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Shaqnosis: All You Need to Know


Originally released in 1995, the Reebok Shaqnosis was re-released in 2013 in a whole wave of different colors; you’ll either love them or hate them.

Even if you don’t follow basketball, the likelihood is you’ve heard of Shaquille O’Neal. The 7ft big man goes down as one of the best basketball players of all time after breaking onto the scene in the ’92-93 season when he won Rookie of the Year. Aside from his success in the NBA, Shaq has gone on to have a (kinda) successful acting career, a platinum hip-hop record, several successful investments and has a net worth approaching half a BILLION, according to Forbes. In fact, his achievements are too copious to amount to in one blog post. Just Google his name and you can easily see what Shaq has contributed to the world and his local society (he’s well known for supporting his local charities).

So, it’s no surprise Reebok approached the big man about his own line of basketball shoes; right from the start of his rookie year in ’92, Shaq was creating a huge buzz within the NBA. Enter the Shaq Attaq; Reebok’s first player-endorsed shoe, the Shaq Attaq made use of their patented Reebok Pump mechanism which had increased greatly in popularity the year earlier after Dee Brown famously pumped up his Reeboks during the Slam Dunk Contest, creating a ‘war’ with Nike’s Air Jordan.

So, picture the scene; it’s 1995. Shaq has been rising within the NBA the past few years, averaging over 29 points a game in the season prior (which is a pretty big deal, if you didn’t know). The only thing bigger than his frame is his outspoken personality. Enter the Shaqnosis. Worn by O’Neal during the second half of the ’95-96 season, of which he spent a majority of injured, the Shaqnosis has gone down in sneaker history as one of the most recognizable signature shoes to date. But why?

Well, the design for one. The concentric circles ripple out from the side of the shoe spanning the whole length from toe to heel, even in Shaq’s monster size 22 feet. Their hypnotic design was born to catch the eyes attention, and they certainly did just that. At the time, they were only available in their signature black and white design. This was made to match the jersey of the Orlando Magic.


Shaq, pictured, with the world in his hands. Photo credit: ballislife.com


It wasn’t until the season after where Shaq’s big money move trade from the Orlando Magic to the LA Lakers that he would really become one of the worlds biggest sportsmen. There, he would meet up with Kobe Bryant and go on to win three consecutive NBA Championship rings between 2000-2002 (after Jordan’s Bulls had dominated the league for a few years prior).


Skip forward again to 2013 and Reebok decided to revisit the Shaqnosis, giving them a slight makeover but still keeping the original style. See below Shaq’s hilarious advert with hip hop artist Tyga;


The Shaqnosis is here to stay, so go grab yourself a pair!

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