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Go-Go Boots

History of Go-Go Boots

Andre Courrreges is the original designer of the Go-go boots designed in 1964. They are low heeled and mid-knee height boots (sometimes termed Courrreges boot). The earliest fashioned Go-go boots were initially made of leather i.e. patent or kidskin leather but as modernism engulfs the fashion world the latest models are made of PVC, vinyl and another type of plastics. The first go-go boot was white. Fashioned boots rejuvenated back to the market in early 1960 tracing its designers like Beth Levine featured fashion high heels like Kitten and Stiletto heels. The touch of the glossy mid calf leather lost its grip in the beginning of the 1970s as skirts with long hems took the center stage. Neither the press nor Courrreges used the term “go-go” to describe this type of boots. In fact, the term was not used for any description until the late 1965.

The term Go-go boots is derived from a French phrase ‘a go-go which means “in abundance, galore” the go- go term has also be explained as the 1965 back information of the 1962 jargon term “go” which means “all the rage”. This term is thought to have been sourced from the dancer style. The loose shaft and the low heel meant that one could run, walk and dance for a long time with comfort. The boots were popular to young ladies who wore miniskirts or slim or pegged pants to bring a perfect young beauty. The designing of the go-go boots was fashioned with a zipper at the back to slip or close. In using the go-go eloquent to describe the boots the purpose is not to reference on the plentiful but rather on the wild atmosphere of the 60s nightclub. The fame of the boot spread beyond boarders and soon nightclubs emerged with similar names such as “Whisky ‘a Gogo” in France was later Franchised first in Chicago in 1958 then in Los Angeles in 1964.

In 1966 go- go boots were featured in the hit song “These Go-go Boots are specially-made for walkin” by Nancy Sinatra who popularized the boot even further. According to Tim Gunn, Sinatra wearing the boots is symbolically used to portray “female power”. In January 1966 these boots were also called the Hullabaloo with a “shaft heel and zipper at the back. Boots after being female dancers wore it in a television show called Hullabaloo. The boots were mostly worn by young women and existed in a variety of styles.

Advantages of Go-Go Boots

• The boots have come in different shape and the low-heeled boot is just excellent for every terrain. It protects the ankle as one walks on uneven terrain.

• The previous generation boots were a common thing to have The key reason is that boots hardly fade out depending on the materials used to make them. Similar to the current generation people have subscribed to go -go boots because of they durable.

• Kidskin was the most used material to manufacture the boots.ith inventions ever propelling into the mind of human beings the boots have been transformed from low heel to high heel and different colors. Marching the occasion the boots are portrayed a beautiful being when who with likened dressing.

• Go- go boots are perfect for all events such as hiking, dancing and walking. Its designing is just excellent which impromptu complete comfort in any activity.

• Another advantage of Go- go boots is that the boot protects the foot from obscure objects that may bruise the feet.

• With go- go boots you don’t have to worry about climate change. The high and low heeled boots protect your feet for whatever condition Mother Nature has in store for you It’s no doubt it’s the better option to subscribe to

The work Andre’ Courrreges has grown quite popular in TV shows from the Hullabaloo to the famous movies that is rocking Hollywood. The boots has been featured in movies such Nikita, Desperate Housewives and “The legends of Tomorrow “This is just some of the classic movies which the boots has been featured. The boot is growing popular each dawn and we don’t have any clue what the future holds for this awesome boots but one thing is certain the boots are here to stay with famous people sparkling in the boots. The unfortunate part of the boots is that it’s mostly used by bad guys. The boots fit the screen awesomely with an awesome outfit. The boot also goes excellent with tights and trousers also apart from the 60s miniskirts and pegged pants.

Trending Brands

As the market changes so do new products fall into demand. Competition is also another tool that accelerates the thirst for new products. The earliest pair of go-go boots were initially made of patent or Kidskin leather but inventions has brought in an error or new materials and currently the boots are made of Pvc, Vinyl and several other types of plastics. In past Anew variety of go-go boots has stormed the market from open boots to zipped and a high heel boot with different colors shapes and sizes .Examples of these boots are:


Go go boots come in different colors and making. The designing of the modern Go-go boots depends on the climate and the weather of the religion. Go-go boots has become part of the wardrobe promising a stylish makeover. The boots have come in a variety of styles with such being laced opened, high-heeled.

Having a good pair of boots is your wardrobe is a brilliant way to keep up with the current trend in the fashion world. Go-go boots have come packed in different variety for women from different designers. The merit of this inspiring collection of this creative wardrobe is that you have the ideal boots that is excellent for each occasion taste and style. Shopping for these boots is simple and can be shopped either online or by visiting the nearest shop near you to give your wardrobe that aesthetic beauty.

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