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The 13 Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball No Matter What You Need in 2024

Finding the best basketball shoes for volleyball can be a tough task, but it’s worth it. When you play multiple sports, it can be a lifesaver when you find a shoe that works for both of them. Not only does it save you a ton of time and money shopping, but it also makes things easier when choosing what to wear.

Did I mention that it’s also pretty tough to find any volleyball shoe that looks as nice as most basketball shoes? Regardless, if you play both sports or just want some better-looking volleyball shoes, there’s a lot of carryover between the two when it comes to a great shoe.

Why? To start, basketball shoes are built for indoor wooden courts, just like volleyball shoes. They also prioritize tread, bounce, and movement. Volleyball requires shoes that check those same boxes, but they may lack the features or support that basketball shoes have to ensure high performance, stability, and agility. 

To play your best game, you need the best shoes for your sport that will stand the test of time.

The legs of a person, top center, wearing the white and gold basketball shoes on a black court next to four white volleyballs.

Why Do You Want Basketball Shoes For Volleyball?

Surprisingly, volleyball and basketball have similar requirements. Both sports need shoes with support for jumping, blocking, instant movement, and grip.

Some volleyball shoes lack these traits, but thankfully, multiple basketball shoes are versatile and perform well in other sports. You can get added cushioning, ankle support, responsive midsoles, and a durable silhouette.  

What to Prioritize in Basketball Shoes for Volleyball


The fit of a shoe is personal, so analyzing your feet’s needs will ensure you receive the proper support. You’ll need a shoe you feel comfortable moving in, so create a checklist for your sport’s needs.

For example, opt for a shoe with a rounded toe box if you have wide feet, or a mid-to-high rise if you want to ensure ankle stability.

Also, some basketball shoes can run too small, too large, or fit true-to-size—so be sure to check the fit of your new shoes before committing to a purchase.


Choosing a shoe that performs well on and off the court is crucial. Most basketball shoes offer TPU material, a lightweight mesh upper, rubber outsoles, and a responsive foam midsole to keep you agile during your game.

The Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball – Nike Zoom Gravity

Nike Zoom Gravity basketball shoe in dark and light gray, with large silver mesh Nike swoosh on the side, black laces, and blue and white sole.

Nike caters to a vast range of sports, including basketball and volleyball. The Nike Zoom Gravity appears humble at first glance, but don’t let this lightweight shoe fool you. The comfortable cushion offers proper support without sacrificing traction.

The Zoom Gravity features a cushioned experience thanks to its foamy midsole, prioritizing comfort while ensuring your feet have proper support for all activities. Also, the rubber soles provide traction for basketball and volleyball courts alike.

Just remember that the Zoom Gravity features a narrow toe box and a lightweight upper layer, so some people may need to size up in this model or wear thinner socks.

  • Flexible midsole
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber soles for traction
  • Sleek style
  • Functional for most sports
  • Narrow toe box
  • Runs small

What People Are Saying About It

“The Nike Zoom Gravity lives up to what you’d expect of a well-rounded basketball-to-volleyball shoe.”

Honorable Mention – Nike Men’s Zoom Gravity Anthracite

Also in the Zoom family is another go-to shoe that makes the transition between basketball and volleyball easy.

The Nike Men’s Zoom Gravity Anthracite is a slightly pricier version of the regular Zoom Gravity with a similar midsole and narrow toe box. It may be worth investing in its flexible foam midsole and overall weightless feel.

Best Adidas Basketball Shoes For Volleyball – Adidas Crazy Explosive Men’s Basketball Shoe

Side profile of Adidas Crazy Explosive Men’s Basketball Shoe, black with gray Adidas logo and white laces.

While Adidas rules the sneaker game with lifestyle and fitness shoes, their basketball shoes, like the Crazy Explosive, are underrated. This made-in-the-USA footwear has a modern all-black design molded with the comfort of a sock.

It’s the ideal Adidas basketball shoe for volleyball because it offers core functions for success in both sports and can quickly become a favorite due to its versatile production.

For example, the Crazy Explosive features a high-top design that prioritizes ankle support without downgrading mobility, and the fused-mesh upper offers breathability to avoid straining your foot, especially during jumping motions. 

Other unique features include a receptive midsole and cushioned rubber sole bought by Adidas’ signature Boost technology. The Crazy Explosive is durable and sturdy, but may be too heavy depending on your shoe preference.

  • Ankle support
  • Boost technology
  • Fused-mesh upper
  • Structures midsole
  • High-top
  • Heavier silhouette
  • Taut fabric material

What People Are Saying About It

“Finally a shoe based on technology, not someone’s name on it. Crazy Explosive offers quality without upselling a brand or celebrity name.”

Honorable Mention – Adidas Unisex Adult Harden Vol 5 Basketball Shoe

The Harden Vol 5 Futurenatural Basketball Shoe is an excellent fit for basketball and volleyball players. The unisex design and fit don’t sacrifice performance: it features a lightweight upper and energetic midsole for cushion and bounce.

Best Nike Basketball Shoes For Volleyball – Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XIV 14 Basketball Shoe

Closeup of single Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XIV 14 Basketball Shoe, white with black Nike swoosh against red rectangle, and red and white sole.

Nike prides itself on creating high-performing basketball shoes with its all-time favorite players. That includes the Nike Men’s Lebron Soldiers, which ensure you can stay functional on the court, off the court, or even during a volleyball match.

Featuring a flexible, sock-like support around the ankles for mobility, this Lebron model fits the bill for the best Nike basketball shoes for volleyball. The rubber soles are durable and make for fantastic traction for volleyball and basketball players.

Nike ensures you’ll receive comfort and agility with the shoe’s full-length foam and energy-return midsole. They’ve also added extra padding towards the heel and a softer upper that prioritizes breathability.

The Nike Lebron Soldier XIV 14 Basketball Shoe includes a woven upper material to offer ankle support without the extra chunkiness of most basketball shoes. Instead, it offers a more mid-rise finish.

  • Padded heel and foam midsole
  • Tech-inspired design
  • Rubber soles for excellent traction for both sports
  • Woven fabric upper
  • Available in multiple colorways
  • Narrow toe box

What People Are Saying About It

“Rest assured: like all other Nike shoes, the Nike Lebron Soldier XIV 14 Basketball Shoe is true-to-size, fits well, and is very comfortable.”

Honorable Mention – Nike Men’s Kyrie 7 TB Basketball Shoe

The Nike Men’s Kyrie TB is a pricey option and that may appeal to those looking to invest in an all-around shoe. It features an upper with mesh fabric and speeding-boost sole technology.

Best Kobe Basketball Shoes For Volleyball – Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe

Closeup side view of Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe. red with black sole and Nike swoosh.


Another iconic basketball shoe is the Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe. Designed to provide a performative edge on the basketball court, it also doubles as a high-quality volleyball shoe.

To start, the Mamba Focus combines lightweight materials for the sort of jumping and agility needed for basketball and volleyball. In addition, the rubber soles promote grip and stability. With a flexible low-top style, this is a great hybrid or casual basketball shoe for any sport

As a pleasant bonus, the Mamba Focus is available in various colors, so you can pick the perfect style for you

However, it’s slightly expensive and features a narrower toe box that may only suit some foot shapes. Regardless, the Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe can cater to a vast range of fitness needs.

  • Fits true-to-size
  • Low-top, breathable mesh upper
  • Responsive midsole
  • Versatile performance
  • Multiple designs
  • High price point
  • Less focus on ankle support

What People Are Saying About It

“An ideal shoe for those who play basketball competitively. I recently switched from Mamba Rages to the Focus, needless to say I’m beyond satisfied with the quality and performance.”

Honorable Mention – Nike Kobe Ad NXT Black Men’s Limited Edition

Another option for those looking to invest in a basketball shoe for volleyball is the Nike Kobe AD NXT Black Men’s Limited Edition.

While this model runs more expensive than the Mamba Focus, it features a secured high-top and structured silhouette. It’s worth the investment to ensure high performance and ankle stability.

Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball Hitters – Under Armour Jet ‘21 Basketball Shoe

Closeup of Under Armour Jet ‘21 Basketball Shoes, light gray with pink and gray detail on upper and Under Armour symbol. Soles are marbled pink, blue, and white.

Volleyball hitters need to prioritize support, agility, and stability. While brands like Adidas and Nike dominate the sports market, Under Armour has created an underdog basketball shoe for volleyball hitters: check out the Jet ’21 Basketball Shoe.

This shoe is a volleyball hitter’s dream thanks to its rounded toe box, breathable mesh lining, and cushioned midsole. In addition, it promotes ankle support with its mid-rise design ideal for jumping, grip, and quick movement.

Other features include lace-up closure, additional foam around the ankles, and an overall weightless feel thanks to mesh materials. The rubber sole offers impeccable traction on basketball and volleyball courts.

The Under Armour Jet ’21 Basketball Shoe is available in multiple colorways and sizes, and offers a unisex silhouette. Under Armor’s options ensure each volleyball hitter has shoes to fit their standard.

  • Affordable and accessible
  • Rounded toe box
  • Ankle support with extra cushion
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Cushioned midsole for bounce and agility
  • Unclear sizing chart

What People Are Saying About It

“The fit can feel snug so wider feet can size up. Otherwise, the shoe offers a comfortable hold to promote speed and agility.”

Honorable Mention – Adidas Harden Stepback 3

The Adidas Harden Stepback 3 is designed to perform well on hardwood, which can serve as an advantage for volleyball hitters. In addition, you can expect a secure fit thanks to lace-up closure and mid-rise ankle support. It’s available for men and women.

Best Basketball Shoe For Volleyball Players With Wide Feet – Nike Men’s Jordan Max Aura Basketball Shoes

Closeup of single Nike Men’s Jordan Max Aura Basketball Shoe, all gray with white and gray sole.

Basketball and volleyball require players to move and deliver within a second, so investing in the proper footwear is a must—especially for those with wide feet. Choosing a shoe with a rounded or expansive toe box is crucial.

A great example is Nike’s Men’s Jordan Aura Basketball Shoe, which can easily translate from basketball to volleyball. It features a rectangular tox box rather than a narrow one, ensuring that wide feet have space to stay secure without pressure.

This shoe has a gray colorway and is available in various sizes. In addition, the Max Auras features a durable leather and high-top design to provide the ultimate protection. The braided laces offer additional support and security.

Nike ensures these are the best basketball shoes for volleyball players with wide feet. However, the Jordan brand tends to run slightly small, so to guarantee that wider feet are adequately supported, it may be wise to purchase half a size up.

And if you’re looking for more options, check out our full list of the best basketball shoes for wide feet on Shoe Guide here!

  • Durable leather material
  • High-top design for ankle support
  • Braided laces for security
  • Multiple sizes
  • Wide toe box
  • Model can run small

What People Are Saying About It

“It’s crucial to note that Jordans run a little tight around the toes, so always go up half a size. Ensuring you have enough space keeps your feet firm yet stable while moving on the court.”

Honorable Mention – Nike Men’s Jordan Why Not Zero 4

Nike Jordan is known for providing impeccable basketball shoes that all athletes love, including those who play volleyball.

The Why Not Zero 4 caters to volleyball with wide feet with its flexible upper material and chunky sole. It also performs well in everyday wear.

Again, it may be necessary to size up.

Best Basketball Shoes For Men’s Volleyball – Asics Gel Rocket 10

Closeup of Asics Gel Rocket 10. They are two black shoes with gold detailing on the Asics symbol on the sides and white soles.

Are you looking for a basketball shoe that can support your feet in everyday life and double as a volleyball shoe? The Asics Gel Rocket 10 is a well-rounded, best basketball shoe for men’s volleyball thanks to its versatile, subtle silhouette.

While it lacks the traditional ankle support of most basketball shoes, it makes up for it with the extra foam-padded collar and molded EVA sole. In addition, Asics developed this shoe with their Signature Gel Cushioning System to offer shock absorption & agility.

The Asics Gel Rocket 10 includes a lightweight mesh upper for breathability while bouncing around the court and a rubber outsole to maintain traction and grip. Also, the cushioning system with the durable sole makes for a great volleyball/basketball shoe.

In addition, this model is available in multiple sizes and colorways. While it’s marketed as a volleyball shoe, it comes in handy for all on-court sports like basketball. The versatility of this shoe ensures support for any activity.

  • Versatile
  • Asics Signature Gel Cushioning System
  • Ideal for court sports like basketball and volleyball
  • Breathable mesh upper lining
  • Foam-padded collar
  • Lack of ankle support

What People Are Saying About It

“The Asics Gel Rocket 10 are comfortable and well-constructed. Asics has always prioritized quality while crafting Indoor Wooden Court Surface shoes.”

Honorable Mention – Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Men’s Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Men’s Basketball Shoe is another attractive option for the best basketball shoe for men’s volleyball.

 It features a traditional basketball silhouette with ankle support, a TPU shank and propulsion plate, and a bounce midsole. These components ensure stability, agility, and cushion support for men’s volleyball and basketball.

Best Basketball Shoes For Women’s Volleyball – Adidas Women’s Exhibit B Mid Basketball Shoe

Closeup of light and dark gray Adidas Women’s Exhibit B Mid Basketball Shoe.

Hard-court sports require shoes that offer grip, comfort, and bounce. So, Adidas ensured the Women’s Exhibit B Lightstrike Mid Basketball shoe does all that and more. It’s also the ideal basketball shoe for women’s volleyball.

These shoes offer a snug fit to stabilize the foot during take-off or hard landing. In addition, the rubber sole provides impeccable tread for basketball and volleyball. It’s a thick and chunky model with a mid-rise to stabilize the ankle.

Other features of this shoe include locked-down lacing for extra security and additional padding around the ankle. Adidas crafted it with a weightless midsole ideal for handling swift, dynamic movement.

The Women’s Exhibit B Lightstrike Mid Basketball Shoe has a full-size run tailored for multiple court sports. It’s also great for the environmentally conscious; for example, 25% of the upper mesh is made of recycled materials.

  • Lightstrike mid-sole
  • Mid-rise ankle support
  • Rubber sole for tread
  • Additional padding on the upper mesh
  • Made from recycled material
  • Chunky silhouette
  • Potential to weigh down feet

What People Are Saying About It

“I was very happy with these shoes and even happier about the grip they offered. They fit tremendously well!”

Honorable Mention – Knicy Max Performance Basketball Shoe

Knicy understands the need for a high-performing, versatile shoe without breaking the bank. As a result, the Max Performance Basketball Shoe comes in an array of colors and sizes, in addition to features required for basketball and volleyball.

It features TPU material for blocking and jumping, a sturdy rubber sole for traction, soft upper material for ankle support, and an additional foam insole for adequate arch support.


Investing in the right shoes guarantees you’ll have adequate support during training or on game day.

Some volleyball shoes lack certain features that basketball shoes can offer, like TPU material, ankle support, or padded midsoles, which benefit most indoor wooden courts sports like volleyball and basketball.

Lastly, basketball shoes are pretty versatile and help volleyball athletes that are hitters, strikers, or those even with wider feet or flat feet.

Which shoes will you be wearing on the court?

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