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Ballet boots are the new rage in today’s women’s footwear industry. It is a modern style of shoes, that combine the style of high heeled boots with the style of ‘en pointe‘ shoe (the satin footwear used by ballerinas). The idea behind the design of this shoe is to almost position the wearer’s foot into an en pointe position like the ballerinas; with the presence of long, thin heels in the design.

How do Ballet Boots fit?

When worn, the feet are almost in a vertical position due to the design and hence push all the body weight to the front of the toes. But if the shoe is perfectly fitted; then the shoe will be held at users heel, thus reducing the body weight on the toes.
This type of shoe design pushes the boundaries for a sexy look by mimicking the posture of a ballerina. Because of the daring design it becomes an interesting and attractive choice of footwear for women. The boots are available in different lengths; starting from ankle high to thigh high.
The position of the foot can be slightly uncomfortable when the shoe is worn, hence this shoe is recommended for seasoned and regular high heel wearers. Also due to added difficulty in walking; it is advised that the boots are worn for short periods of time in order to get accustomed to the design of the boots and to gain additional stability skills.

But the seductive design and attractive appearance makes it a bold choice for women.


Where do Ballet Boots originate?

The trend of dancing en pointe for ballerinas began in the early 19th Century. While we consider the en pointe technique synonymous to ballerinas and take it for granted as always being a part of ballet, it has in fact undergone a long, interesting history.
Initially ballerinas used to wear heeled slippers that restricted their movements and didn’t give much scope for techniques to be developed as they prohibited jumps and other technical movements. Thus the heeled slippers soon gave way to flat slippers which were more comfortable.
These flat bottomed slippers soon became famous in the ballet community and liberated the dancers from the heeled shoes. The flat bottomed slippers were kept in place on the dancers foot with the help of satin ribbons tied around the ankles and allowed the dancers more mobility and use of their entire foot. Eventually as the 19th Century rolled in, the emphasis on technical skills increased and the style to dance en pointe was created. This lead to the rise of the en pointe shoe used by ballerinas.
Beside en pointe ballet shoes, another style of shoes that donated it’s style to the ballet boots is the Viennese fetish boot which was designed with an exaggerated 11 inch or 28 centimeter heels.

Ballet boots with high heels attached to them, had their origin in the fetish footwear community. These incredibly high heeled shoes that one cannot literally walk in first emerged during the time of Fetishism in 19th Century England. Tight Lacing of the boots and the high heels elicited desire not only because of its restraining image but also because of its promise of release. These extreme boots are in fact not meant for walking. Rather they are mostly used as costumes or for elaborate role playing. They can often be found in BDSM setups and scenes.

Where can I get a pair of Ballet Boots?

They were initially sold by famous fetish footwear retailers such as Little Shoe Box (United Kingdom), Pierre Silber in California (USA) and Solanj in California (USA) in the 1980s.
In today’s design, the heel is designed to be at least 7 inches or 18 centimeters or more. The heels are designed to be long enough so that the wearer’s feet are entirely pointed in the shoe. The boots may be of various heights on the leg.

The knee high and thigh high versions of the ballet boots are provided with additional zippers to allow the wearer to put them on with ease.
The thigh high version is designed differently in order prevent bending at the knee. This restricts the wearer’s mobility even more.

Becoming popular since the 1980s the ballet boots can be bought from various retailers and also from online stores . Some of the most popular brands available nowadays are:

The Little Shoe Box (United Kingdom) – They were one of the first retailers of ballet boots and they continue to design them and sell them for 40 years but sadly they shut down in 2005.

1) Shoecraft Melbourne – This brand specializes in fetish footwear and in fact sell a range of styles first made popular by the Little Shoe Box.

2) Punitive Shoes- They are an online store showcasing hand made shoes from Italy, reflecting vintage styles. The most popular ballet boot design in their range is named Gwendoline. The leather boots start from the range $350.

3) Banana Shoes- They are also an online store selling a range of devious boots that start from $125.

4) Pierre Silber – They were one of the first retailers of ballet heels and they continue to manufacture them even today. They have shoes starting from the range of $110.

5) Polyvore – They are also an online store sporting devious ballet boots starting from the range $80.

6) Shopstyle (United Kingdom)- An online store, they stock ballet boots of various different styles and price ranges.

7) Fetish Factory- A popular stores of USA, they generally stock up in all sorts of fetish items starting from costumes to footwear. A knee high ballet boot in this store costs approximately $190.

The store mentioned above are the some stores that display ballet boots besides countless online stores that display and import ballet boots from markets in China.
It is important to be mindful of the size and the fit of the ballet boots while buying them, since a badly fitted shoe can make the experience painful and uncomfortable. It is also imperative to not push your limits while wearing ballet boots and limit walking to 30 minutes till your feet are comfortable in the shoes.
A nice, bold pair of ballet boots can empower the wearer and give them a sensual and highly attractive look.

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