may overlook the cushioning of a shoe, it’s one of the most important aspects that should be considered! 

Outdoor surfaces are not very forgiving, and you’ll need shoes with decent cushioning to keep your knees and feet comfortable. The type of cushioning you need to look for depends on your preferences. Some prefer an excellent foam like UA flow or Micro G, while others prefer full-length Air Units. 

However, more than just cushioning is required to prevent foot injuries. You’ll also need impact protection to avoid injuries like ankle sprains and fractures. 

Your joints and tendons are incredibly vulnerable when playing on rough surfaces, especially if you’re older, heavier, or playing after a long break. 

Whatever shoe you choose, you should ensure that it has a decent cushioning system with maximum shock absorption. 

3. Durability

Outdoor basketball shoes must be made of sturdy materials with thicker outsoles to increase their durability and longevity. These shoes will be subjected to various weather elements and must be durable enough to withstand them. 

Most outdoor shoes use synthetic material with natural rubber for the soles and polyester for the body. These materials can withstand UV rays and all types of weather. Additionally, the material is usually layered to make the shoe thicker and increase its durability, 

4. Ankle Support & Lateral Comfort

While playing basketball, players need to run and jump frequently. So, they require shoes that provide sufficient lateral comfort and support. This is especially important for people with ankle problems, like older and heavier players, or those with foot problems like plantar fasciitis

5. Price

After figuring out everything you need in your shoes, you must consider the price and look for a product that fits your desired qualities and budget. 

Most of the best outdoor basketball shoes carry a higher price point that reflects the quality of construction and design. These shoes use premium materials, several layers, and additional cushioning, and last for several years. 

While some cheaper outdoor shoe options are available in the market, they’re often lower quality. They’ll likely wear down in a few months and you’ll have to buy new ones. To get the best product for your money, you should invest in higher quality and durable outdoor basketball shoes. 

That said, I’ve found some budget-friendly outdoor basketball shoes with remarkable features, so check out the list below to see my recommendations.

ShoeGuide’s Best Basketball Shoes for Outdoor Wear – Top Picks


Best Overall Outdoor Basketball Shoes – Nike KD Trey 5 VIII

Product photo of the Nike KD Trey 5 VIII, red and black wavy detailing on the front and solid red on the back, with white outline Nike swoosh on the side, and white sole.

Combining cutting-edge technology with the latest styles, the Nike KD Trey 5 VIII is at the top of our list of the best outdoor basketball shoes! They feature long-lasting, firm rubber outsoles that can withstand the extreme wear and tear of the rough outdoors. 

Additionally, these mid-top shoes provide excellent ankle support, unlike other mid-tops, as they feature perforated foam pads. This means they have a solid foundation that supports you from the bottom up. 

All in all, these shoes provide maximum grip and mobility in all conditions with an unmatched playing experience. 

Unique Features 

  • Rubber soles with multi-directional traction. 
  • Durable clear-yarn design with minimum stretch. 
  • Bouncy cushion with a plush feel underfoot. 


  • Multi-directional traction sole made out of rubber boosts speed and grip.
  • Mid-top design allows your ankle to move freely. 
  • Foam pads give spectacular ankle support.
  • No time is required for breaking in the shoe. 
  • Textile upper mesh with a padded tongue keeps feet comfortable in hot weather. 


  • Basic design may be boring for some people. 

What People Are Saying

A basketballer reported that these shoes “are the most comfortable shoes I’ve bought in a long time. They feel like memory foam!”

Honorable Mentions

Although the Nike KD Trey 5 VIII is my favorite pick, here are two equally excellent options. 

Reebok Shaqnosis 

Puma RS-Dreamer


Best Nike Outdoor Basketball Shoes – Nike Giannis Immortality 

Product photo of Nike Giannis Immortality, white with gold detailing on laces eyelets, black Nike swoosh on the side, white sole and black around the space for the foot.

Designed using Antetokounmpo Giannis‘ playing style, the Nike Giannis Immortality is for versatile players who love the flexibility and smooth strides. 

This shoe is made of cool and breathable materials with a highly comfortable fit unlike any other! 

Its lightweight design and elegant heel-to-toe curve keep you in complete control of your game as you show off your skills on the court. Moreover, the Giannis Immortality also features spectacular traction and springy phylon cushioning. 

Unique Features 

  • Comfortable low-top design with full ankle mobility. 
  • Full-length phylon midsole with good impact protection. 
  • Lightweight build.


  • Abundant cushioning absorbs maximum shock and provides a smooth playing experience. 
  • Super traction with superior grip. 
  • Lightweight and breathable materials.
  • Elegant heel-to-toe curve for smooth strides. 
  • Iconic style. 


  • May not be as durable as some other outdoor basketball shoes.

What People Are Saying

One basketballer’s review stated, “I’ve tried all sorts of ball shoes, ranging in price from $80 to $190, and the Nike Giannis Immortality shoes are my favorite by far. I’d rate their comfort, grip, and fit 5 stars.”

A parent who’d bought the shoes for their son said the shoes were “comfortable for the most part, but are a little narrow on him because he has wide feet.”

Honorable Mentions

I personally struggled to pick between these two great options. If you’re looking for more Nike shoes that perform at the same level, check out these:

Nike KD 15

Nike Air Max Impact 3 


Best Adidas Basketball Shoes for Outdoor – Adidas D.O.N. Issue 3

Product photo of Adidas D.O.N. Issue 3, red with small white Adidas logo on back heel, and white sole with red flecks.

Show off your hooping moves in style in the Adidas D.O.N. Issue 3! These iconic shoes are made of lightweight, supportive, and premium materials to maximize your agility and performance on the court. 

They feature a flexible mid-foot harness with additional support at the arch area and sleek, classic designs. They are the perfect choice for everyone who loves playing B-Ball in style!  

Unique Features 

  • Exceptional lockdown support makes it easier to perform quick cuts. 
  • Air mesh tongue to keep feet cool and comfortable.
  • Full-length Adiprene for responsive cushioning. 


  • High arch to increase stability while jumping and shooting. 
  • Excellent traction with superior grip outdoors as well as indoors. 
  • Comfortable and lightweight to make running, jumping, and performing jaw-dropping cuts smooth and easy. 
  • Vibrant color options with an eye-catching silhouette. 
  • Do not need break-in time. 


  • May offer less impact protection than some other designs.  

What People Are Saying

One person praised the shoes by saying that they’re “amazing basketball shoes and very stylish. I’ll 100% use them from now on.”

Honorable Mentions 

Although the build and superior comfort of the Adidas D.O.N. Issue 3 are unmatched, you could also consider either of the two options below. 

Adidas Harden Stepback 3 

Adidas Son of Chi


Best Jordan Shoes for Outdoor Basketball – Jordan Zion 1 

Product photo of Jordan Zion 1 basketball shoe, white sole and front toe, with blue heel and gold tongue showing through white laces.

During his career, Zion Williamson once accidentally demolished his shoe while playing, as his foot ripped through the upper portion. So, Zion 1 was designed to prevent such an incident from reoccurring! 

The shoe features well-balanced cushioning with a midsole made of soft foam—Air Strobel—paired with a Zoom Air unit to cushion the underfoot. 

It’s a highly responsive and bouncy shoe, giving players the courage to perform impressive tricks on the court. It also has smooth and seamless heel-to-toe transitions. 

Unique Features 

  • Thin mesh upper with superior ventilation.
  • The lacing system offers a snug fit.
  • Full-length Zoom Air Strobel cushioning


  • Well-balanced cushioning provides excellent support. 
  • Multi-directional outsole offers superior traction. 
  • Unique stitching pattern provides a snug fit with minimum lace pressure. 
  • Trendy design. 
  • Well-ventilated upper mesh keeps feet comfortable in hot weather.


  • Could use more padding on the tongue. 

What People Are Saying

A basketball player who tested the shoes out for a few weeks reported, “their fit is excellent, and the arch support is unmatched. I haven’t found a shoe with better support.”

Honorable Mentions

If you aren’t a big fan of the Zion 1, you could also opt for these two options: 

Jordan Men’s Air 13 Retro

Air Jordan XXXV


Best Under Armour Outdoor Basketball Shoes – Under Armour Lockdown 5 

Product photo of Under Armour Lockdown 5 basketball shoe, dark gray with mint green Under Armour logo on back heel, and mint green bottom sole, and mint green and black textured detailing on side and shoe tongue.

Under Armour is known for its reliable and durable sporting shoes, and its Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe is no different. It meets all my expectations for outdoor basketball shoes with its sturdy build and fantastic traction.

This shoe offers premium comfort and protection. Its updated cushioning materials allow players to stay responsive and quick on their feet, moving up and down on the court. 

As a bonus, it can also be used for playing on gym surfaces and hardwood floors, making it one of the best indoor-outdoor basketball shoes. 

Unique Features 

  • Full-length rubber outsole that offers maximum traction in all weather conditions.
  • Mesh upper featuring synthetic overlays and perforations for durability and breathability. 
  • Midfoot lockdown provides a secure fit.


  • EVA midsole gives premium cushioning.
  • Sleek design.
  • Versatile shoes that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. 
  • Advanced lacing system offers an enhanced snug fit. 
  • High-abrasion rubber outsole features multi-directional traction. 


  • Wide-feet players may experience some discomfort. 

What People Are Saying

One reviewer who bought the Under Armour Lockdown 5 said, “it’s a great pair of shoes with a supportive ankle and bottom.”

Honorable Mentions

Under Armour produces excellent quality basketball shoes, and it was very challenging to pick just one. Apart from the Lockdown 5 basketball shoe, these two shoes are my absolute favorite picks from the brand. 

Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid

Under Armour Men’s Sc 3ZER0


Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes by Foot Conditions  

Although the basketball shoes mentioned above offer superior comfort and flexibility, players with certain foot conditions may find them a little uncomfortable. They won’t be able to perform to the best of their abilities and may even end up with an injury or two due to improper foot support.

However, by choosing proper footwear that gives your feet the support they need, you can overcome performance issues caused by plantar fasciitis, flat feet, wide feet, or any other foot condition.

For example, players with flat feet need shoes with firmer bases to protect their arches, and those with wide feet need ample toe space to prevent their feet from feeling squished and suffocated. 

Once you get the right shoe, you can play just as well or even better than people with normal arches and no foot conditions. 

Many sensational basketballers with foot conditions like Kobe Bryant and Joakim Noah have become global champions. If they can do it, then so can you!

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet – Adidas Harden Vol 6 

Product photo of Adidas Harden Vol 6 basketball shoe, bright neon green with neon yellow waving design on the heel.

Flat-foot players are at an increased risk for injuries like extended joints, torn ligaments, and twisted ankles. They require extended ankle support and firmer bases that protect their arches to play basketball without hurting themselves. 

If you also have a flat foot, the Adidas Harden Vol. 6 is one of the best options out there. These unisex shoes are perfect for women, too. In fact, they are one of the best women’s outdoor basketball shoes for flat feet available in the market.

These flat feet-friendly shoes have the perfect shape and the ideal heel-to-toe transition to allow you to enjoy basketball like you have always wanted.

They’re designed with foam cushioning and Achilles heel cushion pods. These features allow you to be on top of your game. And, the shoes’ midsole cushioning is next to perfect and provides just the support you need!

Unique Features
  • Herringbone traction pattern for superior grip
  • Responsive cushion.
  • Rubber sidewall that increases durability. 
  • Herringbone traction allows players to excel outdoors, even on wet courts.
  • Responsive cushion provides the right support for flat feet basketball players
  • Rubber sidewall offers lateral stability and helps players move quickly up and down the court.
  • Internal ankle pods provide protection for ankles and prevent foot injuries.
  • Trendy design comes in funky colors.
  • Some players may face difficulty breaking in the shoe. 
What People Are Saying 

A user praised the shoes, saying, “they are comfortable and take care of your ankles.”

Honorable Mentions

While the Adidas Harden Vol 6 is unmatched, the following two shoes are also great for flat-foot players.

Nike Men’s Zoom Freak 4

Nike KD 14


Best Outdoor Basketball Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis – Nike LeBron 19

Product photo of Nike LeBron 19 basketball shoe, black with yellow Nike swoosh on side of the heel.


You may have a foot condition called plantar fasciitis if you experience pain in the bottom of your foot, particularly the heel and arch. The pain often worsens on walking after resting, standing for long periods of time, and running. 

Playing basketball with this foot condition feels like a nightmare! However, you can minimize the pain with the right shoe and enjoy playing your favorite game again.

Your best bet would be to look for shoes with sole and ankle support with a toebox that fits like a glove. 

My personal favorite outdoor basketball shoe for plantar fasciitis is the Nike Lebron 19. These spectacular shoes have maximum cushioning and padding to keep your feet comfortable and pain-free. 

The shoe’s forefront and heel have a Zoom Air unit, allowing its cushion to offer maximum comfort. Moreover, the curved forefront Zoom Air unit will allow you to act fast and bend in multiple directions without causing any discomfort.

The midsole tooling is done so the shoes deliver sufficient energy return, giving them a bouncy feel. The inside is soft enough to offer maximum comfort while still being sufficiently sturdy, so you don’t need to worry about them flattening out soon. 

Unique Features

  • Max Air Unit
  • Central Crash Pad
  • The fabric of the upper portion of the shoes is dimensional knit mesh


  • Airmax Zoom unit is placed so that it offers incredible foot containment and bounciness. 
  • Outsole has a King Nub traction pattern that allows players to easily grip and move.
  • Bootie lining inside the shoe offers a comfortable fit.
  • Made of premium materials that are durable and long-lasting. 
  • Various colors to choose from with a stylish design.


  • A bit on the heavier side.

What People Are Saying

A basketballer reported that these are “the best shoes for me. I love their fit and comfort, they’re sturdy and supportive. I’ve already bought four pairs!”

Honorable Mentions

If the Nike Lebron 19 does not seem like your cup of tea, try one of the options below to make your basketball troubles disappear. 

Nike Lebron Witness IV

Adidas Men’s Own The Game


Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support – PEAK High Top Streetball Master 

Product photo of PEAK High Top Streetball Master basketball shoe, black with textured detailing on side and front toe, neon triangle logo on back heel, bright yellow sole.

Playing on rough outdoor surfaces puts significantly more strain on your ankles and feet, which can exaggerate ankle issues, especially amongst older and heavier players. Fortunately, the PEAK Streetball Master basketball shoes will solve all your ankle support problems with their spectacular features and cushioning. 

The shoes are constructed in such a way that they protect your ankle at all times. They are designed keeping the combat style in mind so that you can have the optimum basketball experience, i.e., be agile and unpredictable.

The solid outsole has an improved rubber formula that offers wear resistance. This allows the shoes to adapt quickly to any surface and makes them durable. With the Peak Streetball Master basketball shoes, you can rest assured that they won’t wear out anytime soon! 

Unique Features

  • Stabilization module.
  • Upgraded wear-resistant rubber. 
  • 100% customer satisfaction.


  • Stabilization module bulges outward and rolls up towards the forefoot, reducing chances of sprains while playing and allowing you to make lateral movements comfortably. 
  • Deep honeycomb traction pattern allows for outdoor play regardless of the surface.
  • Covers the ankles and prevents ankle roll.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with your shoes, you can contact PEAK’s customer service, and they will be more than happy to resolve your issue for you.
  • Offer all the features of a premium quality shoe at a budget-friendly price. 


  • The design may be too basic for some players. 

What People Are Saying

A user reported that they love the shoes, saying “they’re lightweight and protect my ankles!”

Honorable Mentions

While I can’t get enough of this spectacular shoe, here are two other shoes that are also ideal for people with ankle problems. 


WELRUNG Unisex’s Ankle Support Breathable Basketball Shoes


Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes For Big Men – Under Armour Embiid 1

Product photo of Under Armour Embiid 1 basketball shoe, all blue with white sole with flecked blue and gray.

The Under Armour Embiid 1 is perfect for a big man who wants to enjoy playing basketball comfortably without worrying about sore feet. 

The shoes’ sturdy rubber soles and the presence of a midfoot lockdown will provide the ample support you need while playing. Moreover, there’s plenty of ankle protection as well. 

Unique Features

  • Micro G and a HOVR heel puck
  • TPU Wing enhances your lateral stability and delivers incredible midfoot stability. 
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner which helps with cushioning and support. 


  • Micro G and a HOVR heel puck make the cushioning soft and comfortable.
  • TPU wing provides more excellent lateral stability and enables midfoot lockdown.
  • Upper made of textile with open-hole mesh for maximum breathability. 
  • Rubber outsole provides a unique traction pattern for maximum grip.
  • Lightweight build. 


  • Even though the shoes are lightweight, they have a bulky design.

What People Are Saying 

A basketball player reported that the shoes “have a wide interior with excellent padding that keeps my feet comfortable after hour-long sessions.” They also added that the bottom grip is “excellent, and keeps me from skidding or slipping when chasing or driving.”

Honorable Mentions

The Under Armour Embiid 1 is the best pick for big players. However, if you don’t like them too much, you can check out one of these options. 

Nike LeBron 20

Air Jordan Max Aura 4


Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet – Adidas Dame 8 

Product photo of Adidas Dame 8 basketball shoe, white with red Adidas logo on side.

Need a basketball shoe with a bigger toe-box for wide feet? Look no further than the Adidas Dame 8! This roomy shoe has specially designed outsole and midsole materials that enhance speed, bounce, and precision! 

The shoe features a unique cushion setup. It uses Bounce Pro, a great underfoot cushion that provides maximum shock absorption and comfort. 

Additionally, it’s lighter than average shoes, allowing players to whizz past their opponents and shoot winning shots. 

Unique Features 

  • Made of lightweight and comfortable materials. 
  • Excellent support and lockdown. 
  • Soft and firm mesh uppers that allow better foot movements. 


  • Uses some recycled materials.
  • Ten vibrant attention-catching color options are available. 
  • Thick rubber outsole. 
  • Increased durability due to thick outsole. 
  • Dual-density foam setup offers maximum comfort and bounce. 


  • Some users found the traction decreases slightly on dusty surfaces. 

What People Are Saying

One reviewer reported that “these are great basketball shoes that are grippy, supportive, and comfortable.”

Honorable Mentions

Apart from the Adidas Dame 8, you can also check out the two shoes mentioned below for wide feet players. 

Under Armour Curry 8 

LI-NING Wade Shadow 3


Best Basketball Shoes for Outdoor Under $100

Outdoor basketball shoes are often expensive, as they use premium quality material that withstands harsh conditions. However, after researching and reviewing hundreds of shoes, I’ve found the best cheap outdoor basketball shoes under $100! Check them out below.

1. Nike Precision 6

Product photo of Nike Precision 6 basketball shoe, black with white Nike swoosh on the side and white sole.


The best men’s outdoor basketball shoe is the Nike Precision 6. It is the perfect fit for players who love changing directions and shifting speeds. 

Moreover, the shoe offers solid support with superb traction. Its plush collar and tongue will keep you comfortable as you make big jumps and shoot winning shots. 

Unique Features 

  • Plush foam on the collar and tongue for extra comfort.
  • Herringbone traction offers a multi-directional grip.
  • Lightweight build. 


  • Excellent traction.
  • Extra-thick sole for impact absorption.
  • Updated lace positioning with midfoot webbing loops offers a secure fit. 
  • Comes in various colors. 
  • Low price-point. 


  • Some people find it unsuitable for other sports. 

What People Are Saying 

One basketball player said they’d become “a huge fan” of the shoes after playing with them in a few outdoor sessions, and reported that “they provide great cushioning with a lockdown that offers a perfect fit.”

2. Adidas Men’s Own The Game 2.0 

Product photo of Adidas Men's Own The Game 2.0 basketball shoe, white with large black Adidas logo on side and gray bottom sole.

With flexible upper mesh and rubberized heel clip, the Adidas Men’s Own The Game 2.0 is the best high-top outdoor basketball shoe on a budget. 

The light-motion midsole of these spectacular shoes will allow you to overtake your opponents and score your winning shot! 

Unique Features 

  • Deep and sharp treads. 
  • A spacious toe box that caters to wide-foot players too. 
  • Full-length cushioning system that offers flexibility and allows players to adapt to rough, uneven courts. 


  • Excellent traction with firm rubber soles.
  • Thin and breathable upper mesh. 
  • Superior impact absorption. 
  • Adiwear outsoles that offer long-lasting durability. 
  • Trendy, eye-catching design. 


  • Only a few color options are available. 

What People Are Saying

A user reported that they “love the style and comfort of the high-tops and their soft and comfortable build.”

Honorable Mentions

If these two shoes don’t meet your style, then check out the following two shoes. They are both great options that come at budget-friendly prices.

Nike Fly By Mid 3 

Puma Court Rider 2.0



What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor basketball shoes? 

Outdoor basketball shoes are very different from indoor ones. The most significant difference is in the tread pattern. Outdoor shoes use a more aggressive pattern to improve traction and grip on pavement and concrete. On the other hand, indoor shoes use smoother tread patterns that are better suited for gripping hardwood and gym floors. 

Moreover, outdoor basketball shoes require extra cushioning and support to increase the player’s comfort while playing on harder surfaces. They must also be made of durable and breathable lightweight materials to keep your feet comfortable in hot weather. 

Can I use my outdoor basketball shoes for running? 

You should avoid using your outdoor basketball shoes for running, as the sports are entirely different and require different footwear. 

Running shoes feature sleek designs that can handle long distances. They are flexible and can handle the roughness of the outside world. 

On the other hand, outdoor basketball shoes are designed to handle sudden bursts of speed and changes in direction. They are specially made for courts where players can make rapid jumps and cuts and perform complicated moves. They come with extra padding that may make them heavier. 

So, using such heavy shoes for running will put extra strain on your body and make you feel fatigued. 

Is it dangerous to play basketball outdoors?

Playing basketball outdoors is safe. However, it is a little more dangerous than indoor basketball.

Outdoor basketball courts may be rough and uneven, putting extra strain on your feet and knees. This can lead to injuries and fractures. However, with the proper footwear and equipment, you can protect yourself from getting hurt while playing basketball outdoors. 

What are the best brands for outdoor basketball shoes?

My top two picks for the best outdoor basketball shoe brands are Nike and Adidas. Both brands produce high-quality shoes that use lightweight and breathable materials with rubber soles and abundant cushioning for impact absorption. Although most of their shoes are expensive, you can find a few relatively cheap alternatives that offer almost the same features as the pricier ones. 

Why You Need Quality Basketball Shoes

The right footwear will elevate your outdoor hooping experience and protect you from ankle injuries and fractures. It will also save you the trouble of buying new shoes every couple of weeks and breaking the bank! 

Invest in one of the shoes on this list and enjoy a comfortable outdoor b-balling experience. Pick the best fit for your needs and show off your hooping skills in the outdoors!

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