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Asics DS Trainer 25 Review

The Asics DS Trainer 25 is the 25th edition of the Gel DS Trainer line from Asics. This shoe was one of our top choices for runners with flat feet. Choosing the wrong shoes to run in if you have flat feet can be harmful to your body and your wellbeing, resulting in both physical and mental stress.

The DS Trainer 25 is an incredibly lightweight and supportive stability shoe that contains several technologies developed by Asics to support and correct stride-related issues due to flat-footedness. The lightweight quality can be attributed mainly to Asics’s new Flytefoam technology.

Fast Facts About this Offering

  • Textile synthetic material
  • Impact Guidance System (IGS) technology.  Specially designed by Asics to enhance the foot's natural gait.
  • Revolutionary Flytefoam technology makes for a quick, smooth ride.
  • The Duomax support system improves stability and support.
  • Trusstic Technology mimics the foot's connective tissue and makes up for fallen arches.
  • Fluidfit technology increases comfortability while providing sturdy support.

Performance and Use

The DS Trainer 25 is the perfect shoe for a runner who is used to regularly running with stability shoes but isn’t too happy with how heavy they’re generally made. If you’re looking for a lighter alternative, this shoe is very lightweight for a stability shoe yet offers all of the same protections you’d expect from other similar brands. The Duomax support system at the front of the shoe protects against overpronation and stabilizes stride, keeping you in control.

The introduction of Flytefoam technology to the midsole is what makes these shoes so incredibly light in weight. Asics claims that the Flytefoam midsole is made 55% lighter than the industry standard. This robust and flexible material absorbs shock and springboards each step, resulting in a smooth and fast ride. Organic “super fibers” quickly bounce back to their original shape after each step, providing quality adaptive cushioning for the entire run.

Another useful part of this shoe is Asics’s patented Trusstic technology, located in the middle of the sole. This part of the sole reinforces the shoe to prevent twisting of the foot during a run that may hinder stable movement. The Trusstic technology increases stability and support for people with issues in gait due to flat feet.

Cushioning and Comfort

The Gel-DS Trainer 25 is designed to provide a comfortable run for people with flat feet. Again, the Flytefoam technology that makes this shoe so shock absorbent and springy makes it one of the lightest trainers out there. With a midsole that’s half the weight of the industry standard, and with a cushion-to-weight ratio that outmatches much of the competition, you’ll feel light on your feet and ready to take on the road.

Asics’s Fluidfit technology consists of a mesh upper with both non-elastic parts for reinforcement and elastic parts which improve the shoe’s responsiveness to the foot. This increases stability and running efficiency while maintaining a comfortable fit. The lightweight synthetic mesh material that surrounds this shoe is very breathable, which keeps your feet cool, dry, and comfortable even on a hard run.

The Fluidfit technology helps the shoe form more closely to the foot, making the fit comfortably snug. The heel of the shoe contains a hard piece of plastic that firmly locks in your foot, preventing the dreaded heel slide, without feeling too tight or sacrificing any comfort.

Value and Cost

This shoe isn’t extremely pricey, it runs in the middle of the pricing spectrum for running shoes, but it’s made from the quality materials that runners have come to expect from Asics. What makes this shoe worth the cost is the inclusion of several of Asics’s patented technologies. In fact, for many purchasers, the lightweight nature combined with firm support is what makes this shoe worth paying a little extra. There are cheaper support shoes available on the market, but not many that can provide the support and lightweight feeling as this pair. The DS Trainer 25 is sure to deliver the durability, comfortability, and stability that flat-footed runners need.

Asics DS Trainer 25: The Pros

  • This shoe is incredibly light but offers firm support. The Flytefoam tech in this shoe is the star of the show. The midsole is light but is supportive enough to correct any issues in stride a flat-footed runner may experience. If you’re looking for a durable and robust shoe but aren’t looking to be weighed down while running, Asics has made the shoe for you. Flytefoam gives you an explosive and responsive ride without weighing you down with all the extra cushion.
  • Excellent as a trainer or a racing shoe. Whether you’re using them for a workout or the big race, the Gel DS Trainer 25 will work for you. Despite the word “trainer” in the name, these shoes are light and durable enough to race in. Most of the cushion in the sole is concentrated on the rear, making these shoes feel like a trainer in the back and a racer in the front.
  • Superior tread. The tread of this shoe is good enough to hold up no matter what weather conditions you’re running in. When compared to previous versions of the Asics DS Trainers, the forefoot trading has been dramatically enhanced in the 25th version in this line. The probability of serious injury resulting from a slip and fall is significantly reduced with the DS Trainer 25, as Asics has added larger and more prominent lugs at the front of the shoe to enhance traction when changing directions or rounding a curve.
  • Reflect surfaces makes this a great night time running shoe. This shoe doesn’t come in a vast variety of styles and colors. There are women’s and men’s fashions, with only a couple of different colors for each. However, each of these styles comes with very reflective accents, which means that you’ll have no problem being seen by traffic if you’re a fan of running at night.

Asics DS Trainer 25: The Cons

  • The toe box is narrow. Asics’s shoes are somewhat expected by many runners to have a slightly tight toe box, and this pair is no different. If you like ample room for your toes to move around, these may take some getting used to. Buying a half-size larger could also solve this problem, as the fit is snug enough to make up for the extra length.
  • The tongue is too thin. The tongue of this shoe seems to be an afterthought in development. It’s just a thin strip of fabric, only connected to the shoe at the bottom lace and by a mid-foot fabric loop. This can cause the corners of the tongue to fold over, which can make lacing a chore, or allow the tongue to slide, which can be very annoying and can leave your socks exposed.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

If you’re a regular runner who suffers from flat feet or overpronation, you need to choose the right type of shoe for proper stability and pronation control. If you’re looking for a more lightweight alternative stability shoe, then the Asics Gel-DS Trainer 25 is the shoe for you. With multiple technologies developed by Asics, these shoes are sure to be one of your go-to running shoes.

The Flytefoam midsole is the main selling point of this shoe. It offers stable support and a strong springboard effect while also being 55% lighter than the industry standard for running shoes. The Trusstic technology reinforces and further aids in correcting issues of stability related to flat feet.

It works well as both a trainer and a racing shoe. While there are other lightweight support trainers on the market, the Asics Gel DS Trainer 25 sets itself apart from the competition.

The Asics DS Trainer 25 is included in our comprehensive guide to the best running shoes for flat feet.

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