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Dansko XP 2.0 Review: The Latest Dansko Non-Slip Clog

Whether you’re working long hours in the slick and hectic conditions of a professional kitchen, spending hours standing and walking on unforgiving floors in a hospital or classroom, or simply looking for an extremely comfortable and fashionable pair of clogs for every day use, the Dansko XP 2.0 is an excellent choice to maximize comfort and stability.

Pair of Dansko XP 2.0 non-slip clogs for chefs and kitchen work

Dansko has three flagship clog models designed for people working on their feet all day. These are the Dansko Professional, the Dansko Pro XP, and the Dansko XP 2.0.  Dansko introduced the Pro XP to address issues with the Professional, and the 2.0 gives minor refinements the Pro XP.

The introduction of the Pro XP came with major changes from the Professional model. On the other hand, the 2.0 is just a slight upgrade on the Pro.  Next, we cover the major differences between the Professional and the 2.0 below.

​Fast Facts about the Dansko XP 2.0

  • 1.75" heel with 0.75" sole.
  • Also, weights only 1.6 pounds per pair.
  • Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.
  • Additionally, slip-resistant as tested by SATRA in greasy and oily environments.
  • Rocker bottom to ease walking.
  • Thermoplastic construction removable footbed.
  • Also, features solid PVC construction of the shoe frame to limit pronation and increase stability.
  • Finally, Dansko hand-staples the upper to the outsole for long-lasting durability.
Details from overhead and underneath of the sole of the Dansko XP 2.0 professional chef shoes.

​Dansko XP 2.0 vs Dansko Professional

Dansko released the Pro XP and XP 2.0 to improve on some of the most frequent complaints people had about the original (and still well-loved) Dansko Professional.  The XP 2.0 has a high-density, removable memory foam footbed to improve cushioning and shock-absorption.  Before, the fact that the Dansko Professional did not have a removable foot bed was a big deterrent for people who needed custom orthotic inserts to deal with flat feet or plantar fasciitis.

The biggest visual difference is the slimmer profile of the XP 2.0 versus the Dansko Professional (the Pro XP and XP 2.0 have the same slim profile).  However, the Dansko Professional was always a bit big and boxy, so Dansko slimmed down the exterior of the XP 2.0 while maintaining the roomy toe box.

The other major change was to the outsole.  While the Dansko Professional is still slip-resistant, the XP 2.0 takes non-slip to a new level.  Dansko tested these out with SATRA, the leading research and technology organization for the shoe industry, to make sure the anti-slip outsole was effective not only on wet surfaces, but also against grease and oil.


  • Quality.  Dansko has been making shoes, sandals, and clogs for the past 30 years.  Founded with the mission to provide high-quality footwear, they've got a legion of fans around the world.  Everything about the XP 2.0 is of the highest quality, from the hand-stapling securing the leather upper to the slip resistant outsole, to the thermoplastic inner frame construction that keeps the shoe from deforming, the XP 2.0 is one of the highest quality shoes you will find.
  • Removable footbed.  This was one of the big upgrades from the Dansko Professional model to the Pro XP and XP 2.0 models. Especially for those that need custom orthotics, it is an absolute necessity. Even for those who don't, the included memory foam footbed is an excellent, comfortable choice as well.
  • Slip-resistant Outsole. Dansko tested these in the most difficult conditions: wet floors, on vegetable oil, and through grease, the slip-resistant outsoles of the XP 2.0 are some of the best you will find.  Particularly if you are working in a kitchen all day, this is absolutely critical since your safety relies on the quality of the slip-resistant technology in the outsole.
  • Comfort.  Finally, Dansko has a worldwide following for a reason.  Once you get used to walking in them with the rocker bottom, and allowing your heel to move up and down slightly as you walk, you'll realize how important these features are to keeping you comfortable if you are on your feet all. Although comfort is important on its own, these features also improve stability to reduce pronation and provide support so that you don't pick up injuries to your ankles, knees, and back.


  • Price.  The XP 2.0 is at the higher end of the price range for all work clogs that we looked at.  There are reasons for this: high quality, hand-crafted, tons of innovative features.  But, if you are on a budget, you'll probably want to look elsewhere.
  • Have to get used to them.  While allowing your heel to move up and down in the shoe has advantages, it does take some get used to.  As such, Dansko has videos showing you how they are supposed to work.  Most people come to really love the way Dansko clogs feel, but it can turn some people off.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

​For many people the upgrade from the Professional to the XP was exactly what they were looking for to get on board with Dansko. However, the quality of Dansko products was never in dispute, but the upgrade to the styling, the removable footbed, and the even better slip-resistant outsole make the XP 2.0 a more appealing choice for those who avoided Dansko in the past.

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