SandalsSandals have an open upper consisting of staps that expose the toes. Sandals are suitable for warm climates, they are also relatively cheap that makes them popular in developing countries. They can also be fasionable for both men and women. They are one of the oldest forms of footwear, worn in many early civilizations including the Babylonians, Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, and the Romans. The Greek or Roman sandal both had straps tied up the shin. Roman soldiers sandals also had a metal section in front of the shin as protection.

There are many varieties of sandal worn throughout the world. The sole can be constructed from materials such as rubber, leather, rope, or other materials. The sole may be held to the foot in different manners: by a strap that passes over the arch of the foot, a thong attached between the big and second toe and at the sides of the sandal. The sandal may or may not have a heel strap. If a sandal does not have a heel strap, is attached to the foot via a thong, and if flat soled then it would be referred to as a flip-flop rather than a sandal. Sandals are usually flat soled but they may have anything upto a high heel.

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