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The Best Weatherproof Boots for Women in 2024

womens-shoesFed up of buying boots only for them to get soaking wet in the rain? Are your toes freeeeeeezing as soon as you leave the front door? Well, we feel your pain. That’s why we’ve made this short list of the best weatherproof boots, to keep your feet toasty and dry this winter!



Sorel Winter Fancy Lace Boot

You’ll be ‘Sorel’ if you miss out on these

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Okay, I apologise for the horrific pun; don’t let that put you off these beautiful Sorel lace boots, ideal for the wet weather due to the rubber shell around the toe.

We love Sorel here at Shoe Guide (no, they aren’t paying us to say that; we just appreciate a quality product), so much so that we’ve included a second pair in our list. Don’t worry, they’re pretty…

Sorel Joan of Arctic

I told you they were gorgeous, didn’t I?

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The Joan of Arctic is one of Sorel’s most popular shoes, increasing in popularity when celebrities like Elle MacPherson started rocking them; and it’s easy for you to see why. Coming in five different colors (our favourite is the tobacco), these wedge booties are completely waterproof and the heel is only around 3 inches, making them pretty comfy.

The reason we like Sorel so much is that although they’re pretty expensive, the quality is really second to none; they’re owned by revived outdoors company Columbia, who we also feature quite regularly due to their durable products.

UGG Bonham Boots

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Yes, the classic UGGs have been in and out of fashion more times than we care to remember, but these UGGs Bonham Boots have a timeless quality that will ensure you get your moneys worth out of them. They are a subtle boot, making them pretty easy to match with anything and suitable for more than just the winter season.

Coming in black or our preferred option, Stout Brown, they’re easy to pull on and off for those days when you’re feeling lazy (let’s face it; who can be bothered to tied up a pair of thigh highs every day!).

Columbia Minx Shorty Omni-Heat

Columbia make sportswear sexy

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Columbia are officially a sportswear company, but this hasn’t stopped them from releasing some really attractive shoes the past few years. None more so than the Minx Shorty Omni-Heat (not too keen on the name but whatever), which is the perfect combination of fashion and practicality.

Made to be completely waterproof with synthetic material and a faux fur collar, the best thing about these boots is the price; you can pick a pair up at a fairly reasonable rate.

Dr. Martens Pascal Combat Boot

These Docs are built to last

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Combining high quality with an affordable price has always been the main objective of Dr. Martens; luckily for us, they’ve actually stayed around the same price over the past twenty years, despite inflation.

Now, it completely depends on your taste. We won’t take any offence if you leave a comment saying ‘these shoes are freakin’ horrible; it’s all down to personal taste. If these are a bit too ‘army chick’ for you, then don’t disregard Dr. Martens completely; they have lots of different styles in their collection.

These Pascal Combat Boots are part of their new collection, though they would easily fit in with the more vintage Dr. Martens. Though not completely waterproof, they are fantastic for all seasons and we’ve included them in our list for their versatility; you can pull these off in the winter with jeans, or in the summer with shorts.

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