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Snake Boots

LaCrosse Venom Snake Boot Review

Every hunter knows that wearing the right type of boots is critical. When you're hunting or hiking in outdoor areas with plenty of snakes around, your boots need to work as hard as you do. Spending hours on your feet in rough terrain can wreak havoc on your foot and leg health. A happy pair of feet equals a happy hunter or hiker, so it's important that you pick the right boots for the task at hand.

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Choosing snake boots is not always so easy. A good snake proof boot must be durable, comfortable, and most importantly, safe from snake bites. The wrong kind of boot can damage your feet, your back, and expose you to serious injury from venomous snakes if the boot's protection is not up to scratch. The Venom Snake Boot from LaCrosse is here to work hard, keep you safe, and keep you looking good while doing it.

Fast Facts About This Offering

Pricesely for its ability to meet the above requirements, the LaCrosse Venom Snake Boot is one of the best snake proof boots you can find on the market today.

  • Side Zipper to make getting into and out of these boots as easy as possible
  • Scent Dry lining for 100% waterproof protection and odor neutralizing
  • Full Grain Leather and 1000 Denier Nylon Upper
  • Realtree APG camo, ideal turkey hunting
  • 360 Degree Snake Guard for absolute protection from bites
  • Rugged outsole for quick and sure movement in rough terrain

Performance and Use

LaCrosse is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the hunting and work boot world, but don't think they've failed to innovate over the decades. Founded in 1897, the company has established itself as a brand trusted by hunting and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world for its use of durable, high-quality, and safe materials. Outdoor and hunting enthusiasts have made LaCrosse a favorite when it comes to snake boots.

The Venom Snake Proof Boot is a full 18" boot, so the snake proof coverage extends all the way over the calves and up to the bottom of the knee. The protection is a full 360 degree snake guard that sits between the leather and nylon upper and the "Scent Dry" liner on the interior of the boot. This scent dry technology is LaCrosse's own invention that provides for both 100% waterproof comfort and helps keep the boot free of odors and bacteria over time.

The high quality boot is made from full grain leather and 1000 Denier nylon. The 1000 Denier tells you the weight of the nylon used in the boot. Most nylon for boots uses 500 Denier which will fray and won't stand up as well over time. These quality materials make the boot last longer and make it easier to clean, which is a nice bonus.

Cushioning and Comfort

No matter how good the protection a snake boot offers, or how long-lasting and high-quality the materials used in its construction, if it isn't comfortable it isn't going to help you at all. Because you won't be wearing it! Needless to say, comfort is critical when you're going to be hiking through the woods or other rough terrain all day. Even small problems with the design of the boot can turn into painful aches and pains on your feet, legs, and back.

Many of the options we considered in our testing were just not very comfortable, but the LaCrosse Venom really stood out here. Next to the Irish Setter snake boots, these were the most comfortable in our testing. Definitely recommend these if you are a hot weather hunter who might be out in these for the entire day.

The other LaCrosse option we considered, the Adder 18" Snake Boot, is more of a cowboy style boot. While this was nice in terms of getting them on and off, it wasn't our favorite when going over really rough terrain. It just didn't have the snug fit around the calves of the fully laced Venom model. From the moment you get the Venoms snuggly on your feet, and start walking around you immediately realize these were designed for comfort and functionality. They won't be sliding around on you if you have to scramble over rocks or logs.

Value and Cost

LaCrosse is one of the most trusted brands making hunting and hiking boots today, so the price is definitely higher than some lesser known brands. Sure, there are similar looking snake boots available at a lower price tag, but they don't offer the same quality that you get with LaCrosse. While every company selling snake proof boots should be doing rigorous testing to make sure they are actually keeping you safe from snake bites, we don't think you should risk it to save a few dollars!

LaCrosse Venom Snake Boots: The Pros

  • High quality materials. The leather and 1000 Denier nylon upper protect you from snake bites, have built-in anti-odor technology, are 100% waterproof, are easy to clean, and are extremely durable. What else can you ask for from a boot construction perspective?
  • Replaceable insoles. Like other LaCrosse boot models, you can replace the insoles in the Venom snake boot with something more to your liking. LaCrosse makes the LaCrosse flex shield insoles that can fit right in and many consider an upgrade on the included felt insole.
  • Side Zipper. The side zipper on the Venom makes getting into and out of them relatively painless, while still giving you a fully laced boot for maximum comfort and a snug fit for getting over rocks, branches, and logs without sliding around in your boots.
  • Extremely comfortable. Along with the Irish Setter snake boots, these were some of the most comfortable boots we tested.

LaCrosse Venom Snake Boots: The Cons

  • A little bit on the expensive side compared with some other choices you could make. We think they are worth the extra money, but if budget is your number one priority, then this might be a dealbreaker for you.
  • The break-in. Although the LaCrosse Venom's were super comfortable after a few times out, there is a break-in period. This is going to be true of almost any leather boot. They are just stiff at the beginning and require a little time to adjust to your feet.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In areas with venomous snakes, having the right snake boots means having boots that work hard to keep you comfortable and safe. Both your protection from snake bites and the physical health of your feet, legs, and back can suffer if you choose the wrong type of boot. It's important that you pick a boot that provides solid protection, is durable, and will still keep you comfortable throughout the day. Choosing the wrong boot can permanently hurt your feet, your back, and might get you bitten by a snake on top of all that.

LaCrosse is a company we'd trust. They've been around for well over 100 years, and are probably the most-respected and well-known maker of snake boots in the world. In particular, the Venom snake boot can meet all of the demands of a top class snake proof boot. It keeps you moving comfortable through the toughest conditions, while keeping your feet safe and dry.

The LaCrosse Venom Snake Boot was one of our top choices in our Comprehensive Snake Boot Guide.

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