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Danner San Angelo Snake Boot Review

​The Danner San Angelo men's pull-on snake boot is a great option if you spend time outdoors in areas with venomous snakes. Chances are you already know that choosing the right snake boot is extremely important. A good snake boot must be durable and comfortable enough to make it through the long hours, hazardous environment, and unpredictable nature of the outdoors. All while keeping your feet and legs safe and protected from snake bites.

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It almost goes without saying, but potentially the most important feature for any high-quality snake boot is that it must eliminate the risk of snake bites! Wearing a snake proof boot is essential to working outdoors if there is any chance a snake could be hiding in the rocks or under brush. Wearing anything else could result in serious, even fatal injury as we discuss in our guide to snake boots.  The San Angelo pull-on snake boot from Danner meets these requirements and does so in a rugged, attractive style.

Fast Facts about the Danner San Angelo Snake Boot

  • Upper is a full 17″ of snake-proof protection with 360-degree snake guard.
  • Made in the USA with 365-day warranty.
  • Soft leather interior line for comfort.
  • Uses Danner’s “stitchdown” construction for the textile upper that is durable, abrasion resistant and good-looking.
  • Danner constructs the vamp from full grain leather to prevent fang penetration. This also protects your foot from rocks and other hazards.
  • Pull-on style with buckles at the top and on across the vamp to secure the fit
  • 100% waterproof.

Performance and Use

If you’re the kind of hunter that is always on the move in rough terrain that has venomous snakes, then these are the ideal boots for your needs. The stitchdown textile upper provides 17″ of complete, 365-degree protection from snake bites. The solid construction without laces or zippers means that this boot will last and won’t need maintenance to keep it in good shape. Pull-on boots solve the single most common issue with many snake boots: zipper defects. You’d think by 2021, we’d have figured out how to make zippers that don’t break, but that isn’t the case. While they are faster and easier to get on and off, side-zip boots are always going to be prone to defects that pull-on boots aren’t. The other pull-on advantage is better waterproofing. The zipper portion of a side-zip is almost always the culprit when waterproofing goes wrong on other styles of boot.

Tough, Flexible Outsole

The tough yet flexible sole on the San Angelo is also a big selling point as this provides traction, durability and comfort while you’re on the trail. There’s no need to worry about a stiff painful sole causing foot irritation after only an hour or two outdoors. Finally, the double buckle system allows you to tighten up the fit of the boot pretty effectively. You won’t get the tactical-boot style fit you’ll find on some lace-up models, but Danner still offers a solid fit with a bit more air flow.

Pull-On Design

Okay, we don’t like to waste time tying or zipping up our shoes either, but we have to say the pull-on San Angelo were tricky to get on and off. If you have big calves, you might want to consider another boot, to be perfectly honest. However, if you don’t mind a few extra minutes to get the Danner San Angelo snake boots on and off, or you have a boot jack handy, then you’ll be well-rewarded with an extremely comfortable fit that will flex and move with you. If you’re in difficult terrain, having your legs swim around in your boots can be a real problem. With two buckles for tightening, the Danner San Angelo offer a really responsive fit, especially if you’re scrambling a bit.

The most important aspect of any snake boot is its safety. Danner makes the San Angelo with a full grain, thick leather vamp, and breathable, flexible nylon uppers. Also, the Danner commands respect in the hunting and work boot world. With that name brand recognition comes quality and assurance that their snake boots will keep you safe.

Cushioning and Comfort

As mentioned above, the two big features of the Danner San Angelo Men’s Pull On Snake Boots in the cushioning and comfort arena are the soft leather lining and the rugged, flexible outsoles. For us the outsole was a huge selling point. Not only do we trust the traction and reliability of these soles, they are comfortable on almost any kind of terrain. In addition to that, these feature high-quality construction techniques. This way you can replace the sole if the rest of the boot is still in good condition. This is good since the sole will wear out the fastest. Since the Danners aren’t cheap, repairing the sole while the rest of the snake proof part of the boot keeps going is a big saver over the long run.

The soft leather inner lining is really comfortable, and not bad at all in terms of breathability or heat retention. We were worried all that leather would cause our legs to get hot and sweaty in no time. However, we were pleasantly surprised at how well they performed. Having a boot interior this comfortable is definitely unusual for protective footwear. It definitely adds a bit of luxury that you don’t typically find in snake boots.

Value and Cost

Established in 1932, Danner is an extremely well-respected brand in the boot world. They are still headquartered in Oregon, just as they were in the Great Depression when the company was founded. As you’d expect from such a well-known name, and such a stylish boot with high quality materials, the price isn’t cheap. These are at the higher end of the boots we tested. They were more expensive than similar models from Thorogood and LaCrosse. But, you get what you pay for, and with Danner you are paying for comfort, reliability and safety. The Pull-On snake boots definitely deliver on all three of those promises, and are good-looking at the same time. The most important thing is that these will stand up to long hours outside and will protect your feet and legs from snake bites.

Danner San Angelo Snake Boots: The Pros

  • Rugged Flexible Outsole. Incredibly comfortable with great flexibility and traction. These will keep you moving and happy on almost any terrain you take them out on. No need to worry about stiff soles causing foot pain, or weak traction causing you to lose your footing while scrambling over rocks or logs.
  • Top-tier Comfort. Although a bit harder to get on and off, the pull-on style with two buckles (one at the vamp, and one at the throat of the boot) allows for an adjustable fit that won’t have your legs swimming in the boots as you move. This good fit is critical for protection and for ease-of-movement.
  • Stylish. Let’s face it, you want comfort and protection but you also want to look good. The San Angelo’s have a nice understated style, and they are all really sleek and good looking. The opinion at ShoeGuide is that these are the best-looking snake boots we know of.

Danner San Angelo Snake Boots: The Cons

  • Hard to get on and off. While the pull-on style has advantages, these boots are not easy to get on and off. Loosening both of the buckles certainly helps, but it still requires some pulling and stretching to get your feet in. If you expect to be in and out of the boots multiple times during the day, this might become an issue.
  • Cost. Danner is proud of their snake boots, and they are priced accordingly. You definitely pay a premium for the quality materials, the made in the USA construction, and the comfortable outsole and leather lining. Of course, this means the boot will last you a long time, so maybe you save money in the end, but the upfront price is higher than some other options.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The Danner San Angelo Pull-On Snake Boot gives the durability and comfort of a high-end snake boot in a stylish package. It’s comfortable and well-made outsole means you don’t sacrifice comfort and traction for rugged power. With the snug fit around the calves and upper foot, you’ll be feeling quicker and lighter on the trail instead of feeling like your snake boots are wearing you.

The Danner Men’s Pull-On Snake Boot was one of the top choices in our Comprehensive Guide to Snake Boots.

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