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The Best Travel Shoes for Every Trip in 2024

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Your shoes can make or break your entire traveling experience. The best travel shoes are lightweight, versatile, and extremely comfortable, especially since you’ll be on your feet more than usual.

The right shoes will allow you to explore and walk comfortably, while the wrong shoes will leave your feet blistered and your heels aching.

I’ve gathered my top 11 picks of the best travel shoes. From chunky trekking waterproof boots to simple, breathable sandals, this article has a little something for everyone.

And of course, if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check out some of our other great articles on Shoe Guide. No matter what your trip entails, whether it’s skiing, golfing, or a family trip to Disney World, you’ll find the perfect shoes to pack!

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Travel Shoe

Here are a few things that you must consider when packing your travel shoes:

  • Comfort over fashion: You may have the most stylish or fashionable shoes, but if they aren’t comfortable, they don’t belong in your baggage. There’s usually a lot of walking involved while traveling, and nothing can ruin your day like blistered feet and aching heels.
  • Good support and insoles: You must wear a shoe that fits your foot type the best. Whether you have a high arch or a flat foot, a wide foot or a narrow one, a shoe that perfectly hugs the curves of your feet is essential. 
  • Weather: You must match your shoe to your destination and current weather. Lightweight sandals or simple sneakers are a good option for traveling to hotter areas. If you’re traveling to a colder region, covered boots are your best bet. 

11 Best Travel Shoes For Men and Women


Best Overall Travel Shoes— ON Cloudvista

Product photo of ON Cloudvista men's sneaker, white with perforated outsole and black laces.

Available at:


There are undoubtedly multiple travel shoes on the market, but the ON Cloudvista takes the lead. The Helion Superfoam is so light and comfortable that I feel like I’m walking on clouds. 

The shoe is lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down even after hours of walking. The Speedboard® feature almost gives the shoe a wheel-like effect, giving you an extra rolling sensation with each step.  

The closed outsole with Missiongrip adds extra traction, which means that you can wear this shoe on a variety of terrains. 

Although the Cloudvista is a great shoe for running as well, it truly shines as a walking shoe. It’s true to size and perfectly hugs the curves of my feet, giving unmatched grip and control of every step. 


  • Made for all terrains
  • Multiple color options
  • 75% recycled material
  • Ultra lightweight shoe 
  • Helion Superfoam for extra cushioning 


  • A little expensive
  • Not ideal for walking on gravel

What People Are Saying

A satisfied customer wrote, “The shoe is light and fits quite well. It is not too tight and does not squish your feet. It’s a great shoe, in my opinion.”

Another happy user commented, “Extremely well-built and lightweight shoe. No friction areas and no blisters even after heavy use and abuse.” 

Best Sporty Casual Travel Sneaker— Adidas Superstar Shoes

Product photo of Adidas Superstar Shoe, white with black Adidas stripes on the side and gold text SUPERSTAR along the first stripe.

Available at:


If you’re looking for a simple, stylish, and sleek shoe that will complement any outfit, you can’t go wrong with the Adidas Superstars. These shoes require no introduction, and we can all agree they’re among the best traveling shoes. 

Although the black and white options are the most popular, I must say that the teal green one has my heart. 

Not only are the Superstars extremely versatile, but I love that they’re budget-friendly and also partially made from recycled material. The shoe’s soles are mostly comfortable, but if you’re looking for added comfort, there’s ample space to fit in an additional insole and improve cushioning. 

The full-grain leather also gives this shoe a premium and clean feel. I also particularly really like that the leather is super easy to clean. All I have to do is wet a microfiber cloth and rub it over the shoe, and within minutes, it’s almost like brand-new. 


  • Stylish, everlasting design
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Multiple color and width options
  • Full grain leather 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Not a running shoe
  • Not ideal for people with foot problems

What People Are Saying

A content customer wrote, “These are classic old-school sneakers. I love these, especially since almost all sneakers these days look like clown shoes or space alien wear.”

Another satisfied user wrote, “I bought these shoes for myself, and they are quite easy to clean, look great, very strong and durable. However, I would recommend sizing up one.”

Best Athletic Walking Shoes— Nike Air Max SYSTM

Product photo of Nike AirMax SYSTM sneaker, black textured upper with gray leather lining along the outsole, white Nike swoosh along the heel and clear AIRMAX logo on the side heel.

Available at:


Have you ever imagined walking on air? Seems impossible? Well, not really. The Nike Air Max SYSTM gives you exactly that sensation.

Although their revolutionary Air Max technology was introduced over 40 years ago, they’ve made multiple tweaks to their shoes. The Air Max SYSTM is simply another one of their new and improved versions. 

If you’re a fan of vintage styles like me, these are undoubtedly the perfect shoes since the original 1980s Air Max inspired them. 

Not only this, the shoe is extremely durable. I’ve had my Air Max’s for over two years, and they still look, feel, and work like brand-new shoes. In my opinion, this is another must-have shoe in your travel suitcase if you plan to hit the gym or go on long exploration walks. 

Plus, this shoe has a high heel, and I don’t mind the extra inch or two that it adds to my height.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Great for running and long-haul walking
  • Rubber outsole for added traction
  • Revolutionary Air Max technology for extra cushioning
  • Mesh upper for better breathability


  • Narrow toe box 
  • Usually run a size too small. 

What People Are Saying  

An ecstatic user wrote, “The Nike Air Max is an exceptional shoe design. It’s both comfortable and stylish.”

Another happy customer said, “These shoes are so comfortable that I forget where I am going and keep walking a little further. Plus, they look nice. I am thinking of purchasing another pair soon.” 

Best Waterproof Hiking and Trekking Travel Shoes— Teva Freeside RR Hiking Boots

Product photo of Teva Freeside RR Hiking Boots, two brown leather boots sitting side by side with thick laces and white outsoles with black bottoms.

Available at:


Are you looking for an adventurous journey filled with hiking snow-capped mountains and leaping across puddles? Well, you’re going to need a solid hiking boot for that. This is where the Teva Freeside RR hiking boots step in. 

The shoe is partially leather and partially suede, giving it a premium look. But to top it all off, both materials are completely waterproof, a must-have feature for any good trekking boot. Whether on a trek by the riverside or hiking to the top of a snow-capped mountain, these shoes keep my feet dry and warm throughout the journey. 

Like everyone else, my shoes get quite dirty after a single trek or hike through the forest. But with my Teva Freesides, all I have to do is toss the shoes in the machine, and they come out squeaky clean every time.

And if these aren’t for you, I’ve also written about my recommendations for hiking shoes for beginners, as well as boots for serious hikers or rucking


  • Machine-wash friendly
  • Waterproof leather and suede 
  • Appropriate for all weathers
  • Eva foam midsole for extra cushioning
  • Recycled rubber outsole for better traction


  • Heavy boot
  • Narrow toe bed

What People Are Saying

A happy customer said, “These shoes are lightweight with plenty of ankle support for my bad ankles. They are like running shoes! They’re comfortable right out of the box and are waterproof unless you are standing in a deep puddle.”

Best Hiking Boots For Travel— Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Cold.RDY Hiking Boots

Product photo of Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Cold.RDY Hiking Boot, dark green with moss-green cutouts and orange lining around ankle, with large TERREX text around the ankle.

Available at:


Who says a hiking shoe has to be big and bulky? These Adidas Terrex Free Hiker boots are sleek and perfectly hug every curve of your foot, giving you untethered support through every slippery slope and uneven terrain.

These shoes are marketed as winter boots, and I’ll admit they work best in colder, snowy regions. The Gore-Tex Duratherm design keeps away all wetness, whether snow or water. 

I’ve used them during autumn and early springtime in more temperate climates, and they don’t make my feet sweat or feel suffocating. The exact opposite is true; the design was comfortable and breathable.

Not only is this shoe my best companion on every hike, but it’s also extremely stylish and versatile in its design. Whether I’m wearing denim, shorts, or even my chinos, this compliments every outfit perfectly. 

I also found that the textured rubber outsole maintained a good grip and gave me better control over my steps as I hiked through slipperier slops.


  • Waterproof shoe
  • Sturdy internal frame for better grip
  • PRIMEKNIT upper for a sock-like fit
  • Boost midsole for extra bounce with each step
  • Gore-Tex Duratherm to keep feet warm and dry


  • Limited color options
  • A little expensive

What People Are Saying

A happy hiker wrote, “These boots are extremely comfortable, run true to size, and stylish. I love them!” 

Another content customer said, “Without a doubt, these shoes are excellent for long walks in mountainous areas. They maintain water isolation with moderate to heavy rainfall and keep your feet dry. I recommend them.”

Best Casual Boots For Travel— Blundstone Men’s 500 Chelsea Boot

Product photo of Blundstone 500 Chelsea Boot, black with deep dip on either side of ankle with stretchy brown material and slip-on loops on front and back of ankle.

Available at:


If you’re looking for a simple, classic pair of travel boots that’ll remain in style for many years, then the Blundstone 500 is your safest bet. It’s a standard boot that’s sure to complement a variety of your vacation outfits. 

A common issue with Chelsea boots is that they can cause blisters on the back of your foot, but I’ve worn my Blundstone 500s for hours on end, and my feet remained blister-free. When it comes to comfort, the Blundstones left me pleasantly surprised. 

The extra cushioning in the midsole is a plus point, but I also really like that there is a removable footbed. So, if you’re looking for a different cushioned feel, you can easily exchange the given insoles with your own softer ones. 

I’ll keep it real; these shoes do scuff easily, but then again, don’t all leather shoes? If you want to increase the life of these shoes, simply polish them with leather polish or cream regularly, and they’ll keep looking brand new for years; I know mine did.


  • Water-resistant leather
  • SPS Max Comfort for extra shock absorption 
  • Lightweight design
  • Steel shank for stability 
  • TPU outsole for extra durability


  • Not true to size
  • Scuff easily 

What People Are Saying

A satisfied user commented, “I tried these shoes barefoot, and there will be room for socks. These boots are not clunky and do not make the feet look huge. I’m also happy with the price. So glad these worked out.”

Another happy customer wrote, “They are comfortable. I have wide feet with a fairly high instep, and they quickly adjusted to fit my feet. I gave them a good rub of boot grease, and they keep my feet dry in the snow and spring rain.”

Best Flats For Travel— Clarks Women’s Sara Bay Ballet Flat

Product photo of Clarks Women’s Sara Bay Ballet Flat, brown leather.

Available at:


For all the ladies traveling, keeping a pair of flats is a must, and these Sara ballet flats by Clarks are your go-to pair. Whether you’re traveling for work purposes and need professional shoes or simply making your way across a town’s food streets and exploring its culture, you’ll find yourself reaching out for these. 

I like how compact and lightweight these are, especially since staying within the baggage weight limit is usually stressful. You can easily fit them in any nook or cranny of your luggage and even take them as an extra pair on your trip. 

You’ll love the PU foam insole, which is so soft that you’ll feel like walking on a bed of feather pillows.

While I don’t think these are ideal for snowy regions, these are undoubtedly the perfect shoes for you if you’re traveling to more temperate or warmer areas. They’ll keep your feet sweat-free and cool throughout the day. 


  • Navy leather
  • Flexible rubber sole with good grip
  • PU foam footbed for extra cushioning
  • Side elastic for the perfect fit
  • Versatile design


  • It does not have good arch support
  • Too wide for narrow feet

What People Are Saying

A happy user wrote, “These shoes offer all-day comfort and support. They look professional and feel premium, which is perfect for the workplace.”

Best Travel Sandals— Teva Women’s Verra Vegan Sandals | Men’s Hurricane Xlt2 Sandals

Available at:


If you’re traveling during the summer, then good, comfortable sandals will go a long way, and these Teva Verra sandals are the perfect pair to take with you. A friend of mine took these on her Europe trip, and she claimed that these are the best walking shoes for European travel during summertime.

We’re always in a rush when traveling, so the fact that these shoes have a simple hook and loop closure is a major plus. I like how open they are from the top, allowing for good airflow, yet they firmly hold your foot in place.

When you’ve got a whole day of walking, especially in humid climates, sweaty feet become inevitable. Fortunately, the Verra sandals have an antimicrobial sole and are a huge lifesaver since they keep the odor at bay.

One thing to keep in mind is that sandals aren’t always enough for water activities like boating or kayaking. We recommend checking out our full guide to water shoes to find something perfect for your outdoor adventures!


  • Easy hook-and-loop closure
  • Cushioned Shoc Pad in the heel for maximum shock absorption
  • Contoured EVA midsole for arch support
  • Antimicrobial sole 
  • Spider rubber outsole for better traction


  • Not suitable for rough terrain
  • Not for colder climates

What People Are Saying

A happy customer wrote, “I wear these whenever we visit amusement parks. My feet never hurt from these shoes. They’re comfortable and okay to get wet, lightweight, and my feet remain blister-free. I will buy these over and over.”

Another user said, “These sandals went straight from the box into my suitcase, and I have worn them every day since for long walks on my overseas trip. They are my 6th pair of Teva sandals and my favorite ones.”

Best Shoes for Air Travel— Birkenstocks Boston Clog

Product photo of Birkenstocks Boston Clog, soft pink with brown heel.

Available at:


When traveling by air, swollen feet are common, especially if you’re flying for multiple hours. This is why these Birkenstock Boston Clogs are the best travel shoes for air travel. 

Airplanes can get quite cold at times, and particularly if you’re traveling in economy, that tiny blanket doesn’t do much to keep you warm. These Boston clogs, however, are covered from the front and keep your feet warm and cozy throughout. 

The design is also extremely convenient since you can slip in and out of them in seconds. The open back and wide toe box is also a huge plus point for me since my swollen feet get ample area to breathe till the swelling goes back down. 

If you talk about comfort, there’s no way you can beat a pair of Birkenstocks. The company prides itself on its intricate and clean cuts and unmatched comfort. Whether you’ve got orthopedic problems or any other foot concerns, this shoe will keep your feet pampered throughout. 


  • 100% pure leather upper
  • Adjustable strap with buckle closure
  • Contoured cork-latex footbed for customized support
  • Extremely durable
  • Suede footbed lining for extra softness and comfort


  • Expensive 
  • Limited color options

What People Are Saying

A content user commented, “These are the best, way better than the other shoes on the market. My knees feel like they are on cloud nine. They don’t hurt while wearing. Perfect size.”

Another happy customer said, “This sandal is so stylish and pretty I think it’ll be my go-to shoe for spring and summer. I purchased a half-size larger, and the fit is perfect.”

Best Insoles for Travel Shoes— Superfeet Widegreen Insoles

Product photo of Superfeet Widegreen Insoles, green top with green and gray bottom.

Available at:


These Superfeet Widegreen insoles are the perfect way to convert uncomfortable footwear into a soft and comfortable one. Got that trendy pair of sneakers that you want to wear but can’t imagine walking hours in it? Slide in one of these bad boys, and you’ll thank me. 

Not only are they extremely soft, but they’re also great for arch support, wide feet, odor control, and can help ease multiple orthotic concerns. These are a must-pack for me whenever I travel.


  • Odor control
  • Good arch support
  • Extra wide heel cup for wider footwear


  • Not suitable for narrow feet

What People Are Saying

A happy user said, “I’ve tried a dozen brands of insoles because I work long walking shifts on concrete. Nothing has helped as much as these. I put them in all my shoes now.”

Best Budget Travel Shoes— Dr Scholl’s Madison Slip-On Sneaker

Available at:


Dr Scholl’s is widely known for their insoles and addressing multiple foot problems, but their shoes are just as amazing. These Madison slip-ons by the company are the perfect travel shoe.

They’re simple yet versatile, and whether you pair them with shorts or jeans, casual or formal, I believe they’ll look amazing. 

They’re extremely soft, give the right arch support, and keep foot problems at bay. All this for their price point? It’s an absolute steal, in my opinion. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Anatomical cushioning and arch support
  • Easy slip-on design


  • Narrow toe box

What People Are Saying

A satisfied user commented, “Incredibly comfortable and cute! They’re simple but quite stylish. Not waterproof. I’ve stood in these shoes for 8 hours without any foot ache.”

Stock photo of a person walking away on a sidewalk outside an airport, wearing jeans and sneakers and pulling a black suitcase.

What You Should Look for When Buying Walking Shoes

Traveling generally involves a lot of walking. Whether walking (or, in my case, sprinting) across airport terminals or exploring different cities and terrains, you’ll likely find yourself on your feet most of the time. So, a good walking shoe is an absolute must-have for every trip. 

If you’re looking for the best walking shoes for travel, check out OrthoFeet, Hoka, Dr Scholl’s Superfeet, New Balance, and Skechers. These brands pay great attention to comfort, and many of their shoes are made to address specific foot problems. They’re also the top brands recommended by podiatrists all over the world! 

But before buying, here are a few key features that you must ensure your walking shoe has:

  • Achilles tendon protector: This helps to minimize pressure at the tendon by locking your shoe at the heel. 
  • Heel collar: To give proper cushioning to your ankle.
  • Upper: A mesh upper is better for breathability, whereas a leather upper will give better water resistance. 
  • Insole: Gives support and provides a soft, cushioned feel while walking. I recommend opting for removable cushioned insoles. 
  • Outsole: This depends on the terrain you’re walking on. Shoes for slippery slopes and mountainous regions require more grooves and better grip than those for a simple city sidewalk.
  • Toe box: A wide and round toe box is generally ideal to avoid calluses. 


When traveling, you must always pick and choose what to take and what to leave behind. But I hope that after reading this article, you’ll at least pick the right shoe to pack in your luggage. 

Ensure that whichever shoe you pack is comfortable, lightweight, and weather-appropriate, and you’ll have a great trip (at least shoe-wise).

Comment down below what is your go-to travel shoe!

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