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The Best Winter Boots for Men in 2024



Thinking about investing in a decent pair of winter boots for the upcoming season? Our short, unbiased list will give you a few options to make sure you get a decent, quality pair of boots that your feet will certainly thank you for.



Red Wings Classic 1907

They aren’t cheap.

But they’re so worth it.

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Red Wings have been around for over 100 years, originally producing their shoes for the army during World War I. But it’s only in the last few years that the brand has risen to the top of the shoe-chain (yes, that’s a pun on food chain – please forgive me) in terms of popularity. Red Wings introduced a whole new range of hiking boots and fashionable shoes – none more so that the Classic 1907, based loosely on their older models. The 1907 has fully water repellant leather around the uppers, making them ideal for winter weather.

No, they certainly aren’t cheap, they command a big price tag due to their established quality and loyal fan base. But be sure, if you do decide to buy a pair of Red Wings, they’ll sure last you a while.

Clarks Korik Rise GTX

British Shoemaker Clarks are onto a winner with the Korik Rise GTX

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What does GTX stand for? Well, it means Gore-Tex, the ultra waterproof fabric that’s used in the membrane of these bad boys. Not only is it ultra waterproof, but it also makes for a comfortable fit.

Available in black or in a subtle tobacco leather and finished with suede, these Korik Rise GTX’s are a great buy if you need something that will last you more than one season.

Crocs AllCast II Luxe Boot

Yes, Crocs make boots. And they’re pretty darn naughty.

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We’ll forgive you for overlooking Crocs as a possibility when considering getting yourself a new pair of winter boots. Although there’s still a certain stigma amongst the fashion conscious with Crocs (they do make some ugly shoes), one things for certain; their production quality is fantastic.

So by combining that high quality production with some great design, Crocs have introduced their Luxe Boot, available in a subtle wheat/black color. Perfect for all terrains, the Luxe is a great option if you’re looking for a genuinely weatherproof boot that still looks good.

Sorel Ankeny

Duck Boots are in, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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The Canadian brand Sorel have been producing high quality boots for the past 50 years now and in the past few years, their audience has really grown amongst the younger generation. In 2012 they moved their production line from Ontario, Canada to China, which explains their increase in productivity volume and company growth.

The Sorel Ankeny are a great option if you’re looking for a casual duck boot. Coming in a variety of colors, we really love the Cordovan/Madder Brown pictured.

Be careful, though; although advertised as waterproof, they are more a fashion accessory than practical boot, and aren’t really made for hardcore snowstorms or torrential rain.

Dr Martens Monkey Boots

Doc’s are never going out of fashion

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With a name that precedes them, Dr Martens (pronounced ‘Doc’ Martens) are known for their quality and durability. These Monkey Boots are part of their vintage line, which has promised to use the same specifications and design as the original Dr Martens.

These monkey boots come in a standard black or a lovely oxblood color; ideal for pairing with light jeans. If you want a pair of boots that will last forever (not literally; please don’t take it literally), then Dr Martens are a pretty good bet.

North Face Storm Winterproof Boots

If you’re looking for truly waterproof… Look no further

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So, we’re feeling pretty bad that most of the shoes featured so far have been super fashion conscious, and perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more utility. Well, the North Face definitely fulfil that need; the American outdoor specialists have exploded over the past five years, with popularity increasing dramatically due to their highly durable products and athlete-endorsed standard.

Coming with an abundance of features, including ‘Ice-Pick’ sensitive outsoles, these North Face Storm boots are our pick if you need a new pair of outdoor boots.


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