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Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 Review

The Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 running shoes are a top-quality pair of shoes, particularly for people with flat feet or plantar fasciitis. It's crucial to have a stable pair of running shoes with proper arch support to prevent over-pronation. They possess Dynamic Fit technology, Flywire cables in the laces, and Deep Flex grooves for a solid balance of flexibility and tractions. These shoes are built with both comfort and effective running in mind, so you can wear them confidently and without worry.

Those who find themselves afflicted with plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or other foot problems may cringe at the concept of running. The issues are one of the most frequent causes of pain in the heels of adults, and is particularly common amongst runners.

Many suffering from plantar fasciitis are painfully aware that the ground zero for heel pain occurs right after waking. However, more pinpoint pain occurs during and after a run. Using incorrect and ill-fitting footwear will not provide you with the arch and heel support needed will do nothing but exacerbate this pain.

The treatment of plantar fasciitis often involves regular stretching. But, one of the simplest ways to ease the associated pain is to wear shoes that will support the arch and heel properly.

The Nike Zoom Structure is one wonderful example of a stellar running shoe for flat feet and for plantar fasciitis. From the most well-known brand in footwear, the Zoom Structure is a great choice for plantar fasciitis sufferers and for those with flat feet.

Fast Facts About this Offering

  • Flymesh material for breathability
  • Zoom Air unit for non-bulky cushioning
  • Flywire cables in laces with dynamic lockdown support
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Variety of color options
  • Dynamic Fit technology for midfoot support
  • Deep Flex grooves for a healthy balance of traction and flexibility
  • Reasonable price
  • Useful for runners with flat feet
  • Features and Benefits

    Nike’s Zoom Structure running shoe has been one of the market dominating running shoes for a very long time, and for good reason. These shoes provide a strong middle ground for runners between the minimalist-focused design and appeal of the Nike Revolution, and the bulkiness found with shoes from the likes of Asics and New Balance.

    These shoes have a thick foam cushioned footbed, as well as Nike Zoom materials. These work in tandem to provide incredibly strong energy return with every step. Additionally, some enhanced forefoot cushioning makes this running shoe option ideal for perfecting running form while also alleviating the over pronation issues common with plantar fasciitis and flat feet.

    Finally, several reviewers have noted the Zoom Structure’s assistance provided with completely eradicating the flare-ups that occur with plantar fasciitis sufferers when in the process of running. They compare it with the Asics Gel Nimbus (which we review here).

    Performance in Our Testing

    We at Shoe Guide are known for our rigorous testing procedures. Our selections for the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis were no exception. We put the Nike Zoom Structure through a series of three separate tests, all taking place across various courses in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Those tests included:

    • A flatter route on strong pavement, with terrains ranging from asphalt to loose pebbles, carpeting, linoleum and sidewalks. Goal: a four-mile loop around the perimeter of the Regency Square Mall, one of those miles being a jogging pace.
    • A more off-road route, the Spanish Pond Trail, with mud, stocks, debris and plenty of rugged terrains. Goal: Another four miles across environments untested in the flatter route, with a mile at a solid trail running pace.
    • An intense stair climbing route, up the 42-floor stairwell of the Banks of America Tower in downtown. Goal: Testing the quality of the shoes over quick turnarounds, damp environments, closed quarters, and rapid inclines.

    Here are how these running shoes performed:

    In the flat route, the Nike Zoom Structure performed extremely well. They were admirable both outdoors and indoors. In fact, while other shoes caused a bit of squeaking when going from outside to inside, the Structure did not do so at all.

     In the off-road route, the Nike Zoom Structure also performed very highly in our testing. For this shoe, the testing on the Spanish Pond off-road course was done while it was actively raining. Even through the rain, the Zoom Structure did great, and we experienced zero slipping, even in the mud and wet wood planks.

    Finally, in the stair climbing route, the Nike Zoom Structure surprised us with the tiring and repetitive turns. Remember, 42 floors, two 180-degree turns on slick concrete. However, regardless of this we experienced no struggles, no pain, and no plantar fasciitis flare-ups.

    Performance and Use

    The Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 shoes promote stability for runners with its lightweight but supportive design. With an updated, broad base, Nike Dynamic Fit technology supports your midfoot while Flywire cables are assimilated with the shoe’s laces for lockdown support. Its honeycomb-structured outsole with rubber crash rails and Deep Flex grooves add traction and promote flexibility for transitions. This crash rail is positioned at the heel and up to the forefoot for efficient developments, contributing to the shoe’s overall performance.

    According to Run Repeat, these shoes rank among the Top 35% of best running shoes, the top 48% of Nike's best running shoes, and the top 15% most popular road running shoes. (Take note, Roadrunners!) With an upper mesh build, a dual-density midsole, and a rubber outsole with flex grooves, it performs well on soft terrains like beach sand and tough ground like asphalt. It is built for runners, specifically those with flat feet, so you can enjoy top-quality running shoes that don’t aggravate flat foot pain. Whether you're running across tough ground or jogging during a daily walk, its top-quality construction makes them great shoes for runners with flat feet.

    Picture of the Tread on the Nike Air Zoom Structure 21

    Detail view of the outsole on the Zoom Structure.

    Cushioning and Comfort

    On top of the excellent construction, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 shoes are incredibly comfortable and breathable. Their seamless Flymesh enhances breathability without affecting the shoe's durability. They include inner mesh sleeves for a responsive sock fit, as well as a Zoom Air unit for low-profile cushioning.

    With arch support to promote stability for runners with flat feet, they are cushioned shoes that work great as daily comfortable running shoes. The heel-to-toe drop for both men and women is 10mm (whether or not this is a good heel drop is up to the wearer). Width-wise, they are normal and wide for both men and women. So, regarding size and shape, they are standard, but they are built well for men and women alike. The insole is removable and can be replaced with an insole customized best for you.

    As stated earlier, the inner sleeves are responsive and specialized to work with your feet. These inner sleeves are well-known for providing most of the comfort and additional support for those with flat feet. Additionally, many runners enjoy the size of the toe box for another added level of satisfaction. If you’re looking for comfortable but well-built running shoes, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 shoes are worth checking out.

    Value and Cost

    There is a men’s and women’s version of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 shoe that possess slightly different designs and colors. The men's shoes come in colors such as black, cool grey, pure platinum white, blue, and red while the women's shoes feature fire pink, turquoise, hyper cobalt, and wolf grey. This gives wearers a myriad of color palettes to choose from. Regarding the value of these shoes, wearers that prioritize comfort and support needed for their foot shape will find these shoes helpful.

    Pros and Cons

    Every running shoe, whether they found themselves on our list or not, will have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. This is to be expected, and is why comparisons are a main driving factor of our testing processes. There is no such thing as a perfect running shoe. The Nike Zoom Structure is no exception. Here are some of the pros and cons we found.

    Nike Air Zoom Structure 22: The Pros

    • Support. With responsive cushioning, durable outsole, and Flymesh technology, these shoes are long-lasting and great for runners of all kinds. It is built in a way that benefits runners with flat feet, structured with a solid arch-support and comfortable width that both men and women alike can utilize. The construction of the shoe, with Deep Flex grooves and Dynamic Fit technology, allows for smooth transitions. This gives you a more effective run that is also safe for your feet.
    • Breathability. This is one of the most prominent features of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 shoe. They are considered plush and breathable with seamless Flymesh technology, which provides ventilation and support to the upper part of the foot. This technology was brought back in this model of shoes and is enjoyed by many runners. Additionally, they have a Zoom Air unit that promotes ventilation and support simultaneously.
    • Color choices. Per their Amazon listings, the men's variation of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 shoe comes in twelve different color variations while the women's variation comes in eleven. The men’s colors range between blacks, whites, greys, reds, greens, and blues while women’s colors have more variety. Grey and pink, blue and pink, purple and blue, black and grey, deep and light green, black and white- you name it.
    • Tight but cushioned fit. It’s crucial that these shoes stay on your feet or else they’re not going to provide the amount of support you require while running. With Flywire cables in the shoelaces with dynamic lockdown support, Nike’s Dynamic Fit technology provides support in your midfoot. Not only are your feet well-supported, but they are also cushioned with a plush outsole and midsole underneath it.

    Nike Air Zoom Structure 22: The Cons

    • Limited Color Choice.  Color option availability for both men and women of the Nike Zoom Structure is minimal. This is especially when compared to previous version of the Nike Zoom Structure shoe.
    • No wide options. These are a little on the pricier end of the spectrum, and more importantly do not have the customization we would hope for (there are no narrow and wide sizings available).
    • No reflectivity. The Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 shoes do not possess any reflective surfaces. This can be a severe concern to nighttime runners, as it is crucial to practice healthy nighttime running habits. If drivers don't see you during the nighttime, you are more likely to be involved in an accident. However, you can address this concern by adding a separate reflector to the outside of the shoe.

    So, there you have it. The Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 shoes are well-known by Nike fans and runners alike for the comfortable support they provide for their wearers. For runners with flat feet, the responsive cushioning, arch-support, and top-notch build can benefit your running experience. Aside from the construction of the shoe, its plush cushioning utilizes innovative technologies like Flymesh and Zoom Air units so you can run with support and comfort. Qualities like these allow you to focus on your time or distance instead of aching feet or slipping shoes.

    With a substantial variety of color choices and a tight fit, they are great for runners of all kinds, but nighttime runners should keep in mind that they are not reflective. However, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 provides many of the same fantastic qualities at the Structure 21. If you’re a runner with flat feet who are looking for a stylish but efficient sneaker, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 might be an excellent pick for you.

    The Nike Zoom Structure overall is a very solid running shoe, and is a great running shoe option for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. With its ample heel and arch support as well, the Zoom Structure was also our selection for the best running shoes for flat feet in the guide we did for runners facing that ailment.

    The Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 is included in our comprehensive guide to the best running shoes for flat feet, as well as on our list of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis.

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