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The Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet


Looking for a new pair of running shoes for your flat feet? Our brief overview gives you some of the best running shoes on the market right now that are ideally suited for those fallen arches.



ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano

The Best for… Heel Support

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The Gel-Kayano has been around for a while now; in fact, they celebrated their twentieth anniversary not so long ago. The Gel-Kayano is the perfect choice is you are prone to overpronation and are looking for a well supported, fitted running shoe. Their FluidRide feature enhances the durability of the shoe and increases the cushioning of the Asics GEL feature.

REMEMBER: Asics seem to have been making the Gel Kayano slightly narrower each model that they produce; this means that the Asics Gel Kayano 23 have quite a narrow toe box and low height. If you’re looking for a regular fitting running shoe and you’re thinking of ordering the Gel Kayano, it might be worth ordering them in a size above your regular shoe size. It’s definitely worth considering ordering them in a larger width as well; they come in three different widths (D for regular fit, 2E for wide fit and 4E for ultra wide fit).

Nike Air Zoom Structure

The Best for… Stability

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The Air Zoom structure series are some of Nike’s most popular running shoes with good reason. The triple density foam running along the medial side of the shoe (medial basically means the inside) make them perfect for those with flat feet or those prone to over-pronation.

They’re available in about ten different colors, made with mesh material and are some of the most stable running shoes around at the moment. As with most Nike products, they usually run a bit small so don’t be afraid to order in your regular size and the one above, then send the other ones back (don’t tell Nike we told you to do that!).

Saucony Echelon 5

The Best for… Road Running

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Saucony seem to have taken it upon themselves to design innovative shoes suited for everyone; they haven’t just taken the ‘one-size fits all’ approach. No matter what you’re looking for, the likelihood is you’ll probably find it amongst their collection.

Ideal for those with flat feet, the Echelon 5’s are neutrally cushioned and easily adjustable for orthotics due to the removable cushioned footbed; they’re specifically designed for those of us with awkward feet. With an 8mm heel-to-toe offset, you probably won’t find a flatter shoe than the Echelon.

The Echelon 5’s are available in three different widths, from the standard fitting D up to a 3E, making them perfect if you’re looking for a decently wide-fitting AND flat-footed running shoe.

Mizuno Wave Inspire

The Best if you want… Durability

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Mizuno have produced an popular running shoe with the Wave Inspire, they are ideally suited to long distance and those that will be racking up a high mileage in them. Their best feature is that they have their patented Dynamotion fit, which makes them ultra stable and gives them a comfortable heel to toe strike.

REMEMBER: The Wave Inspire 12’s come with a narrow toe box whilst the 11’s come with one of th widest toe box’s available, so be aware of this before you order a pair; if you want wide, stick with the 11. If you want a narrower fit, go for the 12’s.

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