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Saucony Omni ISO 2 Review

Get ready to conquer the asphalt! Simply put, the Saucony Omni ISO 2 running shoe is breathable, durable, and comfortable. It is an impressive and favorite running shoe with top-notch shock absorption and stability. Runners with flat feet can benefit from their adaptive and dynamic fit.

These shoes feature cushioning supported with an 8mm offset, lightweight FlexFilm material, and Tri-Flex flexibility for traction. In a nutshell, unique Saucony technology contributes to a top-quality shoe design that all kinds of runners can enjoy, especially overpronators.

Fast Facts About this Offering

  • XT-900 rubber for durability
  • IBR+ technology for a responsive run
  • Dual Density Super Lite EVA to control overpronation
  • Shock absorption with the midsole's SRC Landing Zone
  • Comfortlite Sockliner for plush comfort
  • RUNDRY Collar Lining to prevent moisture buildup
  • Sauc-Fit technology for a snug and secure fit

Performance and Use

The Omni ISO 2 shoe is a significant upgrade from the Omni ISO. The plush but fit shoes are built for overpronators, or runners with flat feet, who experience mild to intense overpronation. This kind of build can help prevent injuries to the runner. The outsole of these shoes possesses specialized XT-900 rubber that makes the bottom part of the shoe exceptionally durable.

No matter the road terrain, you can hit the pavement knowing that the high-wear areas are well-protected. With surface control from the XT-900 support, IBR+ technology provides fluidity in the forefoot for an adaptive run. Additionally, the Tri-Flex design of the outsole adds even more flexibility to the Omni ISO 2 model, which is built to support the natural bending of the foot further.

Looking at the midsole of the shoe, a Dual Density Super Lite EVA foam is used to regulate overpronation. This material is porous and lightweight, promoting rebound ability. And for a smooth transition, the midsole's SRC Landing Zone is specially built for shock absorption purposes. Lastly, the upper of the shoe possesses film overlays known as Flex Film Overlays that give the shoe a tight fit while still maintaining properties that make them comfy. Think of the Omni ISO 2 shoes as solid as a rock, minus the weight of the rock.

Cushioning and Comfort

The Omni ISO 2 shoes consist of many high-quality technologies that promote responsiveness, durability, and overall performance. Aside from performance and use, these shoes have multiple technologies that make them enjoyable and cozy to wear. There is a Comfortlite Sockliner in the midsole of the shoe that

  • minimizes pressure on the bottom of the foot and
  • adds comfort to your run

The sock liner is built to stretch over the arch and heel of the foot and provide support for those crucial parts of the foot. The upper part of the Omni ISO 2 shoe is well-ventilated with a specially-engineered mesh for breathability, and the Sauc-Fit aspect of the shoes make them cozy, but tight-fitted so they don’t slip or slide off.

Lastly, the Omni 16 features a RUNDRY Collar Lining that helps the lining of the shoe fit securely on the runner's heel. Besides keeping the shoe stable, the material allows keeping the shoe dry, allowing breathability and preventing moisture buildup. From mesh technologies to a plush sock liner, runners can benefit from a shoe that will enable their feet to breathe. The Omni 16 is lightweight, supportive, and well-cushioned. These features genuinely complement the technologies that make them durable and responsive.

Value and Cost

It's the latest model of its line; it released in 2019. And while their retail price can be pricey, outlets like Amazon, Holabird Sports, and Zappos often offer them for a significantly lower cost.

Considering the top-quality cushioning and performance the Omni ISO 2 shoes have to offer, the price may be reasonable to runners. As they say, “you get what you pay for,” and the Omni 16 shoes are not only impressive- they’re available for a bargain.

Saucony Omni ISO 2: The Pros

  • Durability. The Omni ISO 2 shoes are sturdy and extremely durable. With XT-900 rubber, the underside of the shoe is well-supported with a material that is meant to handle the rough surfaces of asphalt and concrete. Additionally, the Tri-Flex design in the outsole is explicitly placed to protect runners from the impact. This is an essential feature for overpronators to keep in mind. A durable design prevents further injuries while also improving the quality of the shoe.
  • Stylish design. This is one of the characteristics of the Omni ISO 2 shoes that runners tend to appreciate. From merely looking at its build, the show seems comfortable without the traditional bulkiness of other types of running shoes. It's smooth and streamlined with the Saucony logo swiping over some additional mesh areas. Overall, it is a running shoe with performance appropriate to its appearance- sleek and professional.
  • Comfort. These shoes are considered adaptable and fluid due to their cushioning system. The Comfortlite Sockliner in the shoe relieves the underside of the foot from pressure, as well as adding plush support to your foot. The sock liner flows over the contours of the foot for natural plush support instead of a bulky one. Additionally, the mesh systems inside of the Omni ISO 2 allow for your feet to breathe during your runs, preventing moisture from locking into your shoe.
  • Gender options. Like many running shoes, the Omni ISO 2 shoes have different builds for men and women. They possess the same physical design on the outside, but the women's shoes are more narrow than the men's version. However, the measurements of both models are practically the same. They both possess an 8mm heel-to-toe drop, a 27mm heel height, and a 19mm forefoot height. Additionally, regarding their size, they are both categorized as “medium” shoes. The only difference between them is the width. 

Saucony Omni ISO 2: The Cons

  • Limited color options. Unfortunately, there is not a vast variety of colors with the Omni ISO 2 shoes. Both the men and women's shoes offer only three variations of colors. Men can choose from a black and blue, red and black, or gray pair of shoes. On the other hand, women can pick between a bright blue and gray combination, a blue shoe with neon green accents, and an extremely bright reddish-pink color. Unfortunately, there are only three color variations to choose from for both the men and women’s versions of the Omni ISO 2.
  • High price. The base retail price for the Omni ISO 2 shoes is relatively high. This is considered pricey compared to competitors. Thankfully, the shoe can be purchased for a significantly lower place on various places on the internet. Runners are investing money into the quality of a shoe that truly matches its price. Whether or not the price is high or not is relative to the buyer, but the technologies incorporated into the Omni ISO 2 shoes might give you the bang for your buck.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Saucony’s Omni ISO 2 shoes are extremely impressive. Regarding performance, XT-900 and IBR+ technology make them adaptable and responsiveness. This is especially important for overpronators that are searching for a shoe that can indeed support their feet and improve their running experience.

 On top of the Omni ISO 2’s performance potential, the Comfortlite Sockliner and RUNDRY Collar Lining technologies make them quite comfortable to run in. The shoe’s stylish design is just icing on the cake. There are limited color options with this shoe, but if the color is not an issue to you (or if you enjoy the options provided), then the Omni 16 shoes might be an excellent fit for you.

The Saucony Omni ISO 2 is included in our comprehensive guide to the best running shoes for flat feet.

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