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The Best Jordan Basketball Shoes for Style and Performance 2024

Since 1985, Nike has launched 37 different Jordan basketball shoes, which means choosing the best pair for yourself can be a challenge. The good news is that I’ve carefully reviewed every Jordan shoe model and compiled a list of my top choices to help you make yours! 

Photo of two white Jordan basketball shoes with black laces and red Nike swoosh, side by side on the floor, a basketbal behind them.

If you’re a Micheal Jordan fan, getting your hands on the Jordan shoe line is an overwhelming feeling. Even people who don’t play basketball tend to fall in love with the Jordans because of their notoriety and top-notch quality. I even know people who cuddled and slept with their new Jordans! (Guilty as charged.)

Whether you’re looking for Jordan shoes for style or performance, you’ll find it all in this guide.

The Origins of Jordan Shoes

The legendary Chicago Bulls player, Micheal Jordan, entered the NBA with a bright future in 1984. His highly proficient skills on the basketball court quickly grabbed the media’s attention, and Nike soon approached him. Nike tried their luck on the emerging athlete and signed a deal with Jordan to produce his own line of shoes.

The original Air Jordans went on sale in April 1985, before Jordan had even worn them in any game! These first launched shoes contained an air pocket in the sole for added comfort and were built of soft leather in red, black, and white.

Air Jordans gained popularity when Micheal Jordan was banned from wearing them at the NBA, as the shoe colors were against the color code for basketball players. The media quickly covered the news, surprisingly leading to a new revolution. Around 50,000 pairs of Air Jordans were sold out immediately!

In September 1997, Jordan and Nike launched their new label, “Brand Jordan,” which has become a global icon in fashion and performance ever since. Even kids who weren’t born during Mike’s peak era are still obsessed with these kicks!

Micheal Jordan was the first player in NBA history to have his own product line from the moment he stepped into the slippery floors of the basketball courts. His stellar performances and signature high-flying slam dunk made the public want his shoes and style.

Who Should Get Jordan Shoes?

Some believe that Jordan shoes are limited to basketball games and sportswear. Although I wouldn’t say they’re wrong, since the brand screams “basketball player,” Jordans are, in fact, a popular form of casual wear.

They can be paired with jeans, shorts, casual dresses, and skirts—you name it! Shoes in the modern era are more about fashion trends and unique styles. Even if you’re not a basketball player, you can style these shoes to make the perfect Outfit Of The Day!

Moreover, Jordans are also helpful for gym freaks who practice bodybuilding and powerlifting. These shoes can meet your comfort needs while adding just the right flavor to your look.

However, finding a suitable model for yourself can be challenging. What’s even harder with Jordan shoes is the countless models with added features released each year. Being a basketball fan myself, I understand how it feels.

Below, I’ve listed the best picks from the Jordan line for both comfort and style, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

Our Picks for the Best Jordan Basketball Shoes


Best Jordan Shoes For Outdoor Basketball

1. Jordan Zion 2

Product photo of the Jordan Zion 2 basketball shoe, white with black heel and interior, with pink, yellow, and teal sole.

Available at:


Basketball shoes are mainly designed for indoor gaming on slippery floors. So, what if you finally saved enough to get your hands on a fabulous pair of Jordan shoes, but they start ripping when you play your favorite sport outdoors? That would be disappointing.

Jordan Zion 2 is the best choice when it comes to playing basketball outdoors. Why? Because it has better traction than any other shoe and its wide outsole reinforces the sidewalls. This added feature allows extra stability for playing outdoors, which is exactly what we’re looking for!

Unique Features

  1. Air cushioning under the forefoot. 
  2. The forefoot strap locks your foot in place. 
  3. Made of synthetic leather. 


  • Better traction. 
  • Highly durable. 
  • Outdoor-friendly. 


  • Not breathable enough. 
  • May feel heavy.

What People Are Saying

One customer called Jordan Zion 2 a “golden shoe for basketball players who like to incorporate lateral movements due to its reinforced sidewalls.”

Honorable Mention

You may also want to look at Nike Jordan Men’s Zion 1. This may not match the same level as the Zion 2, but it might be the next best thing!


2. Air Jordan 36

Product photo of the Air Jordan 36, purple and black lattice with black accents on top and white, purple, and orange sole.

Available at:


The next product we have in line is the Air Jordan 36, which features a leno jacquard weave upper. Although it might not be as appealing, it keeps you extra supported during your game. 

The traction is great, allowing you to perform well both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, the shoe is lightweight compared to Jordan Zion 2.

Jordan 36 comes with super-strong outsole and upper materials wrapped up towards the midsole, ensuring solid stability for your feet.

Unique Features

  1. Forefoot Zoom Air unit 
  2. Made of incredibly strong materials


  • Amazing cushioning 
  • Light-weight 
  • Phenomenal traction
  • Great for outdoors
  • Bonus points for style


  • Narrow fit may be tight for players with wide feet.
  • Expensive compared to some other Jordans.

What People Are Saying

The Air Jordan 36 has been described by a customer as “fun and bouncy” who also said, “I can’t get enough of the cushion setup.” You can understand why this one’s a hit!

Honorable Mention

If the price of Jordan 36 makes you reconsider, take a look at Air Jordan 36 Low, which has almost the same features at a lower price.


Best Jordan Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

1. Nike Men’s Air Jordan XXXVII

Product photo of 1. Nike Men's Air Jordan XXXVII basketball shoe, white with cutout design and red Air Jordan logo on back heel.

Available at:


When getting a pair of shoes, finding a size that lets your foot find enough room for movement is essential. Having the right shoe size saves you from injury and helps you run smoothly across the court. 

If you’re a person with wide feet, you know how hard it is to get a perfect size, especially if you need shoes for playing sports. 

Nike Men’s Air Jordan XXXVII is here to save your day with its breathable and lightweight construction giving you all the room you need. 

These shoes are built for powerful heel strikes, allowing you to transfer energy forwards. And if you’re a fore-foot heavy player, you are in for a treat! 

Unique Features

  1. Assisted Crash Landing Formula 23 foam for extra bounce
  2. Multiple Air Units allow breathability


  • True-to-size fit
  • Comfortable & breathable
  • Light-weight
  • Ideal for wide feet 


  • More expensive than some other options
  • The upper of the shoe is thin and has a plastic feeling.

What People Are Saying

One reviewer described the Air Jordan 37 as “an all-rounder, with its only downside being its high price.”

Honorable Mention

The Jordan 37s are great, but if you find them heavier or just don’t like their design, you can check out the Jordan Zoom Separate. These are stylish and provide great traction for wide-foot basketballers.


2. Air Jordan Men’s Zoom 92

Product photo of Air Jordan Men's Zoom 92, white with green and yellow accents, black Nike swoosh on upper side, and green and white sole.

Available at:


This model is a subtle blend of features from previous sneakers such as the Air Jordan VII, Nike Air Max 180, and Nike Air Force 5. 

Zoom 92 incorporates vintage styles with a fusion of modern-era designs perfectly. So if you’re up for wide-footed best-looking Jordans, this one’s for you! 

The Zoom 92 is built with responsive cushioning. The Zoom Air technology, along with its design, gives your foot great containment, so your wide feet can rest well. Moreover, its flexible internal sleeve allows you further comfort. 

Unique Features

  1. Zoom Air under the ball of your foot 
  2. External stiff overlay
  3. Fluffy foam on the heel


  • Comfortable 
  • Quality leather 
  • Light-weight
  • Herringbone tread pattern on the outsole for traction


  • Priced higher. 
  • Might be tight for some (so order a size or half bigger)

What People Are Saying

Customers have described this one as having “the perfect vibrancy.” It has “stylish colors and provides great room for your wide feet.”

However, one person noted that “it’s more of a collector’s shoe than a performance shoe.”

Best Jordan Retro Basketball Shoes

1. Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro

Product photo of Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro basketball shoe, white with orange and beige sole.

Available at:


Michael Jordan – a basketball player or a vintage fashion icon? You tell me! With the best Jordan retro basketball shoes, you can grab people’s attention with your looks and your performance on the court.

The Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro is my first pick for style and execution of construction. It uses the Nike Air cushioning units both on the forefoot and the heel. These units compress when you place pressure on them and bounce back when the pressure lifts, allowing you the best energy return.

The side panels and tongue of the Air Jordan 5 Retro have clear rubber nettings that allow a suitable amount of ventilation and breathability to your foot. Get ready to say goodbye to foot sweat and odor!

Unique features

  1. Nike Air cushioning units 
  2. Clear rubber nettings for ventilation


  • Provides lightweight cushioning 
  • Durable material
  • Good court feel
  • Great retro look


  • Loses upper rigidity after multiple uses 
  • May be heavy for some players

What People Are Saying

Reviewers have described this one as “a shoe with excellent cushioning, great traction, and a good fit” with “the perfect 90’s retro look.”

Honorable Mention

The Jordan 5 Retro Racer Blue has fabulous fashion kicks that serve the same purpose at a lower price.


2. Jordan 3 Retro Fire Red

Product photo of Jordan 3 Retro Fire Red basketball shoe, red leather side and toe with white and gray sole, and white and black accents on back and front.

Available at:


This wonderful retro pair was released in March 2022 as a remake of the shoe worn by members of the St. John’s Red Storm college basketball team during the 1980s. The signature ”university red” colorway and elephant print overlays at the heel and forefoot add to its beauty. 

This one is more for customers who want style added to their game look. Jordan Retro 3 is appealing to the eyes and also provides a comfortable foot lining that prevents heat build-up. Moreover, its high-quality leather makes it extremely durable and long-lasting. 

Unique Features 

  1. Visible Air-Sole unit in the heel 
  2. High-performance leather 
  3. Elephant print overlays 
  4. Polyurethane midsole 


  • Durable 
  • Breathable 
  • Top-notch craftsmanship 
  • Classic retro look


  • A little expensive
  • The leather is prone to scratches and dirt 

What People Are Saying

One player wrote in their review, “These shoes are a great product that reflects Micheal Jordan’s performance and personality attributes.”

Best Jordan Shoes for Lifestyle and Basketball

1. Air Jordan 1 Mid

Product photo of Air Jordan 1 Mid basketball shoe, white and gray with Air Jordan basketball loto on upper side and black Nike swoosh on side.

Available at:


If you’re a basketball player who’s conscious about their sportswear, this one’s for you. Fashion icons claim that shoes should not be limited to a particular sport. You should be able to wear them anywhere you want and with whatever clothing you like. Don’t you agree?

So how about we find the best in both worlds? Something sporty enough for you to win a game and fetch compliments outside of it. Well, my pick for the best Jordan shoe for lifestyle and basketball is, for sure, the Air Jordan 1 Mid. 

It’s a feast for the eyes and comes with a resilient build so that you can wear it every day for extended periods. Moreover, it has a thick rubber outsole, sturdy stitching, and quality leather, making it the perfect material!

Additionally, you can wear it for hours thanks to its well-padded collar and bouncy air cushioning. Pain-free walking all day long!

Unique Features

  1. Thick rubber outsole 
  2. Bouncy air cushioning


  • Great stitching 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Can be worn casually
  • Budget-friendly


  • Average leather quality 
  • Easily creases

What People Are Saying

One helpful review described these shoes as “a hybrid between the high and low, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds.”

Honorable Mention

For women who love shoes along the same lines, Nike Women’s Air Jordan 1 Low UNC is something you should check out!


2. Jordan 6 Rings

Product photo of Jordan 6 Rings basketball shoe, all black with red sole (very bottom).

Available at:


Seven renowned Air Jordan kicks gave birth to this one making it a great lifestyle as well as an excellent basketball shoe. Jordan 6 Rings is constructed with patented leather and solid mesh upper which makes it breathable and enhances flexibility. 

Jordan 6 rings provide support for long hours when used as a lifestyle shoe as well as it provides great traction and stability when used for basketball. It offers adequate ankle support and springy cushioning to keep your feet comfortable and protected.

The shoe helps your feet lock in without the need to tie laces due to its Huarache-like lining. 

The Jordan 6 Rings has a shiny leather overlay and a robust sole that makes it distinctive and attractive. And the best part is, they last longer than your usual basketball sneakers! 

Unique Features

  1. Huarache-like lining that perfectly secures the foot in place 
  2. Abundant ankle support 
  3. Shiny leather upper makes it easy to clean


  • Durable materials 
  • Versatile 
  • Excellent traction
  • Comfortable for hours 
  • Great for casual wear as well


  • Creases quickly 
  • Expensive

What People Are Saying

One user commented that “Jordan 6 Rings are versatile. They match with a nice dress suit and even with casual attire, a perfect addition to my shoe collection.”

Honorable Mention

If the lace-free build of this shoe interests you, you’ll want to check out Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low.

Men’s | Women’s


Best Budget Jordan Shoes

1. Air Jordan Zoom Separate

Product photo of Air Jordan Zoom Separate basketball shoe, black with thick white sole with multi-color underside. Small green text along lacing reads "Jordan Brand Performance."

Available at:


Are you tired of coming across Jordans that fit your needs but are way heavy on the pockets? Are trendy cool shoes only for the elites? Fortunately, no.

Here are my favorite budget-friendly basketball shoes that will add a statement to your outfit: the Air Jordan Zoom Separate. 

Jordan Zoom Separate is an excellent option for players who outplay their opponents with footwork. It has grippy traction that helps you perform well on most court surfaces. 

In addition, its forefoot has an air unit, making it ideal for heavy forefoot players to get the right amount of bounce. 

The broad shoe base and outrigger help brace players when they make cuts in different directions. 

If you’re on a budget, the excellent impact protection, supportive built, cushioning, and traction make it a top-tier choice. 

Unique Features

  1. Midfoot area is made of neoprene making it heat resistant 
  2. Inner lining is made of smooth satin 
  3. Extremely wide base
  4. Herringbone and radial traction patterns in the outsole


  • Traction grips well and lasts long 
  • True-to-size fit 
  • Amazing forefoot support
  • Surprisingly affordable for performance


  • No impact protection on the rear end of the shoe 
  • Not the best quality of materials 

What People Are Saying

Reviewers have called these “an all-rounder sneaker for the price,” which is why this is one of our top picks. 

One person described it as a great option “for players who want to outplay their opponents with footwork.”

Honorable Mention

You can also check out Jordan Men’s Air 1 Centre Court, another budget-friendly option.


2. Jordan 11 Retro Low

Product photo of Jordan 11 Retro Low basketball shoes, all gray in varying shades with cutouts on sides and white and gray sole.

Available at:


Starting with the last review of this article and a very budget-friendly one, we have the Jordan 11 Retro Low. 

These shoes should be your go-to for comfortable cushioning at every step of your walk. In addition, these shoes are a great addition to your summer wear as it has elephant print leather with mesh vents that enhance breathability.

What’s more? Jordan 11 Retro Low has a herringbone traction pattern that provides the greatest grip on any surface. Moreover, it has a rope lacing system that allows you to customize the fitting according to your liking. It’s equipped with a full-length Nike Air Unit giving you all the comfort you need. 

And if you’re looking for more low-top shoes, find out what other shoes from the Jordan line we recommend!

What People Are Saying

  1. Mesh vents allow ventilation 
  2. Herringbone traction pattern for strong grip


  • Great quality 
  • True-to-size fit 
  • Pocket-friendly 


  • Rigid construction

What People Are Saying

Several people called the Jordan 11 Retro “a shoe that sticks true to its word” and noted that it’s “a cost-effective, great option.”


Q. Are Jordans actually good for basketball?

Jordan shoes are great for playing basketball! When Nike originally designed the Air Jordan 1 for the superstar Michael Jordan in 1984, they designed it for use on a basketball floor.

Newer versions of Jordans are released annually with added features to support unique playing styles and provide optimal performance on indoor and outdoor courts. You can pick from many options even if one shoe type doesn’t suit you.

Q. What is Michael Jordan’s favorite basketball shoe?

Micheal Jordan says his favorite shoes are the Air Jordan 11 Concord, although when asked to choose his favorite in an interview, Micheal said it felt like he had to name his favorite child. 

 The Jordan 11 Concord is said to have become Micheal’s lucky charm when he returned to the NBAs in 1995 and was named the MVP, All-Star MVP, and Finals MVP. Also, Jordan led the scoreboard and helped his team secure the best regular season record in the NBA. 

Q. Do any NBA players wear Jordan 1s?

“Unless you’re team Jordan, you can’t wear my shoes,” said the legendary Micheal Jordan. NBA players usually do not wear Jordans. However, some players occasionally wear Retro Jordans. Nate Robinson has been previously reported to have his shoes exchanged for Jordan XIIIs after a poor first-half performance.

 Moreover, newer editions of the famous Jordan brand shoes come with superior quality and better construction, which may also be the reason NBA players don’t wear the Jordan 1s

Q. Which Jordan is the most popular?

Micheal Jordan’s signature shoe, the Jordan 11, helped the Chicago Bulls score a historic 72-win in the 1995 NBA season. Rightfully so, these pairs of shoes quickly became popular.

However, the Jordan 1 Chicago is undoubtedly the most popular since its premiere on “The Last Dance.” This same product started the whole shoe revolution and paved the way for style and fashion with sports.

Our Final Thoughts

Jordans have been at the forefront of basketball shoes for decades. Factors like your budget, need for foot room, traction, and cushioning, and your own preferences for fit and style will influence your final decision. But taking the time to choose will be worth it when you finally slip them on and feel that confidence boost on the street and the court.

I hope this guide helped you to find the best Jordan basketball shoes for yourself. Happy Hooping!

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