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Jungle Boots

Jungle Boots: Fashionable or Durable?

Jungle boots were originally used by the military in hot climates, but today, they are used as also a fashion statement. As part of the history of the boots, these types of boots come around the WWII era. During this time, these boots became a staple for the military.

They were invented around 1942 for the purpose of comfort in hot climates. They originally had the name of Tropical Combat boot.

Then, around the time of the Vietnam war, the Jungle boots became more popular because of their durability and reliability. The M-1966 Jungle Boot was the name of the boot used by the army during the Vietnam War. During the war, the popularity of these boots spread.

Who knew that these military boots would be fashionable?

Well, after the Vietnam War, the Jungle Boot remained popular for the military and also consumers. In recent years, the use of combat boots, in general, have been seen as a bold yet functional look. Let’s take a look at jungle boots and boots like them that are popular among customers.


Various Brands Available

If you’re looking for a rugged and durable shoe, look no further. Here is a list of jungle boots with style yet functionality.

1.Frye Veronica Combat.

Prices and reviews here.
Ladies, here is a boot that is stylish and comfortable. This boot is sleek, black, and laces up easily the front. It has the classic combat boot look. You can find this boot in Zappos.com, and there are over 100 reviews on this boot.

The popularity of this boot has 76% 5 star ratings out of 100 people. That shows how popular this boot is among buyers. This boot is known to last almost forever, and it is reliable for its durability. If you want a sleek and fashionable look, try these out.

2. Taos Crave Walking Boot.

If you want a combat boot for comfort, these are the boots for you. This boot has a soft leather finish and a classic design. It also comes in 10 different colors including Violet, Black, Blue, and Grey. The diversity of colors can help you mix and match with any outfit.

TheWalkingCompany.com has reviews on this boot that are above satisfactory. The boot is said to be very comfortable and durable. Also, one person says it is the best shoe they have every owned because their feet feel better after they get home from work.

3.Garmont T8 BIFIDA II AR670-1 Compliant Boots (Coyote).

If you are looking for a real Jungle Boot that is durable in any condition, this is the boot for you. This boot is sold on USPatriotTactical.com, and it gives a thorough description of the boot.

This boot is good for any conditions, and it can last a lifetime. Here is a boot you can wear in the winter during cold conditions, in the mud during the rain, and even in the hot weather. The versatility and functionality of this boot is one of a kind.

4. Under Armour Jungle Rat Boots (Sage).

If you are looking for a boot with good traction and stability, this is the boot for you. What if you are traveling to a rocky area or hiking up a mountain? You need a boot that can help you. Well, the Under Armour Jungle Rat Boot provides much traction on the bottom of the boot. The bottom almost looks like a normal hiking boot, but the rest of the boot shows the design of a combat boot.

This boot is also good for wet climates. USPatriotTactical.com says that the boot is good during the rain because it is built with a quick-drying material. Also, the toughness of the boot is featured. The boot is made of abrasion resistant nylon and suede leather to provide a boot that is virtually untouchable.

5. Bates’ Women’s 724 8 Inch Tropical Seals Durashocks

These boots are a combination of fashion and durability. Kohls.com shows the features of these boots such as lining that is breathable so your feet can breathe. It also comes in a classic black color, and on the bottom of the shoe, it allows for good traction. This boot is reasonably priced and can be sought out for the price itself.

6. Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force 8 Inch Zipper Tactical Boot.

For the man in your life, this boot is a durable, yet cheaply priced boot. This boot is in anyone’s price range. The Maelstrom boot is good for any temperatures. In fact, it has moisture-wicking lining to release the sweat from a long day of hiking. This boot, because of its price, is hard to beat if you are looking for a bargain.

7. Men’s Blackrock Jungle Boots, Side Zip

Another jungle boot for men is the Blackrock Jungle Boot. The convenience of this boot is the side zipper, so they are easy to put on. Also, it is a generally inexpensive boot. The style of the boot is functional and durable, for only a fraction of a price.

You may wonder why this boot is so cheap, but it is reviewed as being comfortable and reliable. It might not last as long as some boots, but it’s still a good boot for your money.

8. Rocky 8″ Jungle Boot.

Prices and reviews here.
This boot for men is known for its durability. For one thing, this boot provides a Snake Guard material in the tip of the shoe to protect for snake bites. This shows how carefully constructed this boot is. At current prices on TacticalGear.com, it gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

This boot also provides thorn shields to protect your feet and a part of the shoe that helps with ankle support. Because of the construction of this boot, it is a must for any adventurer out there.

9. Nike Special Field.

For style and functionality, this boot is for any man out there looking for adventure. Whether you are on a simple hiking trip or trekking up a mountain, this is the perfect boot for me. This boot is made by Nike, and that’s popularity it itself. However, the boot is popular for the boot itself as well. On the Nike website over 500 people have reviewed it with 4 stars or above.

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