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Skechers Slip-Resistant Work Clogs Review

As a chef, you are always on your feet. If you are working all day, it’s crucial that your shoes perform well. They should be comfortable, supporting your feet with every step you take inside of the kitchen.

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Additionally, they should be safe and slip-resistant to prevent harm to yourself and others. Food spills or water splashes are inevitable in the kitchen. You’ve probably dealt with servers or customers dropping their food as well. In short, there are many opportunities for spills to occur in the food industry, and your shoes should be able to support you during these critical times. While your work shoes should be safe, they should also be affordable— this way, you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Skechers Slip-Resistant Work Clogs are a great pair of work shoes for those looking for comfort for a reasonable price.

Fast Facts About this Offering

  • Slip-On clog-style
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Removable cushioned footbed
  • Ventilating ports at the medial sides of the feet
  • 1-inch heel height
  • Performance and Use

    Skechers Slip-Resistant Work Clogs are useful work shoes chefs and service industry workers will appreciate. The clog-style form makes for easy slipping on and off- but only when you want them to! These clogs feature ASTM 1677-96 Mark II Slip Resistant rubber, so you can guarantee that they will stay on.

    This specially-designed rubber is explicitly made for oily or wet surfaces to protect both you and those around you. Additionally, Skechers Slip-Resistant Clogs are waterproof and easy to clean. Its design prevents spills and water from entering the shoe, unlike many clogs, which contributes to the longevity of your product.

    Regarding use, its slip-on design and arch support make them great shoes for people that are consistently on their feet. Skechers clogs are well-known for being durable and comfortable shoes for the busy worker, and even those who experience foot soreness and pain. Honestly, what’s better than a safe and affordable pair of shoes? For food service-friendly shoes, it’s safe to consider Skechers Slip-Resistant Work Clogs useful.

    Cushioning and Comfort

    With plush, rubber soles, these shoes are perfect for the long workday. Skechers is known for delivering lifestyle footwear that is both trend-savvy and comfortable for the wearer. Skechers Slip-Resistant Work Clogs are known as “lightweight” and “flexible” by workers and are generally effective shoes for the work world. The shoes feature synthetic rubber uppers, and a (removable) molded PU, with a contoured arch, for optimum comfort. With ventilating ports at the medial sides of the feet, they breathe well and contribute to a comfortable shoe loved by many hard workers around the world.

    Additionally, they are durable shoes without feeling bulky. It is hard to get work done when you feel like you are wearing clown shoes. Walking around with shoes that feel too big, despite being your size, is not only uncomfortable to experience, but it’s a safety hazard. These shoes give both your feet and your toes plenty of room without being loose and slipping off.

    Over time, the material of these shows will stretch ever so slightly, but only to mold to the shape of your feet. This allows you to utilize your clogs for an extended period before having to purchase new shoes. Considering its price, longevity is merely icing on the cake.

    Value and Cost

    Skechers shoes are generally well-made and affordable shoes. It’s important to note that the support these clogs provide prevents you from becoming a liability. Its shock-absorbing design helps prevent slips and falls on wet surfaces. This is necessary for food service workers who often experience walking on oily or slippery surfaces.

    For chefs, the head of the kitchen, it’s crucial that your shoes keep you and your staff safe. Compared to many clogs out there, these shoes are considered reasonably priced considering the materials they’re made from. Prices vary depending on the site they are purchased at.

    Skechers Work Clog: The Pros

    • Reasonable price. While it is essential to invest in a pair of slip-resistant shoes that are safe and effective, the Skechers Slip-Resistant Work Clogs are reasonably priced compared to other brands of clogs. With synthetic materials including ASTM 1677-96 Mark II Slip Resistant rubber, they are not extremely expensive shoes. They are generally sold at a lower price on Amazon than other shoe outlets on the internet. Skechers work clogs are among some of the more affordable work clogs out there.
    • Easy-to-wear. Skechers Slip-Resistant Work Clogs easily slip on and off when the wearer is ready to kick back and relax. Their plush, removable footbeds are beyond comfortable. Additionally, they are lightweight and will not weight your feet down while you work. They are flexible, the material allows them to change shape after many uses, but only to more comfortably fit the shape of your feet. Skechers work clogs are easy-to-wear and straightforward shoes for the work environment.
    • Breathe well. The Skechers Slip-Resistant Work Clogs possesses ventilating ports at the medial sides of the feet to allow room for your feet to breathe. Slip-on shoes are generally good for breathability, but the Skechers work clogs are considered breathable by many wearers. When your feet host over 250,000 sweat glands, it's essential to keep you fresh and hygienic. Nobody likes the idea of standing in soaking feet. Its ventilating ports are explicitly placed to cool the wearer’s feet.
    • Slip-resistant. This is the most important pro for these shoes. As stated earlier, workers in the food service industry must wear slip-resistant shoes, so they do not become a liability. Reviewers on many websites title the Skechers slip-resistant work clogs genuinely slip-resistant. These clogs do their job exceedingly well during critical moments in the kitchen. Spilled food or splashes of water can cause a disaster in the kitchen when not addressed and cleaned immediately. Having tight, slip-resistant shoes are beyond important for everyone in the kitchen to possess, and Skechers’ clogs are a great option.

    Skechers Work Clog: The Cons

    • Style. While these shoes aren't particularly unsightly, they are rather bulky looking in comparison to other clogs. They are comfortable by design, but are extremely simple and made with more affordable materials. While Skechers’ work clogs do the job, they are not well-renowned for their style, but their efficiency in the workplace.
    • Shoe Soles. A major concern with a handful of wearers are the sole pads of the feet. The sole on the bottom of the shoes have reportedly peeled or fell apart after a certain amount of use. Whether it’s their personal experience or the materials the shoe is made from, this is a severe concern many clog-fans criticize. Buyers should take note of this concern before purchasing.

    Conclusion and Final Thoughts

    Skechers Slip-Resistant Work Clogs are incredibly affordable clogs to support food service industry workers. With its striking slip-resistant design and how easy the shoes are to slip on, this pair of clogs is efficient in the workplace. They can tread through spills without slipping, which promotes a safe and practical environment for chefs and their teams.

    Needless to say, they perform well. They are easy to clean, waterproof, and built with an arch support design that contributes to the comfort of the shoe. Skechers Slip-Resistant Work Clogs are primarily used by those in busy workplaces, like the food service or healthcare industries, but they also work as comfortable shoes for all ages and environments.

    Lastly, Skechers Slip-Resistant Work Clogs are not considered the most stylish shoes. These clogs possess a basic design unrecognizable by many. But they do the job as work clogs with great value and comfort.

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